2006 Chevy Equinox heater blows cool ...

Moline, IL

#610 Jun 29, 2012
I didn't get that much....I ended up with right at $600.00, since I didn't have it done at a GM site...The service center I went to, only charged a little over $750.00, far less than what my local GM garage wanted ($12 - $14 hundred)...I received the check before I left....I found it to be a windfall, since I figured I would NEVER get anything....You have until June 30th to file....

Cincinnati, OH

#611 Jul 2, 2012
I actually didn't use a GM site for the same reason. They would have charged a lot more. I was suprised that I was reimbursed the whole amount. I used a local place that I trusted instead. I thought my paper work said we had until sometime in 2013 to file...

United States

#612 Jul 9, 2012
Just got an equinox with no heat. Call dealer said bring it in Thursday to be fixed. They said we have 10 years or 120,000 miles to have it fixed for free.

San Jose, CA

#613 Aug 30, 2012
A "Special Coverage Adjustment", extended warranty,(#11135), was issued by GM on May 30, 2012, covering the problem for the 2006 model year Equinox (and Torrent)to 10 years and 120k (as Fillers mentioned above). Claims for prior repairs can be submitted to the Service Contract provider.

East Weymouth, MA

#614 Aug 30, 2012
I had the work done outside the dealership last year to fix this and paid $1352 for it (I live in Massachusetts). After providing the receipt to the dealership I was told Chevy will cover $1100 of the repairs although I had paperwork on hand showing that the dealership initially quoted $1450 to fix it. Something to do with Chevy paying out only what it would have cost under warranty and having it fixed outside the dealership? Regardless... not going to fight over the difference... waiting for the check in the mail!
Kathy Holsinger

Altoona, PA

#615 Sep 2, 2012
Have 2006 equinox. Started overheating, my husband changed thermostat overheated, changed water pump overheated, new radiator still overheating and now the heat blows cold air. AC works

Waterford, Canada

#616 Sep 5, 2012
Same!! 06 Torrent, no heat!$100 to find out I'm to spend over $1000 to fix it. I have extended warranty and even they won't cover it! Thanx for the phone numbers for gm and transport canada, I will be calling; nothing else to do....can't drive my dam car!!!!!!!!!!

New York, NY

#617 Sep 19, 2012
Just bought a 2006 chevy equinox with no heat! I told the dealership because I litterally got it yesterday. This is apparently a no cost fix ;) Not only because I just bought it but it is a recall/"special policy" as well.

Toronto, Canada

#618 Sep 19, 2012
I had the same problem with mine Its called the actuator door. They have to remove the whole dash board. The part is aprox $100 and depending where you take it to be repaired will cost around $1000. The origional door is metal which rusts and they replace it with a plastic one

Cincinnati, OH

#619 Sep 19, 2012
Chris wrote:
I had the same problem with mine Its called the actuator door. They have to remove the whole dash board. The part is aprox $100 and depending where you take it to be repaired will cost around $1000. The origional door is metal which rusts and they replace it with a plastic one
My original was plastic and the end broke off. I was given the part after it was replaced. The mechanic I took it to said that the replacement part is unfotunately the same thing, so it could happen to me again. I think that is why the repair letter covers such a long time period. In case it happens again. Not looking forward to that, but it leat it should be covered.

