07 Cobalt speaker not working

United States

#41 Feb 3, 2011
Robbie wrote:
I got the Cobalt SS with the "premium sound system." No problems at all. Good Luck with those plain-jane Cobalts.
the speakers are the only thing good about the SS. I just got rid of mine. I hope yours works out better than mine did.

O Fallon, MO

#42 Feb 23, 2011
Please someone call chevy about this. Even people who are over warranty. This is ridiculous about the speaker problem.

Hanover, PA

#43 Feb 24, 2011
Same here I took the entire dash apart and cannot find any short or loose wires this is ridiculous and extremely annoying

Chesapeake, OH

#44 Mar 5, 2011
Yea I just bought a used 06 Cobal and my front speakers don't work. When I test drove it they was working and the guy I bought it from replaced the battery before buying it. I went a couple of days without using radio before discovering it. Checked all the fuses and they check out. I bought some speakers I don't care to replace them except it looks like a huge pain just to get to the speakers in there.

Opelousas, LA

#45 Mar 9, 2011
Seems to be that they used poor wiring in the doors for the front speaker. It started with my front left speaker and eventually my right speaker also went out. There is also a recall on the power steering.
wont buy a camaro now thx

Cocoa, FL

#46 May 5, 2011
Same problem. Left front speaker wont work, except maybe 1/15th of the time.

Toronto, Canada

#47 May 16, 2011
The left front speaker doesn't work most of the time, on our 2007 Cobalt, and the right is intermittent. I figure a short is the problem, but don't know how to remove the door panel. Is there a trick to doing it without wrecking the clips?

Fairport, NY

#48 May 22, 2011
http://www.ehow.com/way_5514559_chevy-cobalt-... here is a website that tells you how to get the door panels off. I typed in to see if others had the same problem and found this blog. same issues here. Front left went first and now front right. And in a blue moon they pop on. I was told by a mechanic at a chevy place that it is the speakers. He told me this was the main issue with thses cars before I even bought my 06. and He was right. But if that is the worst problems we have with these cars ill take it! So The website tells how to get the door panels off safe and I would say to all expierencing the issue to replace the speakers. SOMEONE CALL CHEVY AND MAKE THIS A RECALL!

Brooksville, FL

#49 May 26, 2011
Same problem here! Don't waste your time trying to find a short in the wiring. This is not the problem. It has nothing to do with the weather either. The problem is the speaker itself. The factory speakers are from mexico and are the cheapest speakers Chevy was able to find, but what else to you expect from a car that is between 10 and 15 grand. I'm surprised they lasted this long. Go find yourself a pair of 5 1/4" speakers and install them yourself. It's not hard to get the door panel off, but if you'r not good at things like this, I'm sure that you can find someone that can. Also, unless your hooking them up to an amp, any after market speaker will do. No need to spend a lot of money on them since without an amp they will all sound pretty much the same. once done radio, door chimes, and flashers will be working. Good Luck everyone!!!

Lexington, NC

#50 May 29, 2011
Rob wrote:
Cobalts suck!!! I just got rid of mine. electric power steering causes a huge problem in this cheep car. steering column rattles over bumps and causes crazy bump steer which causes premature tire wear...... speaking from experience. 4 trips to the chevy dealer for this "naturally occurring problem." I hated my cobalt ss! I have and Infiniti g35 now. this car is way more reliable and fun.
Oh you poor baby! My experience has been great with my 07 cobalt LT...call it cheep if you want but I bet you will be crying again as soon as you have to have your peice of crap infinite (or was that over priced honda) worked on...tissue anyone?

United States

#51 Jun 1, 2011
Megan wrote:
This is messed up! I've been on quite a few forums about this issue and every single one had at least 20-50 if not more people with the exact problem. My car just started with this issue 3 days ago, i went all over creation (including my Chevrolet dealer) and everyone will either say they do not deal with wiring or it will cost $60-$75 to just have it looked at no necessarily going to figure out the problem.
Chevy is on my DISLIKE list. Not caring to solve any problems or issues they created. Anyone else's 4-ways get stuck? Or anyone's cobalt's rotors warped after just over a year? Coolant reach levels of 200-225?
yeah 1,000's upon 1,000's of people with the same issues. COBALTS are probably chevy's worst creation.
Not only have i had the speaker issue, which i am replacing both this weekend to see if that fixes it. I will repost my results.

I also had warped rotors early in the life of the car. Dealer said they were fine. I Finally replaced the pads and rotors at 65,000 miles and I no longer have a shaking steering wheel when i brake.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#52 Jun 15, 2011
My new to me 08 Cobalt two door had no sound from the front speakers. The original speakers looked fine, except they did not work! I used a voltmeter to check for power, it had about 4 volts, which is what it should at medium volume, so I bought some cheap aftermarket 5 1/4" speakers and fitted them in to the modular housing that the original is in. I cut the old speaker out and trimmed the plastic to allow the new speaker to nest in position. Then used short 5/8" long sheetmetal screws to attach to the plastic speaker surrond and soldered the terminals onto the old harness. Then it was a matter of just putting the speaker module back in the door and closing it up. Works fine now.
I strongly suggest just getting the front speakers replaced rather than go to the dealer and risk a huge bill for radio replacement or repair and it was simply cheap speakers that get soaked repeatedly by rain and snow, more so if the car is not garaged. One guys opinion.
Freddy Trejo

Miami, FL

#53 Jun 20, 2011
This isnt with just cobalts. i drive an 07 pontiac G5 and i dont know why the speaker wont sound. another friend of mine also drives a G5 and he has the same problem. for both of us its the front right speaker. i just bought the car. im gonna check out the speaker myself and test it to see if it really is the speaker and maybe buy aftermarket speakers with a new head unit. first i want to make sure its the speaker. has anyone found out anything that could be causing this causing this?

Monroe, NC

#54 Jul 21, 2011
HdR027 wrote:
This seems to be the probem with most 07 Cobalts. Also, my power steering does not work either. Any suggestions? Thanks!
there's a recall out for the steering and my speakers go out also

Plainfield, IN

#55 Jul 30, 2011
Same thing. Left front speaker quit, then right front speaker quit along with turn signal/flasher and door chime. What the hell do the front speakers have in common with the door chime and turn signal clicker..? The consensus seems to be that replacing the front speakers takes care of all these problems..?

United States

#56 Aug 8, 2011
I have a 07 cobalt my self with the same problem with the speaker, I believe its a short caused by moisture.my car has less than 50000 miles and it leaks when it rains... Chevrolet has a problem and it needs to be recalled!

Naperville, IL

#57 Aug 8, 2011
i have the same issue. started in the left front, now the right also. I'm starting to hate all the small crap chevy lets roll out.

Denver, CO

#58 Aug 9, 2011
My wife has a 2007 Cobalt and I noticed that the passenger side front speaker isn't working on her car either. She's had the car for about 8 months and I've rarely riden or driven it myself so not sure how long the problem has been there. She never noticed too much since it's on the passenger side. I noticed yesterday whewn wiring a satellite radio in the car.

San Mateo, CA

#59 Aug 11, 2011
I have an 08 cobalt and my auto locks are not working. The unlock button does not work at all and when I hit the lock button the doors actually unlock. When I put the key in the driver side door to unlock all the doors unlock. Any suggestions?

Columbia, SC

#60 Aug 15, 2011
I have the same problen on my 2009 chevrolet cobalt. my driverside speaker stopped working and now none of my chimes are working, Is there a solution to this ?

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