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#84 May 1, 2012
We have a '95 cavalier, too and it just sits outside parked. We just gave up on this stupid car. I bet since ive been reading this blog it'll be the same dumb problem. I hope so.

Drexel Hill, PA

#85 May 24, 2012
I have a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier as well. I stumbled onto this site looking for a solution as to why my car is shutting off while at stop signs and traffic lights. I was told by one mechanic that it was the fuel pump and assembly. Another mechanic said my fuel pump was fine. After reading the comments and doing a little research online I think I'll try Mark #13 from Scarborough Canada suggestion. Simply unplug the little blue plug leading to the transmission. I'll update my comment if this does or does not work. If not I'll have to take the expensive rout and have a new fuel pump and assembly put in:(

Drexel Hill, PA

#86 Jun 2, 2012
Unfortunately unplugging the "blue plug" didn't work for me. Now another mechanic is telling me it's the Ignition Control Module. I've gotten 3 different opinions by 3 different mechanics on what the problem is. Diagnostics are not producing any codes. The 3rd mechanic states if it only stalls after being driven and parked after driving then it can't be the fuel pump it has to be the Ignition Control Module overheating. Unfortunately this is not cheap to replace but I don't have the money to buy a another car right now. My car starts up after a couple of attempts in the morning but like everyone else on here it starts hesitating after driving a few minutes. The lost of power, hesitating and eventual stalling I was told is due to the Ignition Control Module overheating. I even found some info online about this.


Thank goodness for the internet I can find it cheaper than what the mechanic quoted me. I think I'll try that instead of the fuel pump and see what happens. If not then this car is going to the junkyard. It's not just unreliable in this condition it's unsafe to drive when it shuts off in traffic. I'll update if this works or not.
robert p

Saint George, UT

#87 Jun 4, 2012
i know this is a late responce to this but if someone else reads this and SOMEHOW helps...cant hurt right?ok...i have a 97 cavilier.....i am the third owner my wife bought it BRAND new in 97,then her dad bought it and he then bought a van and he then offerd me a deal on it(800)and for that price i couldnt say no....ALOTHO i wish i had.....i liked the car but it has been a HUGE money pit!!!!so far i have replaced....the head with a rebuilt,all new gaskets upper and lower(head,intake,valve cover,all o rings,oil pan,trans pan and filter to name a FEW of all that i replaced for gaskets),all new injecters(4 of them)new spark plug wires,new water pump,new tensoiner,new altinator,ALL new brakes front and back roters,pads all new,new tires.....THEN the fuel pump went out.....i was like ok well after i replace this last part the car should be good for a LONG time(only had 126,000 on it)after i replaced the fuel pump and new filter.....the car ran like crap and still does....right now it BARLY RUNS.....un beleavable....i am a somewhat knolagable mech with close to 20+ years exp and never came across more problematic car....i finaly took it to my buddy at the garage and we hooked it up to a computer(anyone can do this for FREE at most orileys auto,checkers,auto zone just bring the car and do it in the parking lot)and we hooked it up....came back with like 6 error codes.....all sensors...couple hundred MIN. to replace them.....i am ready to junk it.....i have put in a YEARS time way over 3000 in parts,tires,brakes not to mention the COUNTLESS hours of doing the repairs my self.....now to have it run right itll cost AT LEAST around 300 or so in sensors.....is it worth it?well if i hadnt put so much into it id say no but being as i have so much into...ill prob brake down and buy the sensors....my point here is this....these cars are GOOD cars IF propery maintaned....(my father inlaw did not take good care of it at all)....after all i replaced i should get another 80,000 or so miles out of it...IF i dont take a BFH to it first...of wich i am sory tempted to do.....MY POINT to all this?these cars are great on gas and can be good cars.....but when things start to go....it could be a 20.00 fix....could be in the 1,000s......all in all the heads seem to go out first.check your oil and radiator....look for white goo on resavore cap and on oil dipstick top....if you see that....well dig deep into your pocket or look for a diff car....becouse that is ONLY the beggining...trust me on that.....its to bad....if you take care if it,change the oil reg,fush the cooling system,and change the fuel filter reg,you can get ALOT of miles out of it....if you over heat the car ONE TIME....i PROMISE the head will warp or crack.....the should have made these cars with a bigger radiator and a better trans cooler and they would last ALOT longer....good luck to all.....

