Cobalt not starting??

Annapolis, MD

#21 May 25, 2008
i bought an 07 cobalt ls 2dr 5speed i have put 4000 miles on it in 4 weeks and havent had any problems i love the car way better than the 04 jeep grand cherokee i had before

Colorado Springs, CO

#22 May 30, 2008
I rented a Cobalt in Colorado Springs and drove up Pikes Peak. I briefly parked at the top (14,110 feet) to take in the view. When I got ready to leave, the ignition locked up and I couldn't start the car. The Rangers had to take me down the mountain and a tow truck had to pick up the car. I will never buy a Chevy after this experience!

Kingston, NY

#23 Jul 1, 2008
Danielle wrote:
Anyone else having an issue with your cobalt not starting??
Hi -- yes - very much so. It doesn't start or start whenever it feels like it - sometimes my "E-Brake" light stays stuck on while I am driving for weeks on end!! It is a 2007 and I have brought it in to the dealer and they couldn't get it to "not start" - did nothing for me and sent me on my way. I am mad - and I wish there was something I could do - the car is still under warranty. I have also heard people say that their key actually gets STUCK in the ignition and they can't get it out - I can't wait for that problem.

Trussville, AL

#25 Jul 13, 2008
i purchased my 06 cobalt in february 08 two months later my car started stalling while driving, also my steering wheel stiffens to where I cannot drive it, but the funny thing about this is that it does not happen everyday it is about twice a week, so I take it to a chevy dealer and the replaced a steering chord for 900.00 dollars and come to find out that is not even the problem so at least twice a week I am calling them to come and tow my car whenever they check the car the computer shows that the car is find, so Im like so confused, if the makers cannot fix the car what I am I suppose to do, they are pratically saying hey you are on your own, and what about my nine hundreds for fixing my car I mean for crying out loud im still having this problem, I do not knopw what to do and the chevy headquarters do not give a damn!!!!

Bristow, VA

#26 Aug 27, 2008
I purchased a new 2005 Cobalt in Aug 2005. So far I had to have 2 new computers replaced, key wouldn't come out the ignition (new something replaced there), driver side door handle pulled right out the door into my hand, water leaking from air conditioner onto passenger floor. These were all covered under my warranty.
Warranty expired 8/9/08 and now the car would not start this morning. It kept trying, just wouldn't engage. After 10-15 tries, it started.
I moved it out of the way so I could drive my older, more reliable Nissan. It's going to the dealer tonight and then I'm getting rid of it. This car is a loser!!!!!
Heath Parker

Irving, TX

#28 Aug 29, 2008
Joseph Atlanta GA wrote:
Brand new 07 Cobalt, not even 3.5K miles. For the 2nd time it will not start up for no apparent reason. First time it wouldn't start for 30 minutes then magically it started up.
Had it towed to dealer but they couldn't get to it that late in the day. Drove it for 4 days, no problem until today. Wife has it, won't start. We're hoping 30 minutes is the key. Its going to the dealer's shop today.
Ok for all of you that get in your cobaltís and it will just continue to turn over and wonít fire like its not getting gas... I've had the same problem!! It's nothing electrical. Itís the fuel pressure regulator sticking! 508.00! I've taken mine in 5 or 6 times on this and dealer says they canít find anything wrong. Even though Iíve specified thatís itís the fuel pressure regulator, they say itís working normally...
This is what you do... try to start and if it continues to turn over, turn it off and turn it back on, pump the gas and continue to start it. Keep turning it off, on and pumping the gas... Usually after 4 to 5 times it will start up...
In the mean time trade these lemons in... I've had nothing but trouble out of mine since I got it!
joe gordon

Jacksonville, NC

#29 Sep 2, 2008
Andrew and Melissa H wrote:
My wife had leased this car about a 1-1/2 year ago. Personally I hated this car to begin with but it was all cosmetic. Now this terrible problem started about 2 mos. ago and it only happened once. Now it has happened again 2 days in a row. I actually left work to come help her yesterday and I had no luck with it. The car wouldn't start. Not even an attempt, clicking of the starter .. nothing! I also noticed she wasn't getting power (radio, lights, or gauges/dummy lights). The most frustrating part of the issue is that it wouldn't let the keys out of the ignition!! I tried to lock the car but the key fob wouldn't work. So I called road side ass. and they told me I needed a jump and that this happened because the battery was dead. I had to get back to work so I left it in the parking lot. Well when my wife got home she was walking to the car to attepmt it again she noticed the radio on and she then was able to start the car with the keys stuck in the ignition!?!(mind you this all happened with out getting a jump).
Today it happened again!!! so we took it to the dealership. The service desk was no help they weren't going to get the car looked at till Mon. and it is now Wed! So we followed a tech out to the parking lot to move my car and we asked him if he had seen this issue before. He told us that in the past 5 monthes he's seen this same problem 5 times!!! He said it is has to do with the shifter. Apparently, it doesn't recognize the shifters in park. The tech was actually nice enough to go back to the service desk and tell them what the problem was. Now he said if they don't know what it is tomarrow they will give us a loaner. So we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
when your car does not turn on, it is possible that your ignition switch is blown. well it was the problem on mine. I replaced the fuse located on the passenger side fuse box and when i did this it worked just fine. The cobalt is mostly electrical from what i am told. Any little problem that you get with your car you should check every fuse that deals with the problem that you are having. if you have any questions then you can contact me at [email protected]

