05 Equinox trouble

Eau Claire, WI

#181 Mar 2, 2011
dealers suck
snake hunter


#182 Mar 9, 2011
you got that there crooks these dealers are crooks they would take advantage of your dead grandmother just for a sale man maybe sometime soon we can order cars on line and put these mothers out of a job!!!!!!


#183 Mar 29, 2011
my 2006 equinox have 140000km on it. never had any problem with it. changed back bearing on 110000km and front shock on 130000km. and thats it! runs like new.
my wife have 2008 CRV. this is real lemon! 45000km ger box changed under warranty,all bulbs chaged, tires wearing out every ~10000km,......!
never will have japanise crap! next week going to dealer to lease 2011 equinox!


#184 Mar 29, 2011
fee wrote:
i am having issues with my traction now bought the car brand new in 05, and it acts like its loosing gas and my engine lite is on. have to get plugs done and i was told i need struts. this sucks i have 114000 miles on it
you have 114000miles. what you whant? my wifes CRV cant get to 40000miles without couple of times per month in garage!
LT awd

Virginia Beach, VA

#185 Apr 23, 2011
so my wife owns a 2005 equinox lt awd it started off good and running amazing after about 35,000 miles weve had to replace the head gaskets three times the heads replaced and all the gaskes from valve covers to intake gaskets. the car was in the shop numerous times for the a/c not working and the starter not working and leaving her strained. after all was done the car still kept overheating so replaced the water pump today and now the car wont start. it will keep cranking and cranking but wont start.
LT awd

Virginia Beach, VA

#186 Apr 23, 2011
its not just the fact that the chevy 3.4L sucks but yet how chevy has lost touch with the consumer they know about the problems and rather then recall it they would rather give you a 1800 number that says F*ck off and have a nice day we will never buy another chevy every again. my super duty gets beat day in and day out and never breaks and my wifes car never leaves the pavement and wam

United States

#187 May 4, 2011
OKAY IM 16 AND MY PARENTS BOUGHT ME A 2006(uSED QUINOX FOR MY FIRST CAR.i love the way it drives and everything but lately i have noticed some problems that become quite bothersome.
1- My steering when I turn it to the left all the way over there is a mysterious knocking noise
2- steering again, when i slightly turn to the left there is a pop sound that can be felt through the wheel adn through the pedals Im guess the steering column
3- Fuel emmissions light comes on
4- Klunk nosie after car has warmed up in for about 5 mins in the back
5- Driver door pops when opened more than a 1/4 of the allowed swing
6 rattle in the back, sounds like the lgass or something but I'm not sure.
7- both the Bottom part of the drivers seat adn the lumbar part of the passenger seats shift or jolt when i hit the brakes.
I have never had any of these problems until this past year, I'm really irritated because I want it all fixed but I have been reading mosto f the forums and many people have not found answers to similar problems any advice would be greatly appreciated

Franklin Park, IL

#188 May 8, 2011
I have a 2005 equinox the problem with it is that it makes a noise in the front end of vehicle when i turn
or go on reverse,I took it to acouple placesto get it check, was told it was the struts,changed the struts and still have the same problem that noise dont seem to go away.....anyone with same problem ? or solution.

Monroe, MI

#189 May 25, 2011
Summer wrote:
I have a 06 Equinox with 31k miles and I've had the strange knocking noise (Knock-Knock-Knock) since day one that sounds like it comes from the back. I've always mensioned it to the dealership when I get oil changes and he just says "Oh your not the first Equinox owner thats mensioned a strange knocking noise" AGHH! It was just in the shop for a small exhaust leak and I asked AGAIN for them to find out what the knocking noise is. He said he drove it for 20 miles and couldn't make it do the noise (of course). So frustrated because the original warranty is almost up. I have an extended but you know how that goes with if they'll cover anything or not. So reading all these posts and numerous people having the same knocking noise it looks like it could be the brake pads, rear clutch wheel (?), solenoid for the canister purge (?) or the drive shaft needs to be replaced?!?! Jesus that's a lot of possibilities. I'm going to write these down and take it to the dealership next oil change and ask him if any could be a possiblity. It even did the noise this morning on my way to work. My car runs great but it's just annoying as hell.
I purchased a 2011 Equinox less than a month ago, and I have had it back to the dealership 3 times...it is going back a 4th. They disconnected the "woofer" in the back and said that should stop the thumping noise. It thumped again the next morning. Naturally, when the mechanic drives it, nothing happens, as it is not a constant occurance.

Canonsburg, PA

#190 Jun 5, 2011
I have a 05 equinox that the brake light keeps coming on while driving. I filled the brake fluid and it stayed off for a while. Now it is back on and staying on more. It also chimes when it comes on. I just changed the front brakes and it is stopping just fine. Could it be the sensor or should I be real concerned?

