2007 Chevy Equinox
Greg Baker

Grand Rapids, MI

#141 Feb 25, 2009
sheryl wrote:
Have a 2006 Equinox. have had it for two years started leaking into the drivers side floor board. Been to the dealer once claim to have fixed one month later same problem. Anyone else with this problem on a 06?
We have a '06 Equinox and have noticed a bad smell too, dealer says no problems

Los Angeles, CA

#142 Mar 9, 2009
bunker wrote:
<quoted text>
mine too, 2004 Trailblazer.
Mine is wet, too was told that the rear door was not welded probably when made. Car has been in shop for 2 weeks.
John McSorley

Loveland, OH

#143 Mar 10, 2009
Leslie - I have the same problem with my 2008 Equinox. It's at the dealer today and they just called with "no problem found". Were you able to find the cause of the problem?
John McSorley

Loveland, OH

#144 Mar 10, 2009
Leslie - I have a 2008 equinox that is at the dealer today with the same problem. They just called with "no problem found". Were you able to find the cause of your problem?
Leslie L Nova Scotia CAN wrote:
I have a 2007 Equinox and when I drive it in heavy rain the engine starts to make a terrible noise, and gets worse with acceleration and will stop after a few seconds of coasting, but only in heavy rain or really slushy snow. I took it for a test drive with a mechanic and he heard the noise but has no idea what it is. Has this happened to anyone else??

Dallas, TX

#145 Mar 27, 2009
Jimbo wrote about sporadic illumination problems, yes I have experienced that as well on my 2007.
kens mom kim

United States

#146 Mar 27, 2009
just bought a used 2006 equinox for my daughter in collage (1 1/2 weks ago) whats with the water in the wheel well and on the front floor i took up over 1/4 in in water vac im not happy please help
kens mom kim

United States

#147 Mar 27, 2009
my new (used) 2006 equinox has a magor water problem it leaks on the front floor and the spair wheel area please help Kim
GM Guy

East Chicago, IN

#148 Apr 10, 2009
Kim, try to get your Nox to dealer ASAP for a warranty repair. Reference the technical service bulletin in this thread. Good luck....they were able to fix mine.

Sarasota, FL

#149 Apr 14, 2009
Thanks Dennis, found the tube that was disconnected. Hopefully that solves that problem, but guess what? I checked my rear tire well and found about a half inch of water. Off to the dealer I go tomorrow
dennis wrote:
i found my leak the other day it is up by the sunroof there are 4 tubes that let water runoff one of them was disconnected..... from the inside of the car with the sunroof open pull down the roof there are velcro snaps that hold it up and look for the four tubes one will prob be disconnected....

Taunton, MA

#150 May 4, 2009
My wife has a 06 Equinox purchased new has 61,000 miles and has had no problems, 19 city 29 highway. We live in Massachusetts and travel all through the south and not one problem.Ive been a mechanic for over thirty years and I rate this truck very good.Just wanted to let you people out there know, I dont care how much you spend chevy ford honda toyota , its just a machine and knowing how to take care of it helps also.

Boyertown, PA

#151 May 7, 2009
My father in law and I both bought a 2007 Equinox and both of us have the same problem with water in the spare tire well - mine has a terrible smell and I thought my daughter spilled something so we steamcleaned entire vehicle - smell is back again and checked the spare tire well again water is in there...my father in law's entire back carpet is soaked today so we both went to the dealer and they say they will repair and replace carpet...
Denise-Houston-T exas

United States

#152 May 9, 2009
Water leaks from the backseat, sure enough water on spare tire compartment. The dealer wants to charge almost a thousand to fix the problem, however, they blame the weather sealent from the top of the back door but my back cargo carpet is dry and the water is found inside the spare tire compartment, now under my backseat carpet has been soaked with water and it stinks; the water came from the spare tire, it leaked through. I hate that GM doesn't accept that this is a manufucture defect. I am never buying a chevy,GM can go bankrupt; this is what I get for trusting and wanting to help out the economy in our country by not buying foreign cars.