Drexel Hill, PA

#88 Jun 7, 2012
Installing a new Ignition Control Module didn't fix the problem. It's still hesitating at red lights. I don't trust it on the road. It may stall out on me in the middle of traffic. No mechanic seems to have a solution...just guesses.

Drexel Hill, PA

#89 Jul 17, 2012
Finally got my car fix and running good. It was the fuel pump and ignition control module AND I needed a new battery. Sometimes with these older cars with a lot of miles on them more than one thing breaks down at the same time. Had the ignition control modulator put on and car started right up on first try but still hesitated. Had a fuel pump/fuel filter put on and my car ran great with no hesitation or loss of power for about 20 minutes then it started sputtering, losing power and stalled and died as soon as I drove it back to my apartment complex parking space. It wouldn't crank or anything. Had AAA come out, apparently when the car stalled and died in "drive" as soon as I pulled into my parking space like a idiot I never put the car in "park". That's why it wouldn't crank. I didn't realize I left it in drive at the time so I thought the problem had gotten worst or I now have a problem with my battery so I called AAA. Anyway the AAA guy came out to check my battery, he said my battery was reading low voltage or something but everything else was fine. The AAA guy said if the car stalls again change the battery. I did and the is problem solved. Car is running great now. For me my problem was the fuel pump/fuel filter, ignition control module and my battery. I was first told it was the fuel pump but two other mechanics said it definitely was not. I'm not too knowledgeable about cars but apparently there are a lot of mechanics who aren't either.
#90 Aug 17, 2012
Alex wrote:
i have a 97 chevy cavalier and i have the same problem, the problem is the fuel fump, this is the main problem of GM cavalier 1995 to 2005 its the same problem !!!!
Thanks Alex, im live in Puerto Rico im go fix my car with your help.
mike havir

Orlando, FL

#91 Aug 18, 2012
car wont start like a fuel pump not working
runs when you use starting fluid where is the fuel relay on a 94 cavilier ?
Mark Barrie Ontario

Toronto, Canada

#92 Sep 11, 2012
I have a 98 Cavalier with the same issue chugging on take off which started out mostly in reverse now more common in drive i unplugged the light grey-blue colored harness to the solenoid and there is no more chugging The part i priced out is $187.46 before replacing it the gas consumption went up a bit but nothing too major. But if you do not unplug the harness as soon as you can it can do damage to the electronic shifter Hope it helps guys and gals

Newark, NJ

#93 Oct 9, 2012
I had the same problem with my 97 but I kept putting fuel injection cleaner in it and it stopped but now I hear a humming noise coming from my fuel pump I'm thinking it's time for a new fuel pump plus I'm almost at 200 thousand miles so I can't be mad cuz IV got my money worth out of her.

North Vancouver, Canada

#94 Oct 13, 2012
Hi I have a 2000 z24 it's doing the stalling thing but only highway driving the car will have 3/4 of fuel in tank but will stall as if empty. I carry a Jerry can jus add a lil fuel and it fires right up. It's a pain in the ass it also won't let me put gas in the car any ideas

Chattanooga, TN

#95 Mar 14, 2013
Just wanted to update my comment. I plugged the little blue plug back in and it started hesitating and shutting off again. So the little blue plug is the culprit. What confused me was my fuel pump went out as well. Unplug the blue plug leading to the transmission or have it (TCC Solenoid) repaired.

Washington, PA

#96 Apr 16, 2013
I have a 92 chevy cavalier. My problem is that when I am applying the brakes to come to a stop,the car stalls.But the car does not do this all the time,maybe a couple of times a month.What could cause this to happen?

