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#61 Sep 5, 2007
I have a `07 model, I went to get in last night and the thing was dead, then it would slowly regain power again but not enough to power up the entire car. When I put my foot on the breaks it drains the entire energy from the car. If I left the ignition on the lights flickered, I could hear clicking in the engine. Does anyone think that its just a bettery problem? I haven't taken the battery in yet, I had to search for it first.

Carthage, NY

#62 Sep 6, 2007
Mine is chipping! and the dealer said it's from "stones and road debri hitting it" Not quite sure how stones and road debri gets INSIDE the door but I CAN NOT WAIT to get rid of this 05 Equinox!! I have every problem everyone else does.....tires, brakes, computer, battery, paint chips...... Equinox's are junk!!

Hartford, CT

#63 Sep 11, 2007
Yes--my 2007 Equinox just would not start one morning--no turnover whatsoever. Vehicle was towed to dealer who had to put in new battery and something about the computer. Apparently there is a problem with the starter wherein it sticks and leaves the vehicle in the ACC mode thereby slowly draining the battery. There is a Bulletin out about this.
shortstop wrote:
<quoted text>
My 07 Equinox began exhibiting a starting problem 3 wks ago. When you engage the starter it periodically cycles the starter on/off several times very rapidly. Sometimes it starts during this rapid cycling event and other times it doesn't and you have to try to start it a second time. Is this similar to the starting problem you are experiencing? My dealer provided a Chevy notif to its mechanics that this is normal. This is just factory BS, they really don't want to work to resolve problems with their products and issue a recall.

Markham, Canada

#64 Sep 14, 2007
Anitra wrote:
I have a 2005 equinox, I have not exsperienced problems with odor, I have had problems with the winshield cracking repeatedly. Has any one had this same problem.
Yes I hade replaced mine too, twice,I think car bad design is to blame.So far from those posts above I can say :starting problem,windshield cracking,airconditioning problem,batery problem are mayor factory bs with this car.....hm GM

Salt Lake City, UT

#65 Sep 18, 2007
You aren't the only one with the traction control problem. My 2005 Equinox has done it 5 times and 3 of those times it could have been a fatal accident. I've had the car back to the dealer twice and they have yet to fix the problem. I found out yesterday that to get it replaced is a MAJOR headache. My wife and I are now dumping the car in favor of something much more reliable.

North Charleston, SC

#66 Sep 18, 2007
Mike wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the same problem. Did you ever find out how?
The foam rubber gasket is what is holding on the cover after the screws are removed. You just have to really pull.

Ann Arbor, MI

#67 Sep 19, 2007
I have a 2005 Equinox with the horrid smell going on since it was not even a year old. It's been to the dealer a few times. Changed hoses, antifreeze, heater box, disenfected evaporator, cleaned carpets, checked the drain tube for the A/C, and now they are replacing the back window because they found a leak and said that's causing it. I don't think this is the problem. Anybody find a solution yet to their smell?

Columbia, MO

#68 Sep 20, 2007
Mike in LA wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I have a 2005 and one out of every 10 times I try to start it, the engine turns over but doesn't start. then I crank it up again and it works.
also I have the problem where my radiator fluid is turning brown, trying to get someone to replace the radiator hose (anyone have a part #?)
I also have had the problem with my 2005 engine. It doesn't happen as often as yours, but often enough that I have been concerned. I thought maybe I was just getting condensation in my gas tank or something. Now I'm not so sure. I only have 2500 miles left on the warranty. Perhaps I should look into this.

Columbia, MO

#69 Sep 20, 2007
Possibly someone has already posted this problem. When the car is cold and is put into drive, it makes a pop and a jerk as it shifts from park. The car will lurch forward and then it is fine. Could be dangerous if parked close to another car. This never happens except in cold weather. Can't imagine what could cause it. Any ideas?

Lititz, PA

#70 Sep 20, 2007
we have 2005 Equinox with 30000 miles on it. No odor, no issues, no problems yet.
The Lowells

Wentzville, MO

#71 Sep 26, 2007
We are having issues with our '07 nox, it is about to drive us crazy.
The engine goes through around a quart and a half of oil every oil change and the engine rattles like it will fly apart and GM said that is normal!!!

Also our air bag indicator for the passenger side only works part time, normally when we take it to the dealership and they of course find no codes to support our claim.
Anyy suggestions would be great.

Jacksonville, FL

#72 Oct 7, 2007
bobbi Wooldridge

Houston, TX

#73 Oct 9, 2007
jennifer wrote:
I have a 2007 Equinox and the a/c doesn't cool unless the fan speed is on the highest setting. The a/c also stops working when the vehicles is stopped or idling...it's been in the shop four or five times and they don't know how to fix it.
<quoted text>

I am on my 10th visit in 6 months of buying the car. GM built my 07 nox with wrong parts and that is why my ac was shutting down. I am filing a lawsuit.

Mountville, PA

#74 Oct 14, 2007
My first Equinox was bought in Sept 06. It was an 07 LT. This car was repurchased by GMAC due to numerous problems - Stabilitrak, Airbag system, Radio quit working, turn signals didn't work. I accepted a replacement twin vehicle, same exact car, except new one had XM radio. Stabilitrack went out twice on this vehicle. This car almost got me killed Friday. Was at a dead stop, went to make a right turn, and EVERY SYSTEM FAILED. I had NO STEERING, NO BRAKES, NO STABILITRAK, NO GAS, NO AIRBAGS, every warning system light was flashing. I also will be getting a lawyer. Luckily for me, everyone coming at me was able to swerve around me, and the car stopped just before I hit a light pole (steel).
Hydrpolaning Equinox

United States

#75 Oct 28, 2007
I have a 2005 Equinox & was wondering if anyone has had problems with hydroplaning. Obviously tire wear, speed, amount of water on road & shifting direction will affect your chance of hydroplaning. I'm wondering if you've had hydroplaning more than you would expect under the circumstance?

Harper Woods, MI

#76 Nov 3, 2007
Nevadanox wrote:
I like my Nox with three exceptions. I had to replace the Bridgestones at 35,000. Put some Michellins on and love em. The second complaint is a raddle in the back. I can't tell if it's my muffler or rear window wiper. Very annoying. The last is when I first start it up in the morning. Seems the Nox is not a morning "car." Sounds like the idle is not fully set but it never stalls or anything like that.
Othe than these items- the Nox is not a problem. Average 19-22 MPG.
I am have the morning problem thing. Except that sometimes when it shifts in idle it seems to make a rather harsh noise and soudnds as though someone is bouncing a basketball on my undercarriage. Is this the same problem you had?? If so did you ever find out the cause??
Media Man

United States

#77 Nov 4, 2007
Sorry, hating the nox, I became so furious with Chevy and my car, I never got back to posting again. I found myself a lawyer through google, the best part about NJ law regarding lemons, states that Chevy will pay my lawyer when I win my case. Check into your state laws regarding lemon statutes, it's worth it.

Calhoun, LA

#78 Nov 5, 2007
bought a 2007 chevy equinox ls fwd the steering & handling is very unstable on the roads in tennessee it's hard to keep between the lanes anybody having this problem with there's!

United States

#79 Nov 6, 2007
I go to take my son to school today and the damn thing wont start. Dead battery? Nothing was left on! Very strange.
This car was in the shop the first week we had it-and several times since. Its now been almost 2 years (got it the day after xmas in 05) and its still a heap! I will never buy chevy again, nor will I ever buy new again either!


#80 Nov 6, 2007
Have 05 Equinox and it died last week. At dealer now and told MAP sensor went after only 17,000 and not covered, very expensive repair. Anyone have this type of problem?

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