CRG Nox509

Wapato, WA

#191 Jun 15, 2011
Sauce wrote:
<quoted text>I don't have leather, but I can tell you that there are some nasty stains on my interior. Anytime the interior gets wet, there's a new stain. This means that even water will stain my interior. I did some research and found that there is carbon in the upholstry. Everytime it gets wet, the carbon raises to the top, and shows through the interior. The best 2 methods that I have used to clean the interior:
1. Use a 50/50 mix of water and white viniger.
I sprayed down one seat at a time and used a small scrubber (Scrub brush from Wal-Mart -$.97) to scrub out the stains.
2. Armoral with Oxy
I sprayed everything and used the same type of scrub brush. I took a chance on this, but I figured if I sprayed everything, maybe it would even the stain out all over the place. It actually looked 92% better when I was finished.
Good Luck!
Yes even water stains! Wtf chevy! I've had a broken blend door valve, blown head gasket, warped rotors. I miss my 97 Jimmy.
Jim P

North Weymouth, MA

#192 Jun 28, 2011
Has anyone had to deal with a failed electronic trunk release? The only way to open the trunk is by crawling into the back and manually releasing the latch. I ask because I'm hoping to avoid going down a rat hole looking for the issue. Thanks in advance.
Ontario Canada

Pickering, Canada

#193 Jul 4, 2011
tray wrote:
i have a problem with the brakes. i had a front wheel bearing replaced and the brake problem went away. every once in a while when you put on the brakes it feels like the antilock is trying to work you have to press real hard on the pedal to stop the car. has anyone ever had this problem
Yes I have the same problem with my 2006. Have you found out what the problem was. I just put new rotors and brake pads on the front and the backs have been resurfaced. Still have the same problem, also very noisy when going over potholes sounds like 100 year old women

Twin Lakes, WI

#194 Jul 7, 2011
I have an 05 awd. I bought in 04 and have had nothing but problems. The roof started falling down about 6 months after I bought it, and the dealership told me all they could do was velcrow it up because of a design flaw. When turning a sharp corner, the vehicle makes a terrible noise on top of having a terrible turn radious. At about 50 thousand miles it started starting hard. Spent $800 to find the problem never to be found. To start it I have to step on the gas. It only happens if the car has been sitting for about an hour. Not shorter or longer. I have replaced the tires 3 times now, I have 105000 miles now. The brakes twice and the battery twice. At 70,000 the sun roof started pouring water through the dome lights. I've always had the same 3 knocks like many of you, and there is a loose bolt Rolling around in the under carriage that the dealership couldn't find. Not to mention, I was supposed to have a warranty, free oil changes for 3 years and tires for life with the purchase of my equinox until my dealership closed, 6 months after I bought it. The 2 closest chevy dealerships Wouldnt honor any dealership warranty, and Either would my dealerships sister dodge dealership.there is a small pin hole in the passenger side seat from the faCtory that whistles. I now have over heating issues, and the DVD player doesn't work. And the side speaker sparks. I hate gm.

Rapid City, SD

#195 Aug 22, 2011
i also have an 05 and the key comes out of the ignition i had a bad sqeek in the front end but the break pads were fine. I replaced them anyway to see if it would fix the problem but its still there. now the rotors seem to be warped so im about to put new rotors on too the tires are bad we about rolled it last winter
and the tires were new says the dealer we bought it from. Also the stearing wheel sqeeks really bad i took it in and they said they fixed it but a day later it was back im sick of this thing im about to trade it for something else and ive only had it for a year.

Rapid City, SD

#196 Aug 22, 2011
just wondering if you ever filled that law suit i am having all the same problems with mine im sooooooo sick of it
RobertS wrote:
<quoted text>
Please contact me also. We have had the following issues:
* Rear end rebuilt three times (growling noise)
* Clunking noise in rear of vehicle about 2 minutes after startup
* Worn out key
* Steering column locks for no reason
* Finish wearing off the cabin controls
* Terrible fuel milage (three dealers looked at it and said it's all within specs)
* Starter runs after after engine running
* Steering wheel controls fail periodically
* Rear lift gate struts replaced
* Unable to aim headlamps (too high)
* and many more things...
(robert at sprechline dot com)

Hamtramck, MI

#197 Aug 23, 2011
I have a 2006 Equinox and also have a knocking sound I think from the back of the vehicle. Has anyone found the source?

I also have a grinding sound coming from the rear when the AWD kicks in, Im afraid its the rear end going out.

Rockford, IL

#198 Aug 30, 2011
Missy wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the same knocking sound right after my car has warmed up. My kids say that there is a ghost wanting in. I am glad to hear that someone else hears this also.
I also hear that knocking noise! Does anyone know exactly what it is??? It's strange...

Rockford, IL

#199 Aug 30, 2011
CRG Nox509 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes even water stains! Wtf chevy! I've had a broken blend door valve, blown head gasket, warped rotors. I miss my 97 Jimmy.
Has anyone tried to waterproof the interior??? It's annoying that whenever it rains and I have to open the door that I know my seats are going to have stains... it's frustrating!
Joshua Crouch

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#200 Sep 18, 2011
Missysue99 wrote:
I've already had several problems with my Nox--the worst so far being the a/c blows hot air. It's been averaging 106 degrees here in TX for the past couple of wks so it's pure HELL! But something new happened this wk/end--I noticed that the driver side back floorboard was soaking wet!! There was nothing spilled or anyone even in the car. It was only that one side also. It stretched up under the driver seat some also. Any ideas on where this could have come from? I assumed it was water b/c there was no smell to it other than the stink caused by it being wet while so hot outside with no ventilation.
You have a leaking heater core, as far as the a/c being hot the electric door that controls the temperature change might be stuck

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