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Polk City, FL

#121 May 19, 2008
I have an 07 Equinox and the "service stabilitrak" light is on, now the steering wheel is difficult to turn and don't what to do, does anyone have any suggestions?

Huntsville, TX

#122 May 21, 2008
My 05 Nox is at the dealership now because of the same problem, but they just called and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I asked them to keep it the rest of day and let the air run continuously. This is frustrating. My seats also stained quickly after I got the Nox, but I was blaming my 6 year old.
Justin wrote:
Anyone having problems with their A/C unit? I have an 08, just got it like 6 weeks ago, and already have had it in for A/C repairs twice. The first time was because it was blowing cold then warm, it did this all the time. They had to add freon to the system and with that it worked good for about 5 hours. I took it back about 3 weeks later because now the A/C was still blowing cold then warm but it also had a pungent chemical like odor that would come out of the A/C after I came to stops at lights. They said there as nothing wrong, but if there was nothing wrong then why did you have to add more freon this time around. I made the service manager keep the truck till they could find out why it was leaking and not blowing constant cold. I live in FL, 1 more time and I can claim LEMON LAW! Lets hope this one fixes it, let me know if you have similar problems, Thanks. [email protected]

Pittsburgh, PA

#123 May 21, 2008
I just bought an 08 Equinox a few weeks ago (Didn't even Make a Payment Yet) and I am having a rattle noise and vibration in the front drivers side. It happens on a smoothe surface, but is worse over bumps. I had the service manager and technician ride with me and they said they can't "hear" it?!?! It goes back to the shop again....3rd day in a row. Anyone else have this problem?

Villa Park, CA

#124 May 26, 2008
I have a 2007 Equinox that just lost power in my garage. When I turned it off, the lights stayed on even though it was on auto. Turned them off mannually. Woke up the next day and have no power and can not get my key out of the ignition and can't get the car into nuetral. Key moves to on position, but can not move the gear shift. No power at all. Completely drained and will not accept a chege or jump start. Any ideas?

Springfield, VA

#125 May 30, 2008
Add me to the growing list of people having problems with their Equinox. I have put over $3000 in mine just in the last year. I had leaks in the brake line (I think partially this was the dealerships fault...I think they did something to it when they were fixing the brakes the last time it was in there for repair) and now I am having major electrical issues with it. Cruise control won't work all the time, lights (parking lights) come on when I hit my brakes and go off when I take my foot off the brake. Daytime running lights don't work at all.

I'm so fed up I'm about ready to send it off a cliff.

Springfield, VA

#126 May 30, 2008
Forgot to add...I have a 2005 Equinox. I'll never buy another GM car...ever.
Hauula Flash

United States

#127 Jun 10, 2008
My 2005 equinox has a message "20 still working"
also the traction control light is on.
any thoughts ???

Petoskey, MI

#128 Jun 10, 2008
Anitra wrote:
I have a 2005 equinox, I have not exsperienced problems with odor, I have had problems with the winshield cracking repeatedly. Has any one had this same problem.
I bought a Used 2005 Equinox in September of 2007. 2 months later it began to fail to start. I would attempt to turn it on and it woud just make a chugging noise like it was going to start but wouldn't. I took it in THREE times and the dealership said that they couldn't find anything wrong with it. It still does this to me atleast once a week. Along with starter problems, I have had my windshield crack in several places and both back tires that came on the vehicle have had slow leaks costing me over $300!!!
Julias Mommy

New Milford, CT

#129 Jun 12, 2008
I have an 07 model...does anyone have problems with the blinker? Sometimes my blinker makes absolutely no noise or it makes a loud strange noise and most of the time it is normal. I took it in to be repaired and I still have the problem every now and then. Also, my interior lights dim for no reason at all.

Lake Zurich, IL

#130 Jun 13, 2008
My XM Radio Keeps blowing a the fuse and now it blows asp when I put a new fuse in. Even if the keys are out.

San Diego, CA

#131 Jun 16, 2008
My car does not start sometimes...what is going on?

