Cobalt not starting??

Minneapolis, MN

#63 Dec 28, 2009
I have a 2006 Cobalt. I've had the entire engine replaced, an electrical problem fixed, and both wheel bearings replaced (twice). My check engine light has been on for months (no code scanner will find what's wrong), and my car will not start AFTER I GET GAS in it. That's the only time. It doesn't matter how full/empty the tank was, how much I put in...but every time I get gas in the car, it won't start unless I put the gas pedal to the floor and rev it for thirty seconds straight. This car has been the biggest waste of money I've ever had. Anyone else have issues starting theirs after getting gas in it?

Toronto, Canada

#64 Feb 1, 2010
Tonya wrote:
I have a 2005 Cobalt, and based on the postings, I can see that I have the same issue that a lot of you have. My car will stall with no warning!!! I don't understand. It always happen when I am about to stop or I am waiting. Has anyone figured out what this issue is or have any suggestions?
.... mine did the same thing.. it had something to do with the ignition.. the dealership couldnt find a code so i told them to keep the car until they figured out what was wrong bc it was a death trap.. after a little bickering with GM Headoffice I managed to get the owner of the dealership involved and all is sorted out.. best thing to do is to keep on them about it.. be persistant and don't back down.. call every day if you have to.. eventually they will get sick of you calling and do something about it

United States

#65 Feb 3, 2010
Danielle wrote:
Anyone else having an issue with your cobalt not starting??
Yes. I've had my car 3 years. I went out a couple of months ago, it did not start then two hours later it started. I bought a new battery. A couple of weeks after I bought the battery, the dag gone thing didn't start again. About an hour passed and it started. I had CarQuest check the battery again. The battery was good so was the original battery. Now the other day, the car didn't start again, I called the dealer. However, because there aren't any lights showing on the dash they can not run a diagnostic. I had them run an electrical charging system diagnostic and of course they couldn't find anything. GRRRR... I am so frustrated with this car. I have an extended warranty but, because they can't find anything wrong I can't get anything fixed on it. Why did they make this car? It is a piece of work.. and I don't mean in a good way... What was wrong with the Cavalier?

United States

#66 Feb 3, 2010
Nikra wrote:
<quoted text>
.... mine did the same thing.. it had something to do with the ignition.. the dealership couldnt find a code so i told them to keep the car until they figured out what was wrong bc it was a death trap.. after a little bickering with GM Headoffice I managed to get the owner of the dealership involved and all is sorted out.. best thing to do is to keep on them about it.. be persistant and don't back down.. call every day if you have to.. eventually they will get sick of you calling and do something about it
So what was wrong with it!

United States

#67 Feb 9, 2010
I have a 05 chev cobalt ss sc it has given me more problems then any car tht I have evr owned. We had a bad snow storm hit a couple days ago so I couldn't get it n the garage had to leave it out n the sub low temps for the past 2 days. Went out yesterday morn before wrk to strt it & it wldnt strt. All the lights come on so I know it's not the battery plus whn I go to strt it it just makes a singal click noise & thts it. I tried to have it jumped but tht didn't hlp so I had it towed n to the dealership. The dealership is telling me tht I had a blown fuse & thts why it wldnt strt. Thy don't know what caused the fuse to blow so there keeping it overnight cause thy don't want it to happen to me again. Can anyone out there shed anymore light on wht I'm dealing with here ? It just seems like if it's not 1 thing with this car it's another. Honestly I wld have been way better off just keeping my 02 GT Ford Mustang it nvr gave me any trouble.

Milwaukee, WI

#68 Feb 11, 2010
I have a 2005 Coblat and the day we got the car it wouldn't start.. Turn the key and wouldn't even turn over.. So toke the girlfriend to work. Came back try'ed it and it started right up.. Now about 7 mouths later. It wouldn't start again. Turn the key and wouldn't turn over.. So I was trying it and trying it.. Then I turned the key on and hit the gas 3 times. Like I was reseting the oil and it started right up.. I had like 65% live left the on the oil too.. I don't know why I let her talk me into buying this car.. Its a POS.. I have a 1996 Toyota that I got in 1996.. with 126,000 Never had anything go out on it and, I mean not one thing.

