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#182 Dec 2, 2013
I found this link and it shows bulletins....

hope this helps you all, as I have the same issues..

http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/owners/SearchRes... !2041718860

Stoney Creek, Canada

#183 Jan 7, 2014
Angel wrote:
I have a 2005 Equinox and I love the vehicle and have been extremely happy with it, with one exception. After short trips (less than 5 mi.) the car has trouble starting. It has taken up to 15 tries to finally get it started. Of course I can't get it to duplicate the problem at the dealership. It now has 36,154 miles on it but I have been to the dealership, called roadside, and have a record and case number with customer care. I still love my vehicle, just wonder if any body else has had this problem. Up until recently no dealership would even look at it till I could duplicate it in front of their technician which is BS. However it should be going into the shop this week and someone will actually be looking at it. They seem to think it is a fuel pressure issue. Anyone else having similar concerns, or past experience with this??
Hello my 2006 is doing the same thing , the mechanic told me not to worry about it ,theres nothing they can do. I am hoping it will totally fail one day and then i will get it fixed. But it won't do it if i showed him ,so i keep waiting.

Winston Salem, NC

#184 Jan 15, 2014
I have not had too many issues with my 2006 Equinox, but recently (once the milage went past 60,000) I sometimes have issues with my vehicle not wanting to start. I honestly believe that this is an issue most of us Equinox owners are experiencing and the dealrship should correct this problem no matter the miles / coverage warranty.

Tulsa, OK

#185 Feb 5, 2014
Leslie wrote:
I have a 2005 Equinox that has the hot restart problem as well. I bought it in Oct. 08 with 41,000 miles. 3 trips to the dealer under warranty and the only thing they could find was a drop in fuel pressure the second time it was there. They "cleaned" the injectors as there is a technical service bulletin for that. It has continued to have the hot restart problem and now has 65,000 miles. Just had it in a 4th time and they did duplicate the problem twice but I'm out 3 hours of diagnostic time and they weren't able to diagnose it. No codes and they say no drop in fuel pressure. I have a case opened with Customer Care. I'm concerned because someone I know has theirs in the shop for similar issue and they are tearing into the head, valves, etc.
How do I get a case with customer care?

Fayetteville, AR

#186 Feb 8, 2014
ron in ohio wrote:
<quoted text>
Steve, Have you found anything new on this? Ive just spent $810 on new battery and new starter. Mech stated starter had broken/loose ground.Told me rebuilt units usually have same issue when chANGED, BUT NOT corrected in refix. No code on computer. I checked old battery before taking in, showed 12.6, even tried adding jump.
Has anyone heard anything relating to this? Have the same issue. Batt has enough charge, all gage lights/stereo power up. But only one single "click" is heard when you attempt to turn it over.. It is winter, and currently 34 F outside. Please help, another problem in a long line of problems with this vehicle.

Fortson, GA

#187 Apr 6, 2014
I have 2013 Equinox. Intermittent ptrblem getting ignition key to withdraw. Move back and forth. Sometimes once, sometimes ten times. Other times, will not come out or start. Used key fob remote start, which started. Then key would release.

Dealer said they could not replicate and dismissed. Contacted GM and they have no answer, so they dismissed.

Louisburg, NC

#188 Apr 7, 2014
Is there any recall because of these issues with hard starts.

San Antonio, TX

#189 Apr 11, 2014
tom wrote:
Is there any recall because of these issues with hard starts.
I had a problem with my 07 Equinox. It was the fuel pump. GM motors covered it and had it replaced. Still get it checked out to make sure that's what it is. Also have your battery checked

San Antonio, TX

#190 Apr 11, 2014
Earl wrote:
I have 2013 Equinox. Intermittent ptrblem getting ignition key to withdraw. Move back and forth. Sometimes once, sometimes ten times. Other times, will not come out or start. Used key fob remote start, which started. Then key would release.
Dealer said they could not replicate and dismissed. Contacted GM and they have no answer, so they dismissed.
I have the same issues with my Equinox right now. The code reads C0460 which is the steering position sensor but makes me wonder since there is a big issue with the ignition right now with GM motors. Whenever I can't get the key out, I turn the steering wheel or I turn the key over, put gear in reverse, then back in park and the ignition releases the key. I will contact GM Motors about this issue. I've had so many problems with this SUV since I first bought it

