2005 Equinox squeaking/creaking when ...

Sarnia, Canada

#21 Apr 3, 2012
My 05 Nox is making a creaking sound as well. At first it didnt do it that much now its making it all the time when goin slow and turning corners. It appears to be coming from the front passenger side. What should I replace first? This Nox is driving me crazy!!
Andres Cordoba

United States

#22 Jun 30, 2012
I didn't read the whole thread. But my friend's equinox was sounding like the front was loose. I noticed a bushing was shot. I ordered them online and its the LCA big aluminum bushing. I got my new piece and I one and it seems 1000 time beefier. I read somewhere that they had to redesigned those. Aparently I got the new verison. I hope this helps and I might need the change the other bushing too. All I need now its the torque specs for the lcs and bushing. Also changed the struts. They thl the oil inside and were shot. So the car relied on the springs only. I think these two are the main reasons. I hope to help someone some how. Parts were 64 bucks for each strut (reg. 95 each) and 33 dollars the bushing (reg. 55 each) so I saved a lot of money not only on parts but on labor. If you need help ordering let me know I can help. [email protected]

United States

#23 Jul 30, 2012
I have an 05 equinox and i replaced the sway bar links and needle greased the sway bar rubber bushings. Solved all squeaking and knocking issues.

Sarnia, Canada

#24 Aug 8, 2012
I just had the sway bar links replaced on my 2005 Equinox and the creaking noise is now gone!!! It cost me 185.00 at my mechanics and was worth every penny, it purrs like a kitten now, now more creaking!!! Yahoo!!!

Martinsburg, WV

#25 Sep 20, 2012
I can not wait to replace my equinox. I first had to replace a head gasget at under 50,000 miles then the sway bar links. Now I am told both struts and strut mounts for 1,200.00.

Utica, MI

#26 Sep 26, 2012
Wow this sounds like a very common problem with this make and model truck. I too am having this same issue with my 2005 Equinox. It first started with the crackling noise only on right turns. Then after a visit to the dealer I was told that I had no problem with my suspension. Me not knowing any better did not get a second opinion and after a month went past this only worsened. My crackling sound turned into thumps and knocks when I turned both right and left and had begun to feel like something was loose whenever I road over any bumps or uneven pavement. I then went back to the dealer where they told me that my struts were blown out and I needed an alignment giving me a whopping total price of $1200.. Called another place the told me $359.00 parts and labor but this didn't include the alignment . I will be taking my truck to them tomorrow.

Belle Vernon, PA

#27 Sep 28, 2012
You can replace EVERY SUSPENSION PIECE AND IT WILL STILL CLUNK WHEN YOU HITS BUMPS because it is poorly designed.
They are just badly engineered, cheaply built vehicles. They are the Edsel of the new millennium.


Midland, MI

#28 Sep 28, 2012
the creaking is your upper strut mount. replace strut mount and strut, along with sway bar link. problably will be damaged on removal. aftermarket sway bar links are metal, not plastic oem.

Thorold, Canada

#29 Oct 6, 2012
my problem just happened when I BACKED UP THERE WAQS THIS AFUL GRINDING SOUND BUTWHEN DRIBING IT IS FINE EXCEPT FOR A JIGGLE NOISE ALSO SAW BLUE SMOK ANDSMELLS LIKE RUBBER something popped off now more rubber smell or smoke have no idea wht could it be also changed rotors at 30000

Thorold, Canada

#30 Oct 6, 2012
cruise control gone also

Saint Paul, MN

#31 Dec 10, 2012
For starters I'm a mechanic, the first year of the equinox was a big problem for GM with recalls and minor problems that add up after a while. The front strut assembly was a terrible design for this model and the replacement parts aren't any better. Almost every equinox I worked on had strut problems. So I've come to the conclusion unless this vehicle is a hand me down or for minimal price... Save your self the head ache of having to deal with a mechanic on a regular basis. But business is always welcome.

