2006 Chevy Equinox heater blows cool ...
Linda Johnston

Holland, MI

#629 Nov 19, 2012
My father bought a 2006 Equinox in the summer of last year. Checked the air, not heater. Air fine heater blows cold air. He's 79 years old and lives on a very limited amountof money. Chevy ,YOU SUCK if you know everyone is having the same problem !

Hamilton, Canada

#630 Nov 21, 2012
Regarding the 2006 Equinox heater not working problem (blend door defect)...GM designed a repair procedure and implemented a special campaign on 30-May-12 to provide dealers with repair instructions. GM also provided special coverage adjustment so that repairs can be made at no charge to the customer (for 10 years or 193,000 km from vehicle’s in-service date). GM’s reference number for this campaign is number 11135.
I hope this information will be of assistance to you. Please contact your nearest dealer to make arrangements for the repair of your vehicle. If you have already had this vehicle repaired elsewhere, GM has also provided a means to reimburse such costs.

Hope this helps all of you, my car is over the 193000, so I'm having to take a different approach. Areas I am looking at are Sale of Goods Act, Consumer Protection and GMs own promises, commitments to customers etc from their own wep sites.
Dean Jewell Michigan

Grand Rapids, MI

#631 Nov 27, 2012
Same problem, had the blend door replaced last winter for $2000, and now this winter I have the same issue. Thinking about trading for a Toyota...

Mississauga, Canada

#632 Dec 7, 2012
i have a 2010 equinox with 55000 km and no heat just started happening. I guest that still after all these years gm is still just listening. Wake up and take care of your .cars before you go bankedruped.
Becky Moore

Dallas, TX

#633 Dec 19, 2012
Just paid my first pymt on my 2006equinox heat blowing cold. Have,no idea problem yet. No time right now to take in til after holidays. Will be a cold ride a while.I should have checked reviews guess I bought a lemon.
Ray Drew

Mississauga, Canada

#634 Dec 21, 2012
GM has put out a service bulletin regarding this problem (#11135). I called 1-800-263-3777 and spoke with Chantal. They didn't offer anything until I quoted the bulletin number 11135 and the rest was magic. She called the local GM dealer and connected me through to the service department - I booked an appointment for 8am Friday - job was done around 4pm the same day - all NO CHARGE to me.

This extended warranty applies to all owners until 2016 or 193,000km

London, KY

#635 Dec 26, 2012
lost heat last night driving home from a holiday visit, trouble shooted for a few hours an knew my acuator was working but could not hear the door move, found out 30 min after readin this fourm that it was my blend door arm cheap a$$ plastic. called my local gm dealer they put me on hold for about 20min then told me gm has a servic bulletin on this fault. Got me booked next week FREE of charge. I started the job already had most of the dash off they said that was ok to leave it off it would help them. Thanks to all who has complained to finialy get gm to fix their cheap a$$ sh!t!!!!

Woodbridge, VA

#636 Jan 3, 2013
I can't believe so many other people are experiencing this same problem. Why hasn't anyone filed suit yet?

New Providence, NJ

#637 Jan 12, 2013
Well I used to be a mechanic and have been working on my own and family/friends cars for over 25 years. I too have a 06 Chevy Equinox with over 160K miles and owned it since new. It is cheaply built. I have replaced the front brakes and calipers more often that I should have, front wheel bearings and they seem like they are going again, the engine at about 65,000 miles (which Geico covered), etc. Mommy drives this car and in the dead of winter the heat started to blow cold air. I purchased an actuator and blend door (cause I read some of the posts here)for a total of $70 online and did the job myself. It took a total of 23 hours to do. The blend door was definitely broke, but now the heat came on and then all of the sudden it's blowing cold air again. Sometimes it's warm and sometimes it's cold. I'm thinking the heater core (which I knew I should of replaced when I was in there) because one hose is hot and one is cold. Usually when a heater core goes you get some leakage and/or some smell indicating so. I replaced the thermostat, belt and water pump pulley because they looked crappy -- still same issue. So now I have to rip the dash apart again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get some reimbursement for my time since I'm not a repair shop? Also wanted to let everyone know during the most recent diagnosis, I wanted to make sure the door was working properly and noticed the new actuator still tries to move the door past the where it should on the hot setting. I reccomend everyone that had the door replaced, when using the heat - move the heat selector all the way until it stops and then back it off one notch. This will ensure that there is no stress on the platic door and will not break again.