Valdosta, GA

#191 Apr 11, 2014
I have had trouble with my 06 equinox randomly not wanting to start but would let it sit an later in the day it would start no one could figure out what was causing it then we finally realized it was only doing it after I filled it up with gas an got it home then the next morning is when it wouldn't start everytime I filled the tank up so the chevy dealership finally figured out it was a bad ground wire in the feul pump or somewhere in the feul system can't rem just that it was a ground wire was bad in one if those areas hope this helps

Fairfield, CA

#192 Jun 1, 2014
I own an 07 equinox. Was wondering if I take it to the dealership and show them the Mike's auto post, would they be able to help me. My car did not want to start this morning. Last year in October it started leaking gas. Didn't get it fixed till February of this year, when I received a letter of a recall on gas leaks. I do praise God because I had no money to fix it.

Chicago, IL

#193 Jun 2, 2014
Same problem but it goes further ...not only the starting issue but my wife and I bought this 05 equinox used but in the 2 years we've had it weve had replace the engine ,the whole fuse block,headlight bulbs (5 times) countless electrical problems and now the starter....
lawanya ward

Quitman, MS

#194 Jun 28, 2014
Omg goodness im having the same problem

Paramount, CA

#199 Jul 1, 2014
I bought my 2006 Equinox and it has the same issues of not starting and cracking I hate it and of course the dealer never couldn't find the problem I have a stack of papers from the dealer and the engine light came on and the oil light too, I hate my car &#128545;
haitham yalda

Southfield, MI

#200 Jul 13, 2014
i want someone to advice me, what about if i buy the equinox is that fine
Larna swope

Acme, PA

#201 Jul 18, 2014
I love my car is there a recall or not does anyone have any numbers to call please I need this car to go to work

Marion, NC

#204 Jul 25, 2014
I have an 05 Equinox with way too many problems. Once it died while I was doing 55 on a 4 lane hwy in the passing lane. Then the switch gave me problems, would not turn once I inserted the key. Took it to the local dealership. They replaced the tumblers, charged me close to $400 & a wk or so later it did the same thing. They replaced the switch. Now it is doing the same thing again. Yet no recall!! I am afraid to drive it & yet I have no choice. Had to replace the a/c this year also.$700. It is the most comfortable & smooth riding car I have ever owned & yet I will NEVER buy another one!

Kelowna, Canada

#205 Sep 2, 2014
Hi, I just bought a 2006 Equinox and it has done the same thing, not wanting to start. I thought that it might be the battery but then decided that it may be the idle control valve, as when I tapped the throttle pedal it started. Touching the throttle pedal should be a no no on modern electronically controlled cars. The start up should be taken care of by the car's ecu but this looks like it needs some manual help. Once started up it seems to be ok for me. Glad I didn't put a new battery in it or pay to have something of no effect done to it. I will treat it like an old car with a carburetor and see how it goes :)

Altoona, AL

#207 Oct 6, 2014
2007 nox won't start battery charged lights every thing comes on gas heat gage going crazy sometimes radio wide open. Turn key every thing cuts off clicks horn sounds like somebody stepped on it?

La Porte, TX

#208 Dec 12, 2014
I've been having same issues with '05 not starting but it's so random figured Chevy or GM wouldn't do anything, especially since I've owned it for 10 years. It started about 3 years ago, very sporadic, but is now getting much worse. Wondering if they would reconsider replacing any parts?

Also having problem with sunroof leaking, carpet is soaking wet on backseat floorboard. Had no idea until I had some papers on the floor and noticed they were molded when I went to get them out. No telling how long this has been happening, carpet is stained under floor mats. Luckily I did find a youtube video on how to clean out the drain lines from the sunroof. We'll try that and see if it helps.

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