05 Equinox trouble

Worcester, MA

#201 Oct 4, 2011
I have an equinox I love the car. its an 05 also and had the knocking noise you describe it was a strut and was replaced under the warranty ..

Somerset, PA

#202 Oct 22, 2011
dennis wrote:
there is tubes by the sunroof i promise that one of yours is not connected.. i had the same problem
you said that the tube from the sunroof is not connected. I have a 05 Equinox and been haven the same problem water in the spare tire holder.
Question how do you get to the tubes for the sunroof?
please let me know.
here is my e-mail [email protected]
max friedenberger

Somerset, PA

#203 Oct 24, 2011
CHRIS wrote:
Did you check e-bay. I bought a nice pair in black.$150.00 free shipping. You can get them in chrome or black.
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take care,
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Mosinee, WI

#204 Dec 29, 2011
Try bleeding the air out of the top of the water pump 7mm wrench will release the air from the water pump, then run your engine for 2 minutes after making sure the coolant levels are good, run your engine at 2000 rpm for 2 minutes the heat should come back

Roscoe, PA

#205 Jan 25, 2012
Linda wrote:
My 2005 equinox won't start all the time either. Sometimes it sounds like there just isn't enough power so I have to try it two to three times.
So frustrating!!
I want out of my lease so I can get a Toyota!
<quoted text>
sounds like to me youre catallytic converter is stopped up!especially if smells like rotten eggs!

North York, Canada

#206 Feb 4, 2012
Rob wrote:
<quoted text>
Look at the key. If it is worn, switch to a new one. This happened on my 2005 Equinox. Dealer would not help either...apparently it is MY fault that the ignition wears the key down.
I had the same problem. I went to the dealership and bought a new one. Problem solved

North York, Canada

#207 Feb 4, 2012
My lights on the dash board went out last night. The flourescent needle indicators were still lit up though. Cars were flashing there lights at me. Low and Behold I didn't have rear lights. Gonna go and buy some fuses, as soon as my ride gets here. Read a couple of scenarios on here and apparently that wasn't the problem but I gotta try something

Euless, TX

#208 Jun 23, 2012
LT awd wrote:
so my wife owns a 2005 equinox lt awd it started off good and running amazing after about 35,000 miles weve had to replace the head gaskets three times the heads replaced and all the gaskes from valve covers to intake gaskets. the car was in the shop numerous times for the a/c not working and the starter not working and leaving her strained. after all was done the car still kept overheating so replaced the water pump today and now the car wont start. it will keep cranking and cranking but wont start.
The Equinox has a problem with losing anitfreeze. Mine was using it and using oil from day one. You have to check both every month or you will blow the head gasket. I push down on the bumper to see the level in the expansion tank. I added two gallons in 70,000 miles and many qts of oil.

Euless, TX

#209 Jun 23, 2012
I have a problem with the passenger side window. It goes down halfway and stops. If I push down on it a little, it starts up again. Has anyone had this problem?

Euless, TX

#210 Jun 23, 2012
My key got stuck and it was worn down. I went to the dealer with my key code (It's in all those papers that they give you when you buy the car) and made up a new one. Then I got duplicates made from Ace hardware and put WD-40 on the key. Once in a while, I spray the key and slid it in. It works great.

Euless, TX

#211 Jun 23, 2012
My service engine soon light came on so I checked the cap. It was loose. The spring broke inside it. I bought another one (OEM only) online and the light went out after a few fill ups.

Melbourne, FL

#212 Sep 22, 2012
My mechanic replace the motor in the passenger side window. He said it was the easiest motor he has ever replaced. The motor may be rusted and it may take a little elbow grease to get it off, but once you do, the new motor goes right in. $135 plus 25 labor

Belle Vernon, PA

#213 Sep 28, 2012
I have owned a 2005 Equinox since May of 2004 - biggest piece of crap that I have ever owned.
I have replaced the following items in the 75K miles I have owned it: AC Compressor, head gaskets, thermostat, spark plugs and wires, both front door harnesses, 3 window motors, both rear trailing arms, both rear coil springs, both front struts, both front control arms, front sway arm end links (twice!) rear sway bar links, serpentine belt (have to unbolt the engine mounts in order to do that), headlight bulbs (5 times already!), it eats tires and front brakes & rotors like crazy (5 times for both), when the battery died, it ruined the 6 disc CD player, the rear carrier bearing seized up, the rear hatch struts failed, had to clean the throttle body 3 times so far, the coolant overflow canister was replaced twice, the front door checks were replaced twice, water pump replaced, thermostat, the coolant had to be flushed FOUR TIMES, I finally gave up on Dexcool and put the green stuff in, the ignition switch is slowly chewing up the ignition keys, the roof rack can no longer be adjusted fore and aft, water leaks into the headlights every time it rains, the steering shudders every time you have to turn it sharply, the delay on the wipers is extremely annoying & is practically in-adjustable, the rearward view is non-existent, the horn is practically inaudible to anyone outside of the vehicle, the seats had to be covered because they stain too easily and cannot possibly be cleaned, the steering column will need repaired soon, all of the coolant hoses were replaced TWICE, the $500.00 rear view mirror broke and cannot be repaired (only replaced), the transmission has five forward gears but can never seem to find the right gear to climb a steep hill, and I'm sure I've missed several other things. If I keep this car much longer, I imagine that every major part on it will be replaced.
Oh, and by the way, equinoxcentral.com appears to have been removed from the internet. It was a GM sponsored website designed to promote the vehicle, but turned into a complaint forum in the end because of the numerous problems the vehicle has had that GM isn't interested (or even capable) of addressing.
Because of this vehicle, I will never EVER purchase a GM vehicle again.
JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK !!!!!!!!!!