Woodbridge, VA

#638 Jan 16, 2013
They are refusing to fix my heater/defroster because it's "over mileage." I filed a complaint with the NHTSA, the FTC, and I'm going to file one with the Better Business Bureau. They sent me the same recall letter but I got their letter, I wasn't having the problem. I suggest everyone who has this problem with their Equinox file complaints also. I'm also looking for a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against Chevy / GM. One thing is for sure - I will NEVER buy another car made by Chevy or GM.

Dunnville, Canada

#639 Jan 21, 2013
Kathy Holsinger wrote:
Have 2006 equinox. Started overheating, my husband changed thermostat overheated, changed water pump overheated, new radiator still overheating and now the heat blows cold air. AC works
Kathy if you get this, Mine is doing the exact same thing, what was the end result with yours? would really appriciate your response.

Chicago, IL

#640 Jan 25, 2013

Ottawa, Canada

#641 Jan 29, 2013
I have a 2008 Equinox so concerned about this problem. Does anyone know if the problem was fixed in later Equinoxes? If not does bulletin #11135 apply to later years as well?

Cranford, NJ

#642 Jan 29, 2013
Update - I have now replaced the plastic door, actuator (working fine), the heater core, the thermostat. When I finished the heater core, the heat was blowing nice, 2 days later it stopped blowing hot air again. I'm thinking that the coolant is not flowing well, meaning there is air or maybe the water pump is not working as well as it should. When I feel all the hoses, the following are hot (once themo is open): upper and lower radiator hoses, and the upper heater core hose. The two hoses and metal pipes coming out of the water pump tower are not getting hot. Anyone with any ideas or suggestions, feel free before I provide heat for the outdoors with this car!!!

Branchville, NJ

#643 Jan 29, 2013
Just jumped on when I saw all of the postings. I took my car in for a foul smell blowing in my car, when putting the heater on. I thought it was a dead animal that died there. Also, I was leaking something on my garage floor. The garage put my car on the lift found nothing and spray some crap in my car charged money for it. He did find compressor needed. Took car in today, he called and said heater core needed, thats what the smel,l was coolant blowing in (smells like fish), cool air blowing and then hot air...wish me luck he is taking out the dash tomorrow, 2005 Chev Equinox.

Detroit, MI

#644 Feb 6, 2013
I have a 06 equinox and it has just started blowing cold air. I don't have extended warranty to cover the problem. Has anyone took it apart themselves to fix the problem? Will buying a chilton manual tell me the easiest way to do it? I work on cars a lot. I'm just trying to get a heads up on this problem from anyone before I dive into it. Email me please if anyone has an answers please @ dakotasxt2000@yahoo.com thanks

New Providence, NJ

#645 Feb 6, 2013
Rob - if you think it is the temperature control not working then see my post - 6 posts back and I used this link to guide me: http://www.handymanlyness.com/archives/auto/r... 's time consuming but worth taking your time and not forcing anything. You can break shit easily.

New Providence, NJ

#646 Feb 6, 2013

Bronx, NY

#647 Feb 22, 2013
I have an 06 equinox with the broken actuator door. Noone figured out the problem. If I sit with my car running the heat will come on but the minute I start driving the heat goes away. I had everything check and the thermastat is brand new. I hate this car. It sux balls. It all started once I hit 50000 miles. So not a good purchase. I have gone 3 winters with no heat. It sucks. I am almost done saving up the money to have the work done. So hopefully by spring ill have heat.
vicki b

Hays, KS

#648 Feb 25, 2013
I own an 06 equinox with 99,000 miles on it. The last 3-4 months I've had issues with it blowing cooler air and running warmer than usual but not overheating. I've had the dealership i purchased it from look @it 3-4 times for the issue. They replaced thermostat but said everything else was fine. While driving home it overheated and i believe i blew a head gasket. I wouldn't recommend this model of vehicle to anyone

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