brake lights stay on when the car is ...

brake lights stay on when the car is off

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United States

#1 Aug 23, 2006
my brakes lights stay on when i turn my car off and get out no one pushing on them or not and i cant seem to figure out the problem





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Mississauga, Canada

#2 Sep 7, 2006
ive seen this quite a few times on these and other cars the brake switch which is pushed when the pedal is applied that sends a signal to ur tail lights is sticking get that checked then go from there another relatively easy job to do





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United States

#3 Jun 1, 2007
Hello! I have a 2004 Chevy Aveo, and tonight when I looked out a window from work I noticed that my break lights were on like someone was pushing on them but on one was. I tried to start my car and it wouldn't start. So after I called my boyfriends brother to come and save me, I drove to my boyfriends work, they were acting normal. Once I got home I wait about 20 mintues before I checked to see if they had come on and they did. I think that it may be the little switch but I don't know. I don't know much about car. I pretty much only know how to drive it and put gas in it. Any ideas???





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Alachua, FL

#4 Jun 3, 2007
It's probably the switch. Crawl up under the dashn and look for a wire running near the top of the brake pedal stalk. Look reall close at it, many switches have an adjustment to control how far the pedal must move away from the switch before the plunger extends which turns on the light. It's possible the switch has shifted or it may be broken/cracked. If your car is still under warranty take it to the dealer and make them fix it, if not the switch shouldn't be too much at a local autoparts store. THey're pretty staright forward to install





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Maracaibo, Venezuela

#5 Aug 6, 2007
Hi, I have the opposite problem; when I push on the brake pedal, the lights don't go on. Woill it be the same switch?

Boca Raton, FL

#6 Sep 23, 2007
yes it can be the brake switch but you would need to test the fuse and the bulb first before you determin that its the switch. you must check everything one at a time before wasting money on parts you dont need.

Washington, DC

#7 Mar 12, 2008
I have a 2005 Grand Caravan. I had it jumped to get it started. I replaced the battery and the backlight stays on. When I disconnected the positive on the battery it goes off. What should I do.

Delray Beach, FL

#8 Jun 9, 2008
i have a 95 nissan xe hardbody pickup truck. wheni shut down the truck the brake lights stay on. also when im driving the abs ligt is on can any one tell what the problem is.


#9 Sep 20, 2008
I have a 1995 Geo Prizm. The brake lights stay on...I have looked for a brake switch but could not find I looking in the wrong spot? Thanks

Mooresville, NC

#10 Nov 12, 2008
I have the same truck as richie, only after topping off the brake fluid the ABS light turned off. But I noticed the brake lights still on when I got out. the only way to get the brake lights to turn off is to remove the fuse. After removing the existing brake light switch I checked and with no switch installed the lights were still on. after determining the only way to turn off the light was removal of the fuse I decided to use an inline fuse and straight wire the switch across the fuse block. this caused light to stay on with no brake and off when I brake. seems there must be a either a short between the 2 wires bypassing the switch, or some other electric control not working properly... any other Ideas? Currently I have the switch removed and straight wired to the fuse block on a long wire so I can push the button when I brake(which is opposite of the way this switch should work) sense the switch is mounted on top of the pedal and the pedal depresses the switch to turn off the light during normal operation.

Glasgow, KY

#11 Jan 19, 2009
Sometimes you can get those switches to "unstick", but most times it's just best to replace them for the brake light switch will most likely stick once again:

"i have a 95 nissan xe hardbody pickup truck. wheni shut down the truck the brake lights stay on. also when im driving the abs ligt is on can any one tell what the problem is. " switch is on the brake pedal, probably sticking also.

First place to check for abs problems is one of the wires on the pigtail going to the abs wheel sensor being worn in half. Always check those first.

Dravosburg, PA

#12 Feb 4, 2009
i have a 2004 cadillac deville and my brake lights stay on some times and drains my battery wen i jump start it my brake lights are still on and i step on the brake and they shut off but it works fine some of the time. what do you thing it might be?

Canyon Country, CA

#13 Feb 11, 2009
i have the same problem with my chevy aveo i cnange the fuse and it works but after a day it got stock again do you think its the brake switch

Montague, NJ

#14 Feb 22, 2009
I recently inherited my father's 1988 Dodge Ram Pickup. We noticed the other day we had no brake lights. I checked the fuse and it was indeed blown. I put a new one in but now the lights won't go off. I also noticed that when putting the fuse in it "sparks" (blue arc)- should that be even happening?
My father had installed auxillary lighting hookups for trailering a camper. Could there be a short somewhere and could it be related to that? He never had a problem with it before and the last time the truck was used was back in Aug/Sep 2008. It's been sitting ever since.

Additionally, we just had to have an all new brake system installed (breaks, pads, calipers, etc.) I'm thinking it may be related to that as well.

United States

#15 Feb 22, 2009
Same problem here too. My brake lights stay on but when I press on the brake they go off. Running lights work ok. I replaced the pedal switch and it does the same thing. Think it might be an open circuit?

Melbourne, FL

#16 Mar 27, 2009
richie wrote:
i have a 95 nissan xe hardbody pickup truck. wheni shut down the truck the brake lights stay on. also when im driving the abs ligt is on can any one tell what the problem is.
I had the same promlem with my 95 hardbody it cost me 5.00 dollars for a part at the local nissan dealer. I installed it myself, on the brake pedel easy to do.

Austin, TX

#17 Apr 19, 2009
my brake light will not go off i replace the switch .when i put the new one on it blew a fues i replace the fues it came on but the stay on like before do i need to adjust the switch

Avondale, AZ

#18 May 12, 2009
Hi there, I had a similar problem as I recently discovered the brake lights (tail lights) stay on after I shut the truck off. (1992 nissan hardbody). After some investigation, the black rubber/plastic piece on the brake pedal assembly, where the plunger on the stop light switch makes contact, was broken. The stop light switch worked fine, but since the black round piece on the brake pedal assembly was broken, it didn't work. I JB welded a piece of thin metal in it's place (duct-taping a dime would have worked the same), and adjusted the travel on the stop light switch, and now it works fine.

Clearwater, FL

#19 May 23, 2009
I have a 2001 Blazer, the stop lights stay on, But when I turn auto off, lights go off, so I dont think its the brake pedal switch. So I'm hunting down someone who may have an answer, are you out there??

San Antonio, TX

#20 May 27, 2009
i have replaced the switch under the brake and i have burned fusses from the fuse box. i have seen some smoke coming from the steering colume.
I have 1995 ford f150.5.0liter.

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