Salisbury, MD

#153 May 26, 2009
I have a 2007 Equinox and just out of warranty by mileage. I have never looked in the spare tire compartment because I never had a flat. Our friend told us to look in there and sure enough there was enough water in there to have a frog pond! My husband and I have been getting sick and now we figured out that the vehicle is making us sick. GM won't help us with anything, this is why they are claiming bankruptcy because they won't help their customers. We wanted some assistances with trading it in for another GM product but I don't think we are going to due that. The dealer told me that there were 3 technical service bulletins for water leaks so they knew it was a problem. Product flaw and they say they won't help me because I'm out of warranty by mileage, BS! They knew about it all along!

Montclair, NJ

#154 Jun 8, 2009
Greg Baker wrote:
<quoted text>
We have a '06 Equinox and have noticed a bad smell too, dealer says no problems
have a 2005 that just started having some water isssues...any suggestions?

United States

#155 Jun 10, 2009
Has anyone found a resolution to this issue? I am having the same issue on a 2004 Trailblazer EXT.
Kristee wrote:
<quoted text>
My new Trailblazer also leaks water under the front passenger floor mat. We have already have the dealer "repair" twice and they have not solved the problem. Now that the car is out of warranty they are trying to say repairs won't be covered, even though the first two attempts to fix the car was still under warranty. Sounds to me like Chevy has a big problem and someone needs to get a class action lawsuit started to make them fix the problem. When we bought the Trailblazer for $45k we thought we finally had bought a nice car that would last. Now, my car is starting to smell like mildew and the dealer can't figure out why. Each of three times I called to schedule appointments I was told that they were 2-3 weeks out on water repairs...that's a lot of people for just one dealership!

Williston Park, NY

#156 Jun 13, 2009
I also have an '07 Equinox and we recently had 5 days straight of constant rain. After reading all of the reviews on this website I checked my spare tire compartment and found at least 5-6 inches of water. Within the past month or so my carpets have been wet. I noticed that on many other vehicles there is a rubber sealant, if you will, on the windshield to keep out water; not so on the Equinox. On my vehicle it looks as if the black molding on the windshield is starting to come off and the black sponge is visible. I would think this would allow water to leak into the vehicle, which is why its noticeable for some in the front of the vehicle. I park on an inclined driveway which would make the water drip through the vehicle into back where the spare tire compartment is. I will be taking my car to the dealer on Monday along with the printouts of the complaints not only on this page but on every other website I can possibly find. There is no way you invest that much money into something to find out later on its crap. I won't take any excuses from GM about not knowing about this problem. Will update after the dealer. Thanks.

Williston Park, NY

#157 Jun 13, 2009
Also if you read your owner's manual to find out how to change the air filter you will notice that if it is not closed correctly that it will allow water into the inside of your car. When you check the spare tire compartment there is a crevice where water could definitely stream from the front of the vehicle into the compartment. This seems more likely a reason for some people to have this issue and others to not have it.

United States

#158 Jun 26, 2009
I also have a 2006 Chevrolet Equinox with a rear water leak problem. I was cleaning out the car a week ago and discovered about 2 gallons of water in the rear spare tire well. I sucked all the water out with the shop-vac and then placed a dry towel on each side of the well. I check them after a rain and found the left side to be the culprit. Upon inspection (headfirst in tire well with flashlight) it appears that my leak is coming from the seal at the rear bumper. I also noticed that the rear hatch weather-stripping gasket also had a hole in it and the glue used to affix it to the vehicle was less than “solid”. I plan on completely resolving this issue on 6/28/09 because that will be the first opportunity that I have time to do so. I will try and post any and all helpful findings at that time. Anyone else having this issue should also get into the vehicle with a flashlight and look for the source of the leak while someone hits the car with a hose. In the GM bulletin they recommend sealing the leaks with 3M Ultrapro Autobody Sealant Clear or equivalent.

Here is the link to the full bulletin:


Canyon Country, CA

#159 Jun 26, 2009
We've been replacing a lot of headlights and tail lights on the 07 Equinox. Anyone had this? Could it be related to the leaking problem? We live in Southern CA, so not much rain--maybe the carwash?
jay arkansas

Hot Springs National Park, AR

#160 Jun 27, 2009
does anyone know what the procedure is for running diagnostics i have about 1000 miles left on the warrenty and want to see if anything internally is wrong

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