Ottawa, Canada

#132 Jul 6, 2008
Principal wrote:
I have a 2006 equinox and my check engine light comes on along with the traction control light. When this occurs, the car slips out of gear and does not accelerate. The only fix is to turn it off and start it again. Yesterday I had to re-start 6 times to travel 3 miles. I've bee to the dealer 3 times and they haven't a clue what is wrong.
I have EXACTLY the same problem with my 2006- glad I
found your post-just had a switch replaced but did not fix the problem- third time back for repair.

Raleigh, NC

#133 Jul 10, 2008
i have a 2006 equinox when i start it it does the same as all of u it continues to keep starting like the starter is going out went to the dealer they were able to pull up not a recall but some info on that same page telling them that it was normal and they can fix it ...so ask them to pull there info from the gm people it the equinox and i think it was saturn that it happens to as well

Raleigh, NC

#134 Jul 10, 2008
that there is nothing they can fix on it ..sorry for the mispell
Mike Cripps

Cape Coral, FL

#135 Jul 21, 2008
Jim Bencher wrote:
Has anyone seen the postings on EquinoxCentral.com ? That looks like the main board for the Equinox and there are many problems posted there about this truck. I have not had any problems at all but I have gotten concerned when I see all the complaints. Look at these:
Not sure if I should be concerned as my warranty expires.

I have had my 2005 Equinox since new. I have had several problems to date. The first thing is the suspension. Since new it has been hard on front tires. My garage has researched the problem and has had a district rep for chevrolet confirm the front to back weight distribution problem With more weight on the front, the entire suspension system takes more abuse. Not to mention the braking required to stop a front heavy vehicle. I have had my brakes replaced twice in 59,897 miles. I am on my 3rd set of tires(50000 mile warranty). Now I have developed a vibration and whine from the transmission. The cabin has always been noisy and Chevrolet says this is normal. The key has been replaced twice as the switch does not want to release it after shutting off the ignition.

Good luck.

Mike Cripps, Port Charlotte, FL

Kalamazoo, MI

#136 Aug 3, 2008
I PURCHASED A EQUINOX NEW IN 2005 AND IT HAS BEEN NIGHTMARE EVER SINCE.IT STARTED TO STINK THE DAY I BROUGHT IT HOME AND IT TOOK THE DEALER NUMEROUS TIMES (AT LEAST 5) to stop the smell. Then it ate wheel bearings both fronts and three radios 4 sets of breaks a center support bearing in the drive shaft and the rear end started howling.
ALSO THE PAINT STARTED TO PEEL OFF the headliner was cut to small at the factory, AND NOW IT IS BURNING OIL WITH ONLY 60000 MILES ON IT
I will never own another G.M.product again

Indianapolis, IN

#137 Aug 6, 2008
I also took it to the dealership and told me it was normal. I will be taking it again to the dealership because I do not think it is normal. I also hear that popping sound from the front passenger door side. What did they say?
Ray wrote:
I have a 2006 Equinox mileage is 17,000. I am starting to have problems with the starter. It sounds like it struggles to start and then will finally catch and start the engine. I will be taking to delership and will update this.
I also have a knocking sounds that comes from the rear of the car when I apply the brakes. It only happens once a day or so. But is is getting annoying. It is only 3 or 4 rapid knocks. Anyone know what this is?

United States

#138 Aug 11, 2008
I own a 2006 Equinox it has 20,000 miles on it and every once in a while when going about 55-60mph the front end shakes badly. I have pulled over twice to check for a flat tire. It goes away for almost 2-3 weeks and it does it again. Anyone else have thiis problem????

United States

#139 Aug 19, 2008
does anyone know where the cabin air filter is on a 05 equinox

New York, NY

#140 Sep 13, 2008
I have a 2006 Equinox.. Every time it rains, the front passenger floor gets flooded. I took it to the dealer several times and they can't seem to fix it. I've emailed GM to complain and they want me to take it to the dealer again so they can attempt to fix it. I'm so frustrated with this car, I feel like dumping it and getting a Honda. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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