Reduced Engine Power message

Reduced Engine Power message

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New York, NY

#1 Jul 29, 2008
I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT, the Traction Control Light comes on along with the Message Reduced Power ,then it stalls. Is there any new suggestions is it still ok to drive or need a immediate fix?
Please advise.




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Alyshia Carr

Plymouth, MN

#2 Jul 14, 2009
I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt, the engine reduced power light came on while I was driving, what does that mean?




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Boston, MA

#3 Jul 15, 2009
Alyshia Carr wrote:
I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt, the engine reduced power light came on while I was driving, what does that mean?
Puts engine into what called limp mode.
I would have it checked out by tech.
usaly means theres a code in computer.

have to love the problems with Cobalts
especialy the 05 and 06 s...They are junk and full of problems.

Chevy somewhat fixed issues in 08-09

Lewistown, PA

#4 Aug 18, 2009
Had reduced engine power message and the engine was making a very loud noise and vibrating horribly....this after charging the battery b/c it wouldn't start. All of this happened after I brought it to Midas for a very simple blinker bulb replacement. Not to mention that they messed up the alarm system! Any ideas?




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help plz

Los Angeles, CA

#5 May 23, 2010
when driving the engine light comes on "engine reduced power" speed drops to 10mph , then it sounds like its back firing,i turn off the car..disconnect the battery wait a cople of minutes then coonect battery again turn car on , engine light goes off, car runs smooth but it happens 4 times a week..chevy has done the 100,000 maintenece, changed the throttle body, chg some hoses but problem stiil happens., dont know where to take it gone to 4 different dealers each time spend 106.00 to have it chk nothing found.. someone plz help!!!!!!!!!




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Arnold, MO

#6 Dec 12, 2010
I had it happen to me for the first time today when I was driving in the snow, was going around a turn and the "engine reduced" message came across the dash and my car stalled, let it sit for a minute and it started back up.
katie 05

Ashley, MI

#7 Dec 28, 2010
I've had the same problem with my 05 cobalt, it is back at the shop right now. They're thinking its my throttle body but I really hope that's the fix. This time I avoided the dealership and their 100$ an hr to look at it. I'm having much better luck with my mom and pop auto shop. Oh, and I hate this car.20k down the drain.

Saint Paul, MN

#8 Jan 14, 2011
This happened with my 06 cobalt twice now. Once while driving down the freeway and once while sitting at a stop light. I cannot figure out why it does it, but unplugging the battery and waiting a few min seems to fix the problem. I've had the car for 3 years and it's just started happening. I do not understand it!





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Mario 05 cobalt

Weslaco, TX

#9 Jan 24, 2011
if it wont go past 10 mph and power is reduced even after jumpstart..disconnect the battery for a minute and connect it again it should start no problems

Mckeesport, PA

#10 Feb 9, 2011
These cars(all chevy's if u want to really get into it) are pieces of shit! I've cleaned the throttle body and intake, replaced the MAF and O2 sensors, changed out the injectors, changed out the pedal assembly and sensors(these particular sensors easily get water in them and short, you think they would have waterproofed electrical parts), new fuel pump, all new fluids, basically replaced everything mechanical in the whole damn car minus the engine, transmission and cpu and it still runs like s**t. Thousands in repairs down the drain! Whatever asshole decided to start putting computers in cars should be jailed. If you can get it to run properly long enough to get it to a dealership that does not sell Chevy TAKE IT THERE AND TRADE IT IN! Buy yourself a Dodge or a Ford, then write a letter to Chevrolet and tell them to make sure their lipstick looks good and go GET F**KED!





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United States

#11 Mar 18, 2011
My car is a 2006 cobalt and ever since I got it, it has never really given me problems till now.. It has approximitly 130,000 miles on it, and every time I change the air filter, or put or change the coolant on it, its starts giving me that shit about engine power reduced, and the car turns of weather I'm in the fu**ing highway or simply at a stop or red light... wtf do I do were can I take my car were they won't bullshit and fix it? Other than the fu**ing dealer were they charge like 100 bucks a dam hour, lazy mutha******* they can never fix anything anyways...

Apollo, PA

#12 Mar 21, 2011
I have a 2009 cobalt with ,000 miles and this happened to is at the dealer now

Apollo, PA

#13 Mar 21, 2011 has 6,000miles on it! 2009...I traded in my 86 Cavalier for this 1 year ago!
Bill clinton ct

United States

#14 Apr 4, 2011
my son has a 2005 cobolt we just replaced the motor last week because it died. We replaced it with a 2006 motor with 64,000 miles on it.from a salvage yard. We put in the motor it will turn over but not start. When you try to start it ago it will not turn over and get a message engine disabled. My son checked the cam and crank sensors and they are good.We brought it to our mechanic he checked it out and feels it's the computer either fried or not compatable. My son and his friend a mechanic feel it is a fuse or a pinched wire somewhere when we put the motor in. Also I have a question is the 05 computer compatable with the 06 motor.

Sylmar, CA

#15 Apr 18, 2011
Just happenend to me yesterday in my '07 not sure where to get it fixed. Any have a solution?

Jacksonville, FL

#16 Apr 21, 2011
Today 21 Apr 2011, I too experienced the same issue with my 2006 Chevy Cobalt; where the Reduced Engine Power message popped up. This happened after work, about 2 hours after sitting in the drive-way after arriving from work. I noticed it after loading the girls in the car to head out for my 12 year oldsÂ’ softball game. The car does not allow any fuel to the engine; the car does not rev-up at all, and there now appears to be a strange smell in the vehicle. I want to say it's the catalytic convertor. Is this the case? Does anyone know? Please help; for my car no longer runs.

Lancaster, CA

#17 Apr 29, 2011
ATTN: my 06 coblat ss starting doing the reduced engine power and the check engine light came on they replaced the computer,throttle body hoses still did it they come to find out that wireing in the main wiring harness were shorting out so if u have the problem still have them check your wiring harnesses there still working on rewiring it ill let u know how it goes

Davisburg, MI

#18 Jun 5, 2011
i have a 2009 chevy c5500 gas motor that has the reduced power engine light that comes on, what would i be looking at, its a flatbed that we cant wait for the dealer to be open.

United States

#19 Jun 7, 2011
i really dont know h

Roaring River, NC

#20 Jun 9, 2011
My Solution:
The Engine Power Reduced indicator, as well as the check engine light began coming on in my 06 automatic cobalt just the other day. The car wouldn't go more than 10mph and seemed to make a clunking noise when I shifted from Park to Drive/Reverse.
I took it to the mechanic, and it turns out our puppy had chewed all the wires under the car.$80 for a new Wiring harness was the fix. And I've never been happier to hand over 80 bucks, as I thought it would be hundreds to fix the car considering the problems it had.
hope this helps anyone who experiences the same sort of problem.





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