2007 Chevy Equinox

Acworth, GA

#121 Dec 9, 2008
Thanks Dennis, I am going to try this. I have standing water in my tire well...
dennis wrote:
i found my leak the other day it is up by the sunroof there are 4 tubes that let water runoff one of them was disconnected..... from the inside of the car with the sunroof open pull down the roof there are velcro snaps that hold it up and look for the four tubes one will prob be disconnected....

West Chester, OH

#122 Dec 14, 2008
I have a 2007 Equinox 1 LT. The sunroof leaks when I go through a carwash dryer. It lifts the front up enough to let water in and hit me in the face. It has been in twice for the same thing and it still happens. Anyone else with that problem or heard of it? Three unsuccessful repairs on the same thing = lemon...correct? Other than that, no problems. 22000 miles in 16 months, 18-20 mpg city FWD. Great vehicle!

Philadelphia, PA

#123 Dec 15, 2008
I have a 05 Equinox with water all over the place the spare tire, back floors, back seat, front head light. We just had a ton of rain here but didnít take a drive until rain was gone a when I went out to take a drive the Equinox was filled with water before I went anywhere. I bought this new and I have been smelling odors for few years. I have had the air vents cleaned and it never went away. I never notice that much water. The one time I did I thought that the window was left open a crack or something. I am taking it to the shop tomorrow. I hope it will be covered by warranty!!!!!!!!!!

New Egypt, NJ

#124 Dec 17, 2008
Two weeks ago I noticed my backseat floors were wet. I originally thought something had spilled (i.e water bottle) so I just let it go. But last week after terrential rains here, I noticed two puddles on the back floor. My husband investigated to find that the spare tire well was full of water and when I would stop and go while driving it caused the water to shoot up into the back floors. He couldn't figure out where the water was coming from, so we made an appointment today w/ the dealer. Then I found this website. Thanks to all of you who posted with the same problem especially Norm J giving that service bulletin info. Now I am able to give that info to the dealer and hopefully not be charged since it has been an ongoing problem. I am out of warranty so we'll see.
Karl Edwards

Mount Juliet, TN

#125 Dec 20, 2008
DEB wrote:
I have water in my tire well also found it today. I am taking it to the dealer in about an hour. Mine is still under warranty.(sounds like I may need to invest the the extended warranty...blah..
i wouldnt give chevrolet any more money pre existing problems should be covered just buy japanese next time... thats what i am doing
Leslie L Nova Scotia CAN

Gambo, Canada

#126 Dec 28, 2008
I have a 2007 Equinox and when I drive it in heavy rain the engine starts to make a terrible noise, and gets worse with acceleration and will stop after a few seconds of coasting, but only in heavy rain or really slushy snow. I took it for a test drive with a mechanic and he heard the noise but has no idea what it is. Has this happened to anyone else??
JR Lake

Atlanta, GA

#127 Dec 31, 2008
Hey this sounds repetitive....
I have problems w/ my 2007 equinow. First, 6 months after the purchase my alternator when out. It took the dealership 3 weeks to replace. They comped the repair work and the rental. Next over the next several months, I have water leaking through a seam into the spare tire space. Of course they have attempted to repair 3 different times. It keeps coming back. I've called their corporate customer care line and I had not luck w/ them. They offered free oil changes, etc. for 15,000 miles. I am currently working on an angry letter to write to GM. Anyone have one of these already written.

Santa Fe Springs, CA

#128 Jan 3, 2009
After a big rain my 08 Equinox smelled horrible of mild. The spare tire was full of water also as many of you that have posted. I took it to the dealer and they tryed to blame it on a small scratch on the bumper stating it was in an accident and it would not be covered. After some argueing they finally admitted that there was service anouncement on the problem and promised that it would be taken care of and the smell would be gone when I picked it up. Wrong it still smells only it smells like mold with carpet cleaner mixed in. It is going back to the dealer on monday. I didnt buy a car to gag everytime I drive it. It still smelled new before this problem and the is what they owe me when I pick it up. They really need to fix the problem with these cars.

Lake City, FL

#129 Jan 14, 2009

Portland, OR

#130 Jan 16, 2009
Ernest from Texas wrote:
My Equinox started leaking about December due to all of the rain we are getting and I have gone to the Dealer but I'm over 36,ooo miles... I am trying to work with GM Owners Assistance, Alex Garceau at 1-866-790-5660 Ext 10532.
Everybody call him and maybe we could concentrate efforts.
A Class Action suit doesn't sound bad...
haha that was me...

United States

#131 Jan 24, 2009
I bought my Equinox May of 2007 new. It has been in for...traction conrol module (couldn't steer car or travel over 30 mph), ignition replaced (key in ignition alarm with no key in ignition), alarm system (3 am horn honking, lights flashing etc), passenger airbag not coming on (twice now), both headlights have burned out, rear cup holder fell off, visor mirror cover fell off, chrome trim strips in front and back peeling and bubbling, rear hatch gasket falling off and the rear right tire sensor replaced. This car just turned 20,000 miles. So far, no help with GM.

