Engine Misfire/Sputter
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Laval, Canada

#41 Jan 22, 2013
Had similar issues with my 2008 Equinox LS AWD back in 2010. Took to the stealer who apparently fixed the problem, but issue keeps on coming back every once in a while. I've since changes all spark plugs, wires, and starter coils, and still issue reoccurs, so I'm convinced it's a systemic issue with all 07-09 Equinox V6 models. Here's my maintenance log entry for the 2010 dealer visit (All costs in $CAD):

DATE: November 24, 2010 MILEAGE: 134,293 km TOTAL COST:$335.04
Check engine was on, took to dealer. Dealer scanned codes P0300 & P0449, replaced #5 spark plug & wire, replaced canister purge valve. Plaza Chevrolet Montreal Canada $90.25
Dealer added fuel for test drive Plaza Chevrolet $55.15
Check transmission. Plaza Chevrolet $56.41
Environment fee Plaza Chevrolet $1.66
1 P/N 12581282 Valve 031300 Plaza Chevrolet $53.58
1 P/N 12568387 Spark Plug 022700 Plaza Chevrolet $20.36
1 P/N 89018136 Spark Plug Wire 022400 Plaza Chevrolet $57.61
Similar Issues

Laval, Canada

#42 Jan 22, 2013
Bill Long wrote:
I've posted a copy of the old letter that GM sent me.
You should be able to download a copy from:
Good Luck
Can you re-upolad to a different upload service, can't seem to download it from longwebs.org ...

Toronto, Canada

#43 Jan 22, 2013
I had the wires done on Saturday, so far so good. Knocking on wood as we speak... I called the dealership and they advised me of the extended warrantee on the plugs. I didn't receive a letter.

When I phoned GM Canada, they advised a letter was not sent, they just extended the warrantee.

Saint Louis, MO

#44 Jan 22, 2013
It's been a month so far for me. It was sputtering above 50+ mph, and any time I put a heavy load on it (Like accelerating at the entrance to the interstate). My check engine light never came on, and I did not receive any letter. I had printed out a copy of the letter from here, but they did not even ask for it. I just told them what the issue was, and they already knew of the problem. They determined that the problem was with the #1 cylinder, and replaced the #1 spark plug and all of the wires. So far so good!

Tonawanda, NY

#45 Mar 29, 2013
Want to thank Bill-Post #37. Took a copy of his letter to dealer and repair was done free of charge. I have a 2008 Equinox and started having problems only when on the expressway when I hit 45-50 MPH. Problem was fixed yesterday. Hope no problems in the near future. Thanks again..You saved me approximately $400.
Regina - Charleston WV

Charleston, WV

#46 May 22, 2013
I've had the same issues and have had the plugs/plug wires changed a couple of times and it starts all over again within a few months. As a matter of fact it's doing it now. I'm going to print the letter from post # 37 and take it to the dealer and see what they say. Has anyone noticed that it does not miss on cruise control though? Not sure why, but mine doesn't.

San Francisco, CA

#47 Jun 22, 2013
Had this same problem and got it fixed. My 2008 Chevy Equinox LT FWD was jerking, bucking around at 40-50 mph with only 50,000 miles on it.

Read online that it could be spark plugs and wire issue, so instead spending money on diagnostics, I asked a shop to do an early tune-up that included changing spark plugs and wires. Found a cheap shop in SF that changed that and my filters all for $325. Fixed the problem right away, including a week later I drove 800 mi from SF to LA and back without problems.

Monroe, LA

#48 Aug 1, 2013
Glad I found this, I do not have an equinox..... I have a 2009 Traverse and I am having the same issue. I took it to the dealer this morning and I am awaiting to hear back from them.

I am going to keep this conversation handy.
Val H

Tiffin, OH

#49 Aug 25, 2013
Bill Long wrote:
I've posted a copy of the old letter that GM sent me.
You should be able to download a copy from:
Good Luck
Thank you so much!! I've been searching for something as my equinox is doing the same thing and I didn't receive this letter! Plan on calling my dealer in the morning1
Val H

Tiffin, OH

#50 Aug 25, 2013
Regina - Charleston WV wrote:
I've had the same issues and have had the plugs/plug wires changed a couple of times and it starts all over again within a few months. As a matter of fact it's doing it now. I'm going to print the letter from post # 37 and take it to the dealer and see what they say. Has anyone noticed that it does not miss on cruise control though? Not sure why, but mine doesn't.
Mine did it yesterday with the cruise on! Calling my dealer in the morning after reading all this. Computer shows nothing wrong with the car, no codes at all.
Nikki E

Clemmons, NC

#51 Aug 27, 2013
I have a 2009 Equinox, just hit 50,000 miles. Saturday it started sputtering. Mostly up hills. No lights have come on either. Very frustrating. Called the dealership yesterday and mentioned this problem, but the guy was very rude like I was bothering him!! wouldn't even let me finish my sentences!! Printed off the letter though and probably giong to print the forum!! Hope to hear updates of everyone elses!!
Val H

Tiffin, OH

#52 Aug 28, 2013
Took mine in again today and finally it shows a misfire in cylinders 1 and 3 which is covered under the service bulletin. However, it also shows a code under the EGR which I will have to pay for and from what I'm seeing its $200-$400. Service dept. says it may be from the misfire so they will check it again after replacing the 1 and 3 plug and wires. I've never had a check engine light, started all at once at 45-50 mph with and without cruise control. I also did not get the letter that some did regarding this problem.
Cindy B

Elizabethtown, KY

#53 Aug 30, 2013
My 2008 starting missing, thought it was bad gas. Found the bulletin and took it in. They changed my plug wires and #1 plug.