Orillia, Canada

#69 Feb 14, 2010
I just got a 2009 chevy colbat in Dec. of 09 -- This car since 2 weeks after i purchased it, it started acting up. I was driving on the 401 and my car just died on me like the engine was still running but all electrical in the car went off. The gas gage the speed, and the RPMS also my radio. The only thing that stayed on was a light that looked like this ((!)) and a man sitting in a chair with a seat belt over him and an air bag near his body and a car thats yellow with a lock on it. Also there is some drag on the car when it acts like this. I had no choice but drive the car home from Chatham to Windsor, ON. The next morning I called my dealer and told him the problem. The machanics called me the next day and said I was a liar because they set it up to the computer and it said nothing was wrong with it. So to come get my car. I was completely insulted and wanted nothing more to do with this company but decided to mvoe on and just keep the car. A few more weeks passed and finally on New Years night I went and picked up a few friends. As soon as they got into the vehicale the car died out again I mean all electrical components except for those 3 signs I spoke about earlier. I drove the car home it was only a 5 min drive home but still there was a drag on the car. So i again disregarded it adn went on about my business because my dealership doesnt believe me and because of my warantie I am unable to go else where otherwise I forfit. This problems has been happening more on a daily bases when I drive into work on the EC Row or the 401 or even down a road that you do 50 if your lucky. It does it whereever whenever. But I can tell you that it happense ALL the time when i have a person in my back seat. So i figure its electrical and has something with the weight and the only reason I know this is because, At the end of Jan Me and a few friends from work got into my car and went to dinner. Immediately my car did not want to start, finally after a few tries it did but no electrical components came on except the ones I spoke of earlier. So i decided we should take someone else car cause its safer. Another time in the beginnin of Feb we tried this again, and yet again this happened. So i decided to try and minimize the people that were getting into my car and thuse figured it was because of the weight in the back seat. There is a pinched electrical cord somewhere and when there is weight applied it cuts it off to the main power source of the car. Today feb 14th I took my son out with my grandmother. I asked my grandmother to sit in the back with my son who is almost 2 years old. When we got into the car it wouldnt start no engine noise no turning over just nothing finally it did and thus the engine was on and no electrical expect for those icons. I left it for a min and it was fine so we decided to still go out. We drove there no problem the drive is 45 min on county rd. So we left the place we were at to go home and while i was drive about a km down the road this car is turning off and on, I had to drive 45 min with this car turning off and on I have a few videos of this plus pics. This is life threatning to my son. What if something happened and oo they cant find it and im a liar so im suppose to say oo ok thanks. NO if anyone else is having this problem email me Please and Thanks.

United States

#70 Feb 18, 2010
Well I got my 05 Chev Cobalt SS SC out of the shop just over a week ago the dealership said tht I had blown the ignition fuse but thy couldn't figure out wht could have caused the fuse to blow thy kept my car over night so tht thy could run some test but still couldn't figure out how the fuse blew I have been driving it back & forth every day to wrk now for about a week & it's been fine however on my way home from wrk today I was driving down the freeway & my cruise control stopped working for no apparent reason I tried to flip through the options on my dash but it wldnt let me scroll through the options it just stayed stuck on the miles & temp screen this is the same thing tht it did last time whn the fuse blew so I knew tht the 2nd I got home from wrk & turned the car off tht I wld get the picture of tht yellow key lock on my dash & tht it wldnt start I got home from wrk pulled n the garage turned the car off tried to strt it right bck up again & sure enough my hunch was correct car did the same thing tht it did last time won't strt @ all doesn't evn attempt to turn over so I called the dealer bck told thm tht I was having the same problem as before thy just sent for a tow truck & thy have another rental car lined up for me so it looks like I'm going to have to go through all of this crap again. The dealership said tht my GM warrenty will probly charge me the 100$ deductable again even though it's to fix the same problem cause he said there getting funny about not charging to have the same wrk done. I'm affraid tht I'm going to go through all of this again pay another 100$ GM warrenty deductable for a 8$ fuse there not going to b able to find out whts causing the fuse to blow & thn a day or week or mth later I'm going to b doing this all over again & here before long my warrenty will run out. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY IDEA WHT COULD B CAUSING MY IGNITION FUSE TO BLOW ? please help-!!!!

Anaheim, CA

#71 Feb 19, 2010
I have a customer who has a 05 cobalt 2.2L, her car when turns cold would not start. I realized that the PCM is not grounding the fuel pump relay and it's causing to fuel not to reach the engine from the fuel pump. I bypassed the relay and the car started. However, I believe the problem is due to a weak battery which caused the Body Control Module (BCM) to act up and the vehicle will need a relearn programming done to the BCM at the dealership. Bypassing the fuel pump relay did not cause a single glitch or stalling. I don't recommend to drive like that because there is a big risk of having the vehicle catch on fire. Hope all this will help everyone out there.

