Equinox having trouble starting

Des Moines, IA

#161 Nov 20, 2012
First thing you need to check is the throttle body, take off the air filter assembly and see if the throttle body is slightly open while the engine if off. if so then it is for sure the main engine relay.

Harrisville, WV

#162 Jan 13, 2013
Has anybody actualy have the hard to start fixed? We have a 06 and have had it countless times to the dealership wit hno results.

Sacramento, CA

#163 Jan 16, 2013
Have an 06 equinox and loved it at first....then I started having the problems everyone talks about, trouble starting, key getting stuck and car not starting at all. First problem occurred while driving, car completely cut off and would not restart. T/C light came on and car would not crank over, then key got stuck in ignition. Had it towed and key cylinder replaced and new key..seemed to fix problem. Then almost 1 year to the day, car dies again while driving, T/C came on again and car will not start. Car will not crank over. Gauges will not move when I try to turn car on. Had car towed again to shop. Shop tries to start car and it starts on the first time without trouble...WTF??? Frustrated problem can not be duplicated, not sure where to start now...its it the throttle body, starter relay switch , ignition switch or just a piece of crap. Any suggestions??

Houston, TX

#164 Feb 12, 2013
I have the same problem with my 05 nox. This is crazy. A mechanic told me that thef fuel system wares out and loses its prime. What seem to work for me is that I turn on the key, wait for fews seconds and tap the gas. After about 6 seconds, it start every time. I'ms sure every car is different.

Taylor, MI

#165 Feb 16, 2013
I just had the same problem; it just turned over but no spark. I had to replace the ignition coil ($100) and tighten the three silver screws that held down the top to the fuse box.

05 Equinox Lt

Dartmouth, Canada

#166 Mar 7, 2013
My 05 has just started acting this way, had the plugs replaced and it has been fine ever sence???
Harold Atkins

Jasper, AL

#167 Apr 11, 2013
Has anyone had success with getting the problem of their Equinox not starting fixed? Our 2006 Equinox is at the dealership and they keep telling us they can't find what is causing it not to start.But, after reading all the other people's comments about having the same problem....how can they not know?
my mothers son

Chula Vista, CA

#168 Jul 9, 2013
seh2000 wrote:
I am not sure if it is the same thing, but I sometimes have problems where it seems like the starter...where it is dragging on trying to start. I have not pin pointed it to hot or cold, but more so when it is hot. I have noticed that when it starts sputtering when trying to start, if I give it a tiny bit of gas, it will start...so maybe it is something about fuel pressure? I have 17K on it (an '05) and am planning on taking it in.
... add- it also happens to my mothers car, it only has about; im not exactly sure how many mile it has on it but, it has less than 40k. What it seems to me is that the starter gets stuck. if that mkes any sense, thatsmy take on it....
Brandon Cantrell

Prague, Czech Republic

#169 Jul 23, 2013
I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed this out because I have not gone through all 167 of the posts on this thread - but on page 2-15 through 2-16 of the owners manual for the 2005 chevy equinox (all models) it says in relation to starting your engine and if it does not start immediately "2. If it does not start within 10 seconds, push the
accelerator pedal all the way to the floor, while
you hold the ignition key in START. When
the engine starts, let go of the key and let up on the
accelerator pedal. Wait about 15 seconds between
each try.
When starting your engine in very cold weather (below
0°F or −18°C), do this:
1. With your foot off the accelerator pedal, turn the
ignition key to START and hold it there up to
15 seconds. When the engine starts, let go of
the key.
2. If your engine still will not start, or starts but then
stops, it could be flooded with too much gasoline.
Try pushing your accelerator pedal all the way to the
floor and holding it there as you hold the key in
START for about three seconds. When the engine
starts, let go of the key and accelerator. If the
vehicle starts briefly but then stops again, do the
same thing, but this time keep the pedal down
for five or six seconds. This clears the extra gasoline from the engine."

So this is obviously a known issue for chevrolet and this is the work around.... it was a faulty design but is not necessarily a defect that can be diagnosed by a mechanic or even fixed.