Arlington, VA

#97 Aug 14, 2013
okay so my biggest problem is when I'm driving it just dies. I sprayed starting fluid in the intake and it starts up so I'm guessing its not getting fuel. However I just replaced the fuel pump 3 months ago.I have done corals crank sensor cam sensorall in the last couple of months has been running great until now. I have a check engine light on and it is coming up as catalyst monitor not set. I'm going to suspect the fuel regulator at this point.anyone with suggestions please feel free to post.
don s

Woodland Hills, CA

#98 Aug 16, 2013
Yeah,I was told it was the converter lock in 4th gear. Also was told the transmission had to be pulled to do the solenoid. then map sensor. No rebuild the transmission. The engine always ran smooth but would stall. Rebuilt the trans now engine shaking at an idle and clatters like it's way out of time. Like 60tys car running on the cheapest unleaded fuel around. It did not run like that before transmission OH. I 've spent well over 2000 dollars the car cost 2200 and $95 six times for code analyzing. For all that $4770 I could have just bought a 98 Nissan for $5000. Spending 5k for a car is what I was trying to avoid since I only get 1k for disability. NEVER A CHEVY FOR ME AGAIN.
CHEAP CRAP. And this from a a chevy man. I would rather buy VW. If it is not pre 69 chevy is just boneyard away. I get this thing running halfway descent I'm selling it for 3k and taking my losses. Then buying 96 t0 2001 Nissan or infinity. I would have had better luke with a ford or cooper. What has America come to.
Ed S

Beaufort, NC

#99 Aug 27, 2013
My 93 cavalier would shut off driving down the road no warning just shut off my mechanic couldn't figure it out I do a lot of my own work started changing sensors still shut off well I noticed that the starter key would move around in the switch if you touch the key while the car is running it shuts off the warning light never came on as you crank the car and my wipers only work on high I changed the starter switch now it does not shut off while driving and the wipers work right hope this helps

Byesville, OH

#101 Feb 28, 2014
i have a 1996 caviler everything under the hood is new buy when i drive it and gets warm it dies and after awhile it starts up no lights come on what could it be.

Noblesville, IN

#102 Mar 14, 2014
patty wrote:
i have a 1996 caviler everything under the hood is new buy when i drive it and gets warm it dies and after awhile it starts up no lights come on what could it be.
Hi, Patty. I'm having a similar problem with my Mother's '92 Cavalier: During cold start/cold drive the car runs GREAT! Whilst the car is warming, the idling RPMs rise WAY above normal (no tachometer but assuming between 2000-2500) in Park or Neutral. After warming up, in Drive or Reverse, the car will idle fine but when given fuel it "bucks" or "chucks" like its starving for fuel or air. Ive checked thoroughly for vacuum/fuel leaks but havent seen any. The CheckEngine light hasnt lit itself either but works (pulled gas cap off while ignition is On and CE light appears. I've replaced: Fuel pump and seals/filter associated, fuel filter, gas cap, coil packs, plugs, wires, injectors' O-rings, and throttle positioning sensor. My Mother is handicapped and won't get the opportunity of a different vehicle given her income/health nor can I afford one for her. Ill be posting everywhere in hopes to resolve this. Thanks in advance for any unorthodox-mechanics' replies, as no "reputable" or "orthodox" mechanic can nail this one.

Manitowoc, WI

#103 Nov 30, 2014
kari wrote:
I also have a 98' Chevy cavalier, just bought it a few months ago. ran fine till out of no where started acting like it wanted to stall every time i had to stop, then it wouldn't start unless i pushed on the gas and no lights have come on i replaced the fuel pump and that didn't fix it took it to a shop it had a code come up on the comp. but not a specific one replaced the O2 censer, and they kept putting different parts in and still could not figure out the problem it will start fine now but still acts like it wants to stall and has a horrible smell Ive noticed not just gas but smells like gas and something else. Anyone have any ideas???? Oh and gas peddle likes to get stiff every once in awhile to the point where its hard to push down... PLEASE HELP!
Throttle position sensor. Same thing was wrong with mine after i bought it
Sonny 105

Nelsonville, OH

#104 Dec 2, 2016
Kylee wrote:
ok 1st of all lets all vow to never again buy (or in my case receive as a gift) a 1995 cavalier EVER AGAIN!! lol ok so my car just decided one morning to not start, apparently gas is not going to the spark plugs, which honestly i have no idea what means because i know nothing about cars. could this be a fuel pump problem or a computer related issue??
Might be your ignition switch or corroded wiring to it

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