Troy, NC

#214 Mar 14, 2013
David wrote:
My 2005 Equinox has a knocking noise underneath the front end particularly when I go over pumps.... no one can seem to find the problem
It's ur sway bar joints!! I replaced mine on both sides and my noise is gone! Good luck

Phillipsburg, KS

#215 Mar 20, 2013
05 Equinox won't shift out of AWD. Just had a blown head gasket replaced and the mechanic says it sounds like it won't leave AWD. Anyone have a similar problem or a solution?

Dayton, OH

#216 Aug 24, 2013
Ryan wrote:
Hey my name is Ryan..just bought 06 equinox...YA'LL ARE SCARING ME WITH THESE POSTS lol...only problem im having is.. When i go to start it...it keeps trying to start itself ...as weird as that sounds...anyone have the same problem? my friend has a 04 malibu...it does the same thing...please e mail me... [email protected]
mine does that all the time
Jon C

El Centro, CA

#217 Jun 7, 2014
I agree with all of the post! Chevy should have named it the chevy paradox instead of the equinox. Window pillars coming off, just wait until someone takes them to court because it takes someone's life! Bad breaks! Bad motors! Just everything BAD! I love only o e thing about it! So far I have convinced 13 people to purchase vehicles from other manufacturers other than Chevy or GM. They use to have the slogan " the heartbeat of America today is today's Chevrolet" guess they need to change it to the heartbreak of America is today's Chevrolet! I wouldn't even drive one if they gave me a new one for free! Maybe to the border, after I have full coverage on it! Leave the keys in it and just walk home than back the next day and see if someone stole it! They probably wouldn't even take it! Criminals are smarter these days! Chevy I'm sorry but all of my family and friends have given up on you so we will all take our business elsewhere and if you are reading this post, well you are grown ups and you can make your own decisions but just see how you are being treated by Chevrolet they sell junk and won't stand behind it! can someone say class action lawsuit! Not me, they've already rubbed me of my time and energy. bye bye Chevy hello Ford!

Sacramento, CA

#218 Dec 10, 2014
i agree i only bought this hunk of doo doo out of pure necessity and i regret the day i sold ford. i took my chevy to the dealer because i had a warranty and they ended up breaking it more than it already was. they replaced the transmission with a used one from across the country and broke the cv axles while they were road testing it. they then decided to replace those with i dont know what because not more than 6 months later all the dummy lights were coming on and i took it back for them to tell me that the parts hey replaced were still good and something else was wrong.. the flywheel has a crack in it that looks like its been there for a while but wait wasnt there when they took the transmission out to replace it. hmmm,.... sounds like someone is lying here and no i cant go look at this crack because im a customer and its dangerous in the shop... yeah right, they didnt find a crack because they would have had to take the transmission off the engine again to do that. and of course that isnt covered under the transmission warranty. i hate chevy and everything they stand for. and they think theyre just going to settle out of court for the loss of lives they caused by installing what they knew to be faulty parts.... send the big wigs to prison for life and shut the entire company down for good and take all of the cars and trucks off the road to stop people from dying in those POS's anymore.

Sacramento, CA

#219 Dec 10, 2014
James wrote:
<quoted text> mine does that all the time
all the time and if im on a slight incline it wont start without my foot on the gas.

Sacramento, CA

#220 Dec 10, 2014
OLEG wrote:
my 2006 equinox have 140000km on it. never had any problem with it. changed back bearing on 110000km and front shock on 130000km. and thats it! runs like new.
my wife have 2008 CRV. this is real lemon! 45000km ger box changed under warranty,all bulbs chaged, tires wearing out every ~10000km,......!
never will have japanise crap! next week going to dealer to lease 2011 equinox!
you know you must be one in a million and it sure is nice to know that chevy would rather make those in other countries happy with their american made product than those here at home that could really cause some sales to go down.

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