Shepherd, MI

#170 Jul 23, 2013
Mines been fixed for about two years now.
joe p

Brooklyn, NY

#171 Aug 4, 2013
my 06 equinox has starting problems like i have no compression in the engine

Montross, VA

#172 Aug 9, 2013
I got off work august 7 , 2013 at 4:30 got into my 2005 equinox and it just clicked at me sounded like it was a draging turn over, I ATEMPTED TO START THIS CAR SIX TIMES FINALLY IT STARTED i DROVE STRAIGHT HOME NEEDED TO GET GAS BUT AFRAID TO TAKE A CHANCE, ON TOP OF ALL THAT NOW THE HEAD GASKET IS BLOWN . WHAT THE HECK !!!

Grand Rapids, MI

#173 Sep 2, 2013
My 06 Equinox has had three fuel pumps replaced, I have been towed four times. Now I am afraid to drive the thing.They were AC Delco fuel pumps. GM had better address this problem or they will have foreign competition digging into their sales again...

Since: Sep 13

Brampton, Canada

#174 Sep 7, 2013
I bought my Equinox brand new in 06 and haven't had a problem until recently..Was driving fine and all of a sudden the gauges went dead but the engine stayed on however with no acceleration.I then turned it off and restarted the engine,it had power but it wouldn't crank over. I got it towed to my mechanic and he said the ecm and the tcm needed to be updated. So fine he does the programming and i get it back rides fine. The next day it does the same thing but this time it starts. I get it home and drives fine for the next 2 days then again same thing gauges turn off but the engine is still running. I take it back and he says the tcm has to be changed so he changes that and same thing. Happens a third time the gauges turn off but the engine still runs. Take it back yet a third time and now says its the ecm that needs to be changed..Changes that and it runs fine for a hour then same problem but this time when i hit the gas it does accelerate and the gauges come back on! not sure what the problem is but has anyone had this type of problem and if so what was the fix? I have already spent $1000 on this and can not afford to spend any more. Any help would be appreciated!

Paramount, CA

#175 Sep 8, 2013
John D wrote:
We called GM and they are going to fix it free of charge after showing this printed forum to the dealership and they will return our $60 also. Thanks so much for this forum, it helped greatly!
. Hey John how u doing, I'm just curious, I have the same problem on mine,and they replaced all kinds of things with no success. Any info would be very usefull. Thanks

Overland Park, KS

#176 Oct 17, 2013
June wrote:
I have a 2007 Equinox that's having the same starting problems all of you describe here. On Tues a dealer installed a new power train control module...and today (Wed), I had the same no start problem again. Any other fixes?
l. Have the dealership put in a BCM (body control module). This should fix it and if your on a budget then you could do it it's located under the stereo get the numbers off and order a new one. Take it up to a dealer and have them flash it to your car.

Valdosta, GA

#177 Nov 2, 2013
my 2006 equinox shut off on me one time so far while going down the road .. and never would start back up had to pull it home then started back up a couple of days later then carried it to the shop the changed first they changed the ignition switch witch didn't work then they did some test and said that the clutch fan relay they said was shorting out and causing all of my relays to act up so they changed it .. of course now it still wont start .. it will if i jump it off as soon as i hook it up it starts right up .. so i had the battery tested they said the battery was good but that the deeper testing showed that my ignition was still on when it was not on it was turned off?? any also the starter was tested which was also fine.. but it never starts on its own i have to jump start it but once it is jump started that first time it starts fine the rest of the day .. seem like it is because it sits overnight and it gets cold then i jump start it and then it runs fine and starts up fine the rest of the day ?

Valdosta, GA

#178 Nov 2, 2013
i just reread it so sorry for all the typos !! hope yall can still understand what i was say.. this is driving me crazy i cant afford much more work to be done on it and am getting to where i am scared to take my daughter out in it .. anyways any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks .. either on here or my email is [email protected]
chevy gurl

San Diego, CA

#179 Nov 18, 2013
I OwnA 05 NOX BeenHavingSameProblemStartingC aRAndGettingReallDownbyreading onallcommentsiwonderif

Woonsocket, RI

#181 Nov 28, 2013
I know this post is from years ago but over the summer I got a 2006 Equinox & it has all of the problems stated in the comments here. I saw the recall that someone had posted & I'm wondering what I should do.. I bought it from a reliable used car dealer, should I bring it there or to a dealership?

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