Belle Vernon, PA

#620 Sep 28, 2012
I have owned a 2005 Equinox since May of 2004 - biggest piece of crap that I have ever owned.
I have replaced the following items in the 75K miles I have owned it: AC Compressor, head gaskets, thermostat, spark plugs and wires, both front door harnesses, 3 window motors, both rear trailing arms, both rear coil springs, both front struts, both front control arms, front sway arm end links (twice!) rear sway bar links, serpentine belt (have to unbolt the engine mounts in order to do that), headlight bulbs (5 times already!), it eats tires and front brakes & rotors like crazy (5 times for both), when the battery died, it ruined the 6 disc CD player, the rear carrier bearing seized up, the rear hatch struts failed, had to clean the throttle body 3 times so far, the coolant overflow canister was replaced twice, the front door checks were replaced twice, water pump replaced, thermostat, the coolant had to be flushed FOUR TIMES, I finally gave up on Dexcool and put the green stuff in, the ignition switch is slowly chewing up the ignition keys, the roof rack can no longer be adjusted fore and aft, water leaks into the headlights every time it rains, the steering shudders every time you have to turn it sharply, the delay on the wipers is extremely annoying & is practically in-adjustable, the rearward view is non-existent, the horn is practically inaudible to anyone outside of the vehicle, the seats had to be covered because they stain too easily and cannot possibly be cleaned, the steering column will need repaired soon, all of the coolant hoses were replaced TWICE, the $500.00 rear view mirror broke and cannot be repaired (only replaced), the transmission has five forward gears but can never seem to find the right gear to climb a steep hill, and I'm sure I've missed several other things. If I keep this car much longer, I imagine that every major part on it will be replaced.
Oh, and by the way, equinoxcentral.com appears to have been removed from the internet. It was a GM sponsored website designed to promote the vehicle, but turned into a complaint forum in the end because of the numerous problems the vehicle has had that GM isn't interested (or even capable) of addressing.
Because of this vehicle, I will never EVER purchase a GM vehicle again.
JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK !!!!!!!!!!
Emily Lawrence

Seattle, WA

#621 Sep 28, 2012
My 06 Equinox heater also blows cold air. GM RECALL!!!!! this is not looking good for GM I will not be a happy Equinox owner if I continue to have issues.
Gerry H

Norristown, PA

#622 Sep 28, 2012
All these posts really worked! After originally putting my complaint here in 2009, GM finally sent me a recall notice on the blend door issue in September 2012. I walked into the local Chevrolet dealer and supplied them with a copy of the bill (I got it repaired by someone else in 2009). They just reimbursed me the entire amount.
Good luck, everyone.

United States

#623 Oct 22, 2012
Hi, I have a 2006 Chevy equinox that is having the same problem (among others). The heater blows cold air.. After lots of research and many calls to Chevy I was told this was covered under special coverage #11135 from chevy. It covers the diagnostic test and repair for the heater with NO OUT OF POCKET COST. You have to go through Chevys customer service number and they will set you up with a dealer to fix the problem. I hope this helps! I'm also having an issue with my brakes pulsing back at me and my abs/tc lights coming on that Chevy says they won't cover at this time is anyone has any info on that I would appreciate it!

Newark, DE

#624 Oct 22, 2012
2nd time my 06 Equinox heater has failed, fortunately it failed early and under warranty the first time but the warranty has expired for this repair.

Ephrata, PA

#625 Oct 22, 2012
I would like to know how many of you had the heater core go out as well? Mine needs replaced AGAIN at 57,500 mi. The first was 29,000 mi! This major repair should not be happenning TWICE! I finally got GM to pay half, but I am still selling next year. NEVER buying GM again!!
Nan B

Ajax, Canada

#626 Oct 28, 2012
My 2006 Equinox is blowing cold air. Had the heater on and it just stopped working? Had it in to change the thermostat as they said it was stuck. Bigger problem it is the actuator door. Was told $1500 -$2000 to repair. Wow. Guess what GM you just lost me as a customer. That is outrageous.

Toledo, OH

#627 Nov 18, 2012
when should coolant e changed in 2008 equinox???

Toledo, OH

#628 Nov 18, 2012
Should have been 2006 equonix
Linda Johnston

Zeeland, MI

#629 Nov 19, 2012
My father bought a 2006 Equinox in the summer of last year. Checked the air, not heater. Air fine heater blows cold air. He's 79 years old and lives on a very limited amountof money. Chevy ,YOU SUCK if you know everyone is having the same problem !

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