Detroit, MI

#72 Apr 27, 2010
Am sitting outside now and my05 cobalt won't start it done this once b4 I don't know what is wrong wit it it was working fine yesterday

Rineyville, KY

#73 May 17, 2010
Andrew and Melissa H wrote:
My wife had leased this car about a 1-1/2 year ago. Personally I hated this car to begin with but it was all cosmetic. Now this terrible problem started about 2 mos. ago and it only happened once. Now it has happened again 2 days in a row. I actually left work to come help her yesterday and I had no luck with it. The car wouldn't start. Not even an attempt, clicking of the starter .. nothing! I also noticed she wasn't getting power (radio, lights, or gauges/dummy lights). The most frustrating part of the issue is that it wouldn't let the keys out of the ignition!! I tried to lock the car but the key fob wouldn't work. So I called road side ass. and they told me I needed a jump and that this happened because the battery was dead. I had to get back to work so I left it in the parking lot. Well when my wife got home she was walking to the car to attepmt it again she noticed the radio on and she then was able to start the car with the keys stuck in the ignition!?!(mind you this all happened with out getting a jump).
Today it happened again!!! so we took it to the dealership. The service desk was no help they weren't going to get the car looked at till Mon. and it is now Wed! So we followed a tech out to the parking lot to move my car and we asked him if he had seen this issue before. He told us that in the past 5 monthes he's seen this same problem 5 times!!! He said it is has to do with the shifter. Apparently, it doesn't recognize the shifters in park. The tech was actually nice enough to go back to the service desk and tell them what the problem was. Now he said if they don't know what it is tomarrow they will give us a loaner. So we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
The shifter is made of tiny plastic parts that snap off. I had this same problem and they had to replace the entire shift. The car has worked beautifully until last week when I got the clicking noise when trying to get started and now.... all it does is click! I took it to the dealers on Friday after I got it to start and they couldn't get it to not work. Of course now that it's home it won't start. Hopefully I can get it to start to take the dealers again.

Rineyville, KY

#74 May 18, 2010
I'm taking this posting to the dealer today and see if this could solve all the issues:

Montréal, Canada

#75 Jul 25, 2010
I also own a 2005 cobalt, automatic, and recently started having problems starting it. It has only happened twice, where i go to start it, and there is power to the ignition but the engine does'nt crank. my car only has 35000 km on it. I when i bought it, i started hearing a knocking noise when i shift between park, drive and reverse. I took it to 2 chevrolet dealerships to have it verified and both came up with the same excuse that it was a normal shifting noise, however, my mechanics teacher, who is a transmission specialist also happens to drive a cobalt and does not have the same issue. I've only had the car for 10 months and am already fed up of it. I suggest that if you're looking for a new car, DO NOT buy a cobalt.

Also on a side note, if your changing something like a sensor, not only n a cobalt but on any car, there is almost always a recalibration of some sort to do.

Montréal, Canada

#76 Jul 25, 2010
so i posted 1 hour ago about how my car wouldnt start, and it has now turned into a broken shifter where i cant release my key...fml
nigel Williams

Washington, DC

#77 Aug 1, 2010
i have a 2010 cobalt only 600 miles on it and it won't start and my key won't come out the ignition theres nothing on in the car and no response wen the key is turned

Ambridge, PA

#78 Jan 10, 2011
What a horrible replacement for the Cavalier! I have a 2005 Cobalt that has been in the shop several times for stalling, not starting, ect. It has about 60,000 miles on it. My son owns a 1993 Cavalier which has over 200,000 miles and he has only had this problem when the battery needed replaced. Unbelievable, wish they were still producing the Cavalier!!

Bradford, VT

#79 Jan 31, 2011
I can see this post is really old, but ill reply anyways. Our 2005 Cobalt has been a great car. About once or twice every year it wont start because we assume something in the steering column freezes up. I have never been able to have this problem, because when I get to it after my parents go to work, it starts up fine

United States

#80 Jan 31, 2011
I forgot to mention our car has over 103,000 on it

Noblesville, IN

#81 Feb 13, 2011
Danielle wrote:
Anyone else having an issue with your cobalt not starting??
.. I have a 2006 chevy cobalt and the other day it seemed like the battery was dead so I tried jumping it.. didn't work. Then like magically something happened and it started no problem like after we quit trying. I hate my cobalt. The alarm goes off everytime I open my door to get in too. Its dumb.

Sacramento, CA

#82 Mar 8, 2011
I am wondering if anyone else here has had my problem. When I put the key into the ignition, a LOT of the time, the key won't turn AT ALL....or takes a LOT of turning the wheel back and forth and some coaxing to get it to turn. Is there a recall on this? I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt. Help! I dont want to get stranded somewhere because my key wont turn!

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