Kingston, Canada

#30 Dec 15, 2008
I have a 2009 Cobalt, 4 months old. Today the key would not turn in the ignition. I had to have it towed. I'm waiting to hear what's wrong. Has this happened to anyone?
Jason Wendell Konopka

Jermyn, PA

#31 Dec 17, 2008
kris wrote:
I have a 2005 cobalt that has started stalling and acting like it isn't getting enough gas. Wells just had it checked and it is NOT a fuel related prob but most likely electrical as my locks go haywire when it rains (going up and down on their own repeatedly as I drive)
kris, You Should Get Rid Of That
Crappy Cobalt And Buy Yourself A Brand New Ford
Taurus X. Ford Taurus X's Last Production Day
Will Be February 27,2009. The Taurus X Is A Station Wagon. I Think You Might Enjoy A Ford
Taurus X. So If I Were You I'd Trade In That
Cobalt For A Nice New Ford Taurus X.

Pittsburgh, PA

#32 Jan 19, 2009
Cobalt 2008 I just bought this car from a dealer in Pittsburgh Baierl on Perry Highway. Everything was good when the salesman sold it. Less than a month later the key would not turn in the ignition. Had to get it towed. Called the salesman and he said I don't know what is wrong- I'm not a mechanic- He had no sympathy or offered to talk to service. Salesman are interested in one thing- your money -not service. Are these cars all having this problem- If so, why aren't they being recalled????
smoked 08

Fort Wayne, IN

#33 Jan 21, 2009
i have an 08 has 10000 on it the tumblers in the igintion got stuck wouldnt start and had to have it towed to get fixed

Since: Jan 09

Orting, WA

#34 Jan 24, 2009
Today my 2009 Cobalt wouldn't start when I put the key in the ignition and I had to pop the cover off the steering column to take the key's out.I called road side gotta jump drove it to the dealership 5 hours later they said they didn't see anything wrong with car.They said the battery was good everything checked out.I bought this car for my daughter now I haft worry if she get's stuck yippee!

Since: Jan 09

Orting, WA

#35 Jan 24, 2009
Jennifer wrote:
I have a 2009 Cobalt, 4 months old. Today the key would not turn in the ignition. I had to have it towed. I'm waiting to hear what's wrong. Has this happened to anyone?
Jennifer did you hear any thing yet on your car I see it's a 2009.

Saint Louis, MO

#36 Jan 24, 2009
It probably won't be the first problem you have with it.... mine was in the shop at least 3 times before it started working right

Since: Jan 09

Renton, WA

#37 Jan 25, 2009
Jenn wrote:
It probably won't be the first problem you have with it.... mine was in the shop at least 3 times before it started working right
What did they tell you was the problem?

Venus, TX

#38 Apr 3, 2009
i found another trick if you open your door and then close it with your key in the ingition it will start....( may take a few tries but i works)I called the dealer and he said that my ignition wire came loose? i hope i get a lemon so i can get a honda civic si

Boston, MA

#39 Apr 6, 2009
Nathan wrote:
The only time my car hasn't started was when the battery has been pretty close to dying. I have a 2005 and that has only happened to me twice. What you need to do is turn off everything electronic (radio, what not) and unplug anything that might be plugged in (phone charger, iPod, anything) give it 10 minutes then try. If you here a click when you turn the key but its not starting, that's your problem. Also could be the BCM. I had that go on me twice now. After 2 and a half years of getting it fixed, it works like a dream lol. Any problems, you can contact me at [email protected] I have had a lot go wrong with my car so I know most of it by now. Hope it helps.
I agree with this guy\gal.
Cobalt are chevy garbage .
The Cavalier was a better car then these $hitboxes.

Thank god my 06 SS-SC is gone.
Best thing to EVER happen

Boston, MA

#40 Apr 6, 2009
Danielle wrote:
Anyone else having an issue with your cobalt not starting??
I have the solution or fix.
Set it on fire, cobalts are junk

problem solved


#41 Apr 8, 2009
I just got my chevy cobalt out of the shop It stop runing on the road for no reason.? NOW CHECK THIS OUT THE PASSANGER side in the middle consile by your feet is a kick panel and behind that is YOUR BODY CONTROL MODULE there is a wire that plugs in that control board a red one (note it plugs in like a speaker wire )that when disturbed can (and in my case 220 bucks) SHUT ALL ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS IN YOUR CAR DOWN !!!!SO it was pluged in to fit and the CAR STARTS ALL THE TIME GO IGURE..........


#42 Apr 8, 2009
GO FIGURE.................I have pictures of the control board and the wire. So my be replacing the ignition switch or modules wont be a good idea, save cash and check the wire first

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