One month later, its worse. Missing and check engine light on again.# 5 cylinder misfiring. After 3 days of sitting, they found a cracked #5 spark plug. Asked why they didn't change the other 4. 100,000 miles plugs. I have 47,000.:( Still not running right.

Disappointed I didn't get that letter. I got the one on the cracked fuel pump that they will replace if I smell gas.

New Haven, IN

#54 Sep 12, 2013
We are having the same problem that alot of you described. Our SUV is at about 96000, and this started around 90000. It usually when we are going around 40 mph and on a slight upgrade. The car will kick and we release the pedal and press again and it kinda snaps out of it. If we let it kick we can get the check engine light to turn on. We took it in and the read out came up with some crazy thing that the guy was confused about so he looked the code up one the computer. Turns out it was reading that the engine computer was going bad and that the read out it gave us is what happens when the computer is going. At least that's what the guy told my husband. I just told him about what all of you found out, it might be worth us looking into replacing the spark plug wires to see if that will correct the issue, otherwise we might as well scrap out SUV and get a new vehicle. Sorry all of you have had this issue too, but I'm glad I'm not alone in trying to figure it out.

Lac Du Bonnet, Canada

#55 Nov 6, 2013
I want to thank this site and all those that have participated / shared there experience as I to have been pulling my hair out. I developed the same issue with 217,000 km(135,000 miles)a hesitation at the same speeds roughly stated here. I went to the dealer twice and they ran a check and found 1 error and it told them there may be a moisture issue between a filter & a sensor, they checked it and there was no moisture and told me they could do nothing for me. I then did a search and found these postings, went out, bought new plugs and wires $145.00 Canadian and installed them myself in approx. 2 hours, not bad for a rookie and the back ones were a bugger. Again thank you all for taking the time to post here, I just took it for a test drive and it runs like new, no thanks to the dealer who you would think they either had a similar issue before or would read what GM sends them about issues...

Holmen, WI

#56 Nov 16, 2013
08 Equinox wrote:
I have a 2008 Equinox LT FWD with the 3400 motor in it with 89,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago I noticed it would miss while at highways speeds(50-60mpg) under load(going up slight hills) and it would do this while the vehicle was in 5th gear at around 1500-1800 rpm. If the vehicle downshifted to 4th it would stop missing and run normally. Then today it started to miss almost constantly. The funny thing is that the check engine light does not come at all. Which I think it is wierd.
I had a belt replaced about 1 month ago just for preventative maintenance reasons and asked them to go ahead and replace the spark plugs while I was there. They said the vehicle had 88,000 miles on it and the spark plugs are good till 100,000 miles and there really was no need to replace them.
I was pissed off because after asking them to replace them and now possibly have problems with a bad spark plug, I called the dealer today and asked them if they think it is a plug or plug wires and they asked if the check engine light was on and I said no. They said they would have to run a diagnostics check on it because they said it may not be a misfire it may be the transmission lunging. They said when they hook it up to the machine it will be able to tell if it's misfired and how many times and what cylinder. But my thing is that if it is saving these misfirings in the computer then that means the computer does detect a misfire and that means there should be a check engine light on giving a engine misfire code. Does anyone know if it will save a misfire in in the computer but not trigger the check engine light?
I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem and what it might be? It does seem to point to the transmission. Only does it in 1 gear(5th gear) at low rpm, it doens't do it at all driving in town(up hills or anything)and ofcourse driving in town you are only using lower gears. And ofcourse that would explain why there isn't a misfire check engine light either.
But then again 9 times out of 10 if you got a bad wire or plug it will only misfire under load and low rpm. Maybe while driving in the city i never really am under enough load at lower gears to put a big enough strain to cause it to misfire.
Any help would be nice. I do have a powertrain warranty on it so luckily if it is the transmission I am covered. But i'd rather not have the headache either.
. Did you ever figure out the problem? My car is doing the same thing
Paula MN

Saint Paul, MN

#57 Dec 3, 2013
I drive a 2008 Chevy Equinox, which has 58,000 miles and the engine begins missing between 48 and 58 miles per hour. I had my dealer check it out and they ran diagnostics, which showed nothing, and had a transmission specialist look at it. They informed me they weren't sure what the problem was. It never occurred to me to check the issue out online first. Glad I did. I plan to call them and take it back in again. Will let you know if the new spark plug wires did the trick. Thank you all for your posts.

Granger, IN

#58 Dec 5, 2013
Wow I cant believe I got on here to read all this. My 2008 Equinox has been doing the same thing for a couple of weeks now. There has to be a problem with the wires like you all say. Thanks for posting this. I will try to change my plugs and wires. I only have 60,ooo miles on mine and wouldn't you know we just paid it off. Thank you all for your information. Mike

Saint Paul, MN

#59 Dec 13, 2013
Bill Long wrote:
I've posted a copy of the old letter that GM sent me.
You should be able to download a copy from:
Good Luck
Who did you contact in customer service to get real action by the dealer to get this done for free i'm having the same issue and the dealers aren't saying they see this memo .

Oklahoma City, OK

#60 Dec 14, 2013
I'm in shock, going through the exact same problem! Someone please point me in the right direction of what I should do. Thank you in advance!

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