Florence, MS

#32 Feb 7, 2013
my 05 Equinox is making a squeaking nose on the left side, even when I hit bumps. No noise on the right side. I thought about putting grease on the rod of the strut to see if that would help. Also when I'm going down the road the front sounds like something is loose as if the bumper is loose - not sure what it is. Any suggestions to what it might be.

Florence, MS

#33 Feb 7, 2013
You can replace EVERY SUSPENSION PIECE AND IT WILL STILL CLUNK WHEN YOU HITS BUMPS because it is poorly designed.
They are just badly engineered, cheaply built vehicles. They are the Edsel of the new millennium.
I love my equinox. I have had it for 7 years and have not had a problem with it until now. It's new some work but not much. I'm sorry your's was bad, but I really like mine.

United States

#34 Mar 8, 2013
I had my 05 for 3 years. Its the struts. Ive had them replaced 4x now and each time they last about 2 years. Ive had to put a lot of money into this car anf will never recommend anyone to buy it.

Kingston, PA

#35 Apr 30, 2013
It is most likley your sway bar link. I had the same issue and that is what it was.

Toronto, Canada

#36 Sep 14, 2013
Badcar wrote:
I had my 05 for 3 years. Its the struts. Ive had them replaced 4x now and each time they last about 2 years. Ive had to put a lot of money into this car anf will never recommend anyone to buy it.
You've had it 3 years, replaced struts 4 times and they lasted 2 years each time? What part of this is a lie? All.of it? Last I checked 4 times 2 is 8 meaning you would have to have had it about 8 years

Belize City, Belize

#37 Jan 10, 2014
I have the same problems with my 05 Chevy Equinox when turning left and right. I found out if you do an under wash right where the struts and struts mount is located with a pressure washer, it will stop make the noise for a little while. After you finish spaying it down and letting it dry off, you will need to put some kind of grease on the strut mount to keep it from making the same noise again.

Durham, NC

#38 May 1, 2014
This is the exact same response and quote I just received from the Chevy Dealership a couple days ago.
Kim wrote:
I have a 2008 sport model that was doing this same thing. I took it to a GMC dealer and after 4 visits and many parts replaced it's not making that noise anymore! Strut mounts replaced, swey bars tightened, and finally a GM engineer had to get involved! I think they changed out everything in the front end. Thank god for warranties.

Durham, NC

#39 May 1, 2014
Correction i was responding to this post :: "I'm having the same problem. Except now it sounds like my wheels jiggle when I hit a bump. I went to the Chevy Dealer and they said that I need: My front struts and strut mounts, and stab links replaced along with an alignment total price $1475. RIDICULOUS. "

Oceanside, NY

#40 Jun 17, 2014
You need a stabilizer link it's located just behind your front wheels there is a lift one as well as one that's on the right side the coast between 15.00 to 30.00 dollars it's an easy fix.but if you need front struts it can be pricy check on line for parts.
Alia wrote:
Just bought this 05 Equinox a few weeks ago and have had some problems with a squeaking or creaking sound when turning (coming from the front end). It did not do it when we test drove it and it doesn't do it all the time. It does do it most of the time though. It is not when I am braking. Doesn't matter which way I turn. The turn does not have to be sharp (it has done it on the freeway on slight curves in the road) and it doesn't matter what speed I am going. It also makes this noise if I go over a bump in the road that is not even such as if one tire goes over the bump and the other does not. Anything where they are not on the same level.
I would say the sound is more of a creaking than a squeaking, but really it could be described as either. The only thing I can compare it to is to say that is sounds exactly like old bed springs.
I did take it to Les Schwab and they said it was my calipers and tried to sell me a whole new brake job. I took it back to the dealer and they said there is nothing wrong with my brakes at all. I know Les Schwab is just trying to sell me crap and the dealer just doesn't want to fix anything so not even really sure if my brakes are ok or not. Don't know if calipers would even make that noise. And btw it rides really nice so I don't think my shocks are shot. Maybe there is something wrong with the strut turn plates. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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