2001 Trac Off light comes on
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Marysville, OH

#1 Oct 5, 2007
I have a 2001 Cavalier and the TRAC OFF light comes on after idol / driving. Runs rough and black smoke out the exhaust. Egg smell out the exhaust also. Is it the O2 sensor or other problems???

Auburn Hills, MI

#2 Jan 21, 2008
have the coil packs checked. trac control works by shutting down 2 cylinders to regain traction. Same thing happened to my 2001 cav.

Grosse Pointe, MI

#3 Jul 27, 2010
2002 Cavalier Z24 Trac Off light comes on intermittently, shifts really hard when this happens, there is a bump in the trans at about 15 mph. Have been to the dealer once they replaced a vaccuum hose, car this there again now. Any suggestions? Seems like with all these posts it is a definate problem with this car.

Austin, TX

#4 Oct 19, 2010
Shirley wrote:
2002 Cavalier Z24 Trac Off light comes on intermittently, shifts really hard when this happens, there is a bump in the trans at about 15 mph. Have been to the dealer once they replaced a vaccuum hose, car this there again now. Any suggestions? Seems like with all these posts it is a definate problem with this car.
yes defiantly This car gives me nightmares!!! I am going insane trying to figure out this problem for over 3 months now! if you know what is the fix let us know please please please

Austin, TX

#5 Oct 19, 2010
smiltvase@yahoo.com if you can help out with a solution please, please, please,... divulge. I don't want to go mad!!! same prb trac off light pops on then car shifts hard 'jerking,'like motion. But if I get @ a nice and steady speed on the highway it seems that this turns off the trac off light- usually @ higher speeds like 60. I don't know how many forums I have read dealing with the same issue but no solution!
help me please! smiltvase@yahoo.com

United States

#6 Feb 23, 2011
my 2001 cavaliers trac off light comes on every once in awhile when it does and i stop at a traffic light when i go to take off it will not shift out of low gear my car is an automatic by the way and has a 2.2 engine recently it has started to jerk when i am at about 45 miles an hour again this only happens every so often please let me know if you have any solutions thanks


#7 May 3, 2011
its the iat sensor

Huntsville, AL

#8 Jul 28, 2011
change the TPS when i had simular problems with my 2002 cav

Sioux Falls, SD

#9 Oct 10, 2011
2001 Chevy Cavelier had system check engine light on/ trac off light on. Code read error : Cooling Fan, Control Circuit Malfunction. Solution: Replaced Cooling Fan Motor and 30 Amp Maxi Fuse. Circuit Fuse..to stop the fuse from burning out. Result: System Check Engine Light/ Trac Off turned off. Hope this may help someone!

New Paltz, NY

#10 Oct 20, 2011
I have the same problem with my car, 2001 cavalier, and after research I replace the throttle positioning sensor and it resolved the problem for a couple of months. The sensor over heats and tells the computer that there's a problem. I had to turn off my car and restart it for the last couple of months to get it to correct again, and now the trac off light is stuck on and won't go off. My father is a mechanic and scanned the computer and it didn't tell him to change the TPS. He let me try switching it out although he wasn't 100% sure it would work, and it turned out I was right. Good luck. I have to replace mine again.

Cleveland, OH

#11 Dec 4, 2011
Hi I have a 2002 Cavalier and my problem was simply the spark plugs needed to be changed. Two of the plugs were completely burned out. The trac light is off now no more rough ride and no more idle high. The car now starts up and rides smoothly. I just got the plugs replaced yesterday and the problem is now corrected. Hope this helps so please get the spark plugs first before spending alot of money. Thanks

Bernie, MO

#12 Apr 28, 2012
I had the same problem with my 01 cav 2.2 and it was the tps but when the light comes on most of the time a code reader will tell you what the problem is.

Helena, MT

#13 Mar 24, 2013
The track light in my 2001 cavelier came on while driving home, the car is running completely fine and nothing seems to turn the light off. Thinking my wheel speed sensor may be out?

Saint Louis, MO

#14 Jun 18, 2013
I have a 2001 cavalier, I went to change the front brake pads and while I was doing that I went ahead and changed the rotors because the old ones were pretty rusty. After changing the brake pads and the rotors I had the exact same issue; "Trac Off" light came on, shifts hard, runs terrible and dies a lot.

I had a local shop check it out and they changed the "Throttle position sensor," which didn't help. In fact, the "Trac Off" light came on on the way home fro the shop. I would of taken it back, but I picked up the car after they closed.

So, I took the front wheels off and took the "Wheel speed sensors" off and cleaned them well. While doing so, I noticed a lot of rust chips and metal flakes on the little magnets that read the wheel speed. I cleaned them thoroughly and put it all back together and have not had the "Trac Off" issue since.

I assume, when I changed the brakes and rotors I knocked a lot of rust off the old rotors which stuck to the wheel sensor magnet.

The magnet is located on the curved part of the plastic wheel speed sensor. It faces the little teeth of the 'gear' behind the rotor.
dips fine cut

Blairsville, PA

#15 Jan 6, 2014
my 2001 cavalier. the trac light came on now it has rough shifting until i pick up speed it seems it shift better stalls alot


#16 Apr 16, 2014
2001 chvey cavalier 2.2 automatic wasnt shiffting properly and will make a clunking noise when putting in drive and reverse and when it shifts added transmission fliud stopped for about a day . drained transmission fluid which i drained out 7 quatrz replaced transmission fluid line, and changed filter. put 7 quartz of tranny fluid back in it ran again for about a day trac off light comes on also any suggestions andcould it bea sensor of some sort

Tulsa, OK

#17 May 3, 2014
We had a Trac Off problem with our 2001 Cavalier. it would come on and every time we stopped it would refuse to move, we would have to turn it off and back on. After spending a ton of money trying to fix it we looked it up and found out the Trac Off light for the 2001 Chevy Cavalier comes on when the spark plugs need to be changed or something to do with them is wrong. Don't know if that helps anyone but thought I would put this out there in case.
Barry Tennessee

Franklin, TN

#18 Aug 5, 2014
Same issue with Trac light abd engine check light. Changed spark plugs, spark plug wies and the TPS sensor...plugs had never been changed in 126k miles. TRAC light is not on anymore and car does not stall at lights and transmission shifts smooth again.Thanks everyone for the info. Let you know how long this lasts.
Stuart Virginia

Richmond, VA

#19 Aug 28, 2014
I have an 02 cavalier z24 with a 2.4 engine. Transmission was shifting hard in 1st and 2nd gears. eventually the trac off and check engine lights came on. I replaced the TPS. Now it shifts smooth but the engine runs rough and stalls when it is stopped. Did I mess something up or is there something else I need to look at?
Stuart Virginia

Richmond, VA

#20 Aug 28, 2014
As a follow-up, I went to Advance Auto and they hooked up their diagnostic device under the dashboard. It showed the car is running rich. I need to check my vacuum hoses in case one is leaking.

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