2006 Chevy Equinox heater blows cool ...

Altamonte Springs, FL

#691 Jan 8, 2014
mel wrote:
my 2006 equinox is over heating an one got the fix on it or should i junk it now
There are a number of possible causes for engine overheating. I suggest you take it to a mechanic that could provide a free diagnostic to get a better idea of what is happening.

I will share this experience with overheating on our Torrent: When we took ours in to have the blend door replaced (under warranty) we discovered that a previous owner had damaged part of the air conditioning system in their own attempt to fix the problem. We paid the difference and had GM replace those parts as well. Part of this repair involved removing the dash, heater core, evaporator, etc. Shortly after picking up the car it began overheating. We took it back to the dealership since we had not had this problem before, and they said it had nothing to do with the repair they did; they said it was the cooling fans not working properly. Their quote to replace them was very expensive so I bought the part for $100 and did it myself. It was not an easy job, but now it has new fans. However, the problem continued. It was at this point that I noticed some coolant leaking under the car.

I took it to Pep Boys and they put a pressure meter on the system and discovered that the cooling system was loosing pressure. It was easy to see that the coolant was spewing from the point where the coolant hose connects to the heater core at the fire wall. I am not 100% sure that the dealership reused the old clamp instead of putting a new one on, which caused the car to drain its coolant and overheat. One 25 cent clamp later the issue was fixed and the car runs beautifully.

SO, look into the cooling fans (especially the connector, which is likely black and burnt and just needs to be cleaned) as well as monitor your coolant levels and have it checked.

Toronto, Canada

#692 Jan 8, 2014
Thank you for your reply, Jessehclark.
This warranty only applies to 2006 Equinox.
For 2010 model, the GM advisors told me not too many case reported so far, so it might not be covered.
The interest thing is, it is not blowing cold air all the time, some time it woks fine with heating. When the 1st time I drove to a GM dealer to have them check out, the advisor checked, it blows cold air only, but when the mechanics checked, it start to blowing warm air. So they told me everything works fine and they could not find the problem. Then, in the coming weekend, there were 6 times out of 10 blowing cold air within -20 degree temperature.
After the bitterly suffering, I called GM and on Monday morning and drove to a dealer with the cold air blowing on, but ridiculously, after couple of bumps onto the snow/ice piles during the driving, it start to blow warm air. I felt so embasrassed because I know with the warm air blowing, they will tell me again they could not find problem because it is working properly. Then, I tried to switch to cold air even I turned on AC, but for a few minutes, it blowed out warm air only, after maybe 10 more minutes, It switches to cold air. Then, I switch to hot air, it start to blow warm air immediately. After got to the dealer, I told them about this and drove back immediately, I don't waste my time or their time.

Philadelphia, PA

#693 Jan 18, 2014
05 same thing started blowing cold air 4 days ago Garage took it and said I had a plug heater core on plugged in, stat on he comes and goes cold now stays cold so back to the shop Monday I'm lucky I hope I have a full coverage warranty that has not expired yet. Has anybody considered contactingan attorney? ask for me hopefully the dealer where I bought it and fix it will keep you posted good luck to everyone.

Salem, MA

#694 Jan 21, 2014
Why isnt GM recalling? someone should do something. i totally would if I knew what to do.(i have the same issue with my 06 equinox
pissed off

United States

#695 Jan 23, 2014
i have a 06 chevy equinox as well and im so pissed i bought a new heater cord not the problem a new thermostat not the problem now they are telling me its either a intake gasket are a blenddoor actuator im to the point were i jus wonna sale this mf cause i also fill a electrical problem coming on sumdays mii radio work sumdays it dnt im so fed up with chevy

Houston, TX

#696 Jan 27, 2014
I have a 2006 equinox, and yes, I have the same problem as most of you. My heater blows cold air.

Rosemount, MN

#697 Jan 31, 2014
Same issue with my 2006 equinox seems like Chevy once again has made a crappy product

Apex, NC

#698 Feb 6, 2014
The GM customer bulletin 11135 does work for those qualified owners. Certainly call GM before spending the over $800 to repair this issue. They were super nice and connected with a local dealer that fixed my car for me at no charge AND gave me a loaner car while my car was in the shop.

United States

#699 Feb 8, 2014
Yes there was a recall

Alma, MI

#700 Feb 11, 2014
Same problem with blowing cold air in my 2005 Equinox. Have tried a new thermostat and flushing the heater core, but it did not work. Its been a money pit also with brakes and air conditioner. Never buy another one!!!!

United States

#701 Feb 14, 2014
Too bad by the time they started this recall for the heater problems i was already out of the mileage limits. I drive my car for a living.

This was my first and will be my last CHEVY i ever own and i will never recommend them to anyone. Just bought my daughter a 1998 Honda civic 112k miles runs GREAT had a mechanic check it out and he gave the thumbs up.. I will return to Honda for a SUV as soon as this thing dies!!!
Ice Cold Ray

Edinboro, PA

#702 Feb 15, 2014
Does anyone have a schematic for the nblend door removal. I think I'm going to try to repair it myself. Rockauto.com has the blend door for about a 20 dollar bill.

Hamden, CT

#703 Feb 18, 2014
Have a 2010 Equinox and after only 36,500 miles the heater blows cold air .Brought it to the dealer and they will have to pull the dash apart to find the problem. No estimate how much it will cost and Chevrolet says since it is out of warranty it could cost as much or more than $1,000. to repair. This may be the last Chevy I buy.

United States

#704 Feb 22, 2014
Just bought a 05 equinox I have only had it a week and have over heating problems,cooling problems,lifter noise, check engine light came on....what next? Is this a lemon or what!
Sherri Stowell

Silver Spring, MD

#705 Feb 27, 2014
I have been to Aamco four times and the issues have yet to be fixed I have a 2009 Chevy Equinox and the heat only works when I am driving, then as soon as I am at a stop light it blows cold. Does anyone know what the issue is. Please help. Thank you

San Lorenzo, CA

#706 Mar 8, 2014
I have another problem, my heater is blowing hot air and my AC cold air, how can I fix this? Any suggestions?
Charles andifer

La Follette, TN

#707 Mar 11, 2014
HI Maybe we all need to get to together and get a class action law suit together so that the will fix these things for I have a 2007 and it is doing the same thing NO HEAT

Cortland, OH

#708 Mar 12, 2014
06 equinox, same issue. I replaced a porcelain resistor under the glove box a few years ago because the fan quit blowing. Now the fan blows cold air fine with no heat. Im not sure what im gonna do yet.


#709 Apr 2, 2014
Mikee wrote:
I have a 2008 Equinox so concerned about this problem. Does anyone know if the problem was fixed in later Equinoxes? If not does bulletin #11135 apply to later years as well?
No, only 2006.

Springfield, MA

#710 Jun 9, 2014
I have a 2006 chevy equinox with a broken blend door
Dorman has a repair kit to (less costly ) to fix the problem
You do NOT have to totaly disassamble the dashboard
Check out the repair kit on dormanproducts.com
It is a two person job still
Saved me about $1000.00 dollars
Hope you will at least check this solution out

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