Gillam, Canada

#132 Jan 24, 2009
I have 2007 LS bought new in November 2006. At 4000 miles had to have the front end completely rebuilt. Yesterday had to have worn stabelizer bars replaced. Anyone else have that kind of problem?

Gillam, Canada

#133 Jan 24, 2009
Oh, yes, I only have 30,000 miles on it now.

Tuscaloosa, AL

#134 Feb 3, 2009
Karl wrote:
Just read on another forum that the water leaks from the taillights thru the wiring...it's not seated properly...and into the spare tire well. When you take yours into the dealer, perhaps that'll help.
I went to the dealership and that is what they also said. They resealed the tail lights and mine still leaks. Pretty annoying.

Lafayette, LA

#135 Feb 4, 2009
I bought a 2007 Equinox and while I haven't looked in the spare compartment, mine is leaking through the roof, and soaking the liner on the drivers side. Not to mention all the condensation on the INSIDE of all the windows in the car. when did the value go awry on chevrolet products? I live in Pennsylvania and we have a THE LEMON LAW, so if the dealer can't fix this problem they will be getting the car returned to them and a replacement will be given.
doctor duck

New Albany, MS

#136 Feb 5, 2009
Susan wrote:
Water leaks under front mats. Both sides. Brand new car, already in the shop twice. Cannot correct the leak.
Anyone else with this kind of problem?
me dr. duck, have same problems with my chevy 2006 equinox leaking rainwater on r.front floorboard. it is getting worse, any suggestions?? dealer seems clueless, thanks, dr duck

Dallas, TX

#137 Feb 5, 2009
I purchased my new 2007 Equinox in Nov 2006. During the first month the Stabilitrak message appeared. I've had the "bumping" noise in the front end but no major problems with that. I currently have 46,ooo miles on it and the water problem appeared in July 2008. The service manager gave me the "never heard of that" line. He wants me to leave it there "about a week" for them to do the water tests. What test, it leaks. Yesterday I picked up my Equinox and paid $985 for a Body Control Module and Wiper Motor Assembly. This came about from no brake lights, no blinkers (well sometimes they came on and wouldn't go off) and the headlamps wouldn't go off when you turned the engine off, even after the normal delay. I'm lucky the battery didn't go dead. When I picked it up and drove home the windshield washers wouldn't work and when I took it back this morning "my guy" said they didn't check that and it wasn't a part they kept in stock. I'm going back on Saturday. AND the seats are uncomfortable, the visor mirror covers snapped, it has terrible blind spots and the right front tire went flat in the first weeks. Other than that.......

San Ramon, CA

#138 Feb 7, 2009
Nick wrote:
Oh no, just today I got a message about the stabilitrak....but it is staying on (the picture light on the dash!) I've got 41,000 miles on mine. It just came on, no other problems. Is it an expensive repair???
Suzanne S

Lorain, OH

#139 Feb 12, 2009
Where do I start,get ready because this is a long story, my 2007 equinox leaked so far 3 times in the past 14 mos. In the front driver and passenger floor, backseat floor, and rear where the spare tire is. It' seems like its always a new place. The first time the dealership tried to tell me it was wet from my shoes ( from the snow). Following that a couple weeks later I found a puddle in the rear where the spare tire was, who knows how long the water was there. How many times do you opened where you store the spare tire? So winter pasted, and now 1 year later winter is back and so are new leaks in my car. See I live in ohio, and it snows, and it snowed for about 2 months straight, then we had a nice day. I go to clean my car, and what do I find under my plastic mats, my mats and floors are soaked, nice it's probably been like that for a month or two. So the dealship fixes' the 2 leaks and steam cleans my carpet, and sends me on my way. Stating, its a man made car and cars leak, and not to take it to the car wash so, I called chevy's customer service ( if that's what you call it) letting them know I want new carpet, mats, my car rust proofed, and what are they going to do when this happens again? Furthermore, they called the dealership, then called me back, and basically told me what the dealship said, my carpet doesn't need to be replaced because they steamed cleaned it, however it like 30 degrees outside and it's still wet from them cleaning it two days later, so some more mildrew or mold can grow.. So, tomorrow somebody from chevy ( higher up) is surpose to contact me.. Hopefully they fix this, because I dont pay 23k for a car to leak, and mold or mildrew. This is why I buy cars brand new so I dont have this problem, maybe next time I 'll buy a junker car and have better luck.. They need to recall these cars, or stand by there customers, and there product and do something about the problem...
Jimbo 41

Peoria, IL

#140 Feb 15, 2009
TCS ABS & Check engine lights - sporadic illumination no problem found at dealer - 2007 model. Anyone else with similar issues?

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