david furlong


#65 Jan 16, 2009
i have a 97 z22 with the 2.2 i wanted to know if the engine from a luma (3.1) would fit in the car. if so what parts would i need off the doner car
clinton phinney

Halifax, Canada

#66 Mar 2, 2009
i wondering what motors will fit into my 1986 4 door cavalier i want to put something in it that has a little more power than the 2.0L thats in it

Bangor, ME

#67 Apr 30, 2009
will my 93 2.2 fit in a 98

Springfield, MO

#68 Jun 8, 2009
is there anyone who can help me are there cams or pistons or anything i can do to make my 2000 2.2 single cam fast i made it a race car and i cant find anything

Hartville, OH

#69 Jul 3, 2009
I have a 2001 chevy cavalier Z24 and the engine is bad. Is it possible to put a 2.4 lancer engine in it? Please email me the answer at mikejones102078@yahoo.com

Manchester, KY

#70 Jul 28, 2009
will a 2.2 engine from a 1996 Cavalier fit a 2002 pontaic sunfire with a 2.2 engine?

Miami, FL

#71 Aug 19, 2009
I have 2000 cav with a 2.2 non ecotec what do i need to do an engine swap for an ecotec?

Oklahoma City, OK

#72 Aug 20, 2009
yea it will work just make sure it has a cam sencer

Dallas, NC

#73 Aug 21, 2009
I have a 84 cavalier with a 1.8 w/Dist
Can I replace it with a 2.0 w/o Dist from a 87 cavalier
If so what all do I need to change

Sulphur, OK

#74 Aug 23, 2009
can anyone tell me if a 2.4 will drop right in a 2000 cavalier that already has a 2.2

Ossining, NY

#75 Sep 2, 2009
I have a 97 cavi z24 with a 2.4 and I just bought a 98 cavi with a 2.2. The 98 barely ran said it had a blown head gasket. Bought the car cheap at least I could use the body parts. I changed the headgasket. Did a compression check 190/185/185/190. Car is running really rough. Installed new plugs and wires and checked spark at coils. All seems good. Sounds like it's missing. Now the rockers or lifters sound a little loud when I try to rev it. Also sounds like it's trying to flood out. Drained tank and tried fresh gas. When I did the head gasket , I did the complete kit. He check engine light is on but trying to decide if I should go with original plan and scrap the motor or continue trying to het it to run. Like I said the body is in really nice shape and interior. Any responce would be helpfully and thank you. John in buffalo

Ossining, NY

#76 Sep 2, 2009
dan wrote:
im selling a 1999 2.2 with 40000 miles
hey dan what do you want for the motor

United States

#77 Sep 25, 2009
rick wrote:
sorry it is a 94 head fit a 96 2,2
i wouldnt try it because if the rocker arms are a different ratio then your valves could tag a piston and you could bend them or snap them and blow your engine

United States

#78 Oct 20, 2009

United States

#79 Jan 15, 2010
does 2.2 chev cavalier have a timemg belt

Liberty, TX

#80 Jan 18, 2010
will a 2000 model 2.2 fit a 1998 model both cavaliers.

West Lafayette, IN

#81 Jan 18, 2010
Tim wrote:
yes it will work. All vin 4 motors will work. I interchanged a 96 block which is the first year they came with roller cam into a 92 for a friend of mine. the only difference in the each model 2.2 non ecotec is the internal parts.
will themotor from the 98 s-10 swap into a 97 cavalier rs?

Maple Ridge, Canada

#82 Jan 19, 2010
will a 2003 sunfire 2.2 engine work in a 97 cavalier. there both 2.2l

Rumford, ME

#83 Jan 23, 2010
robbyd wrote:
I am trying to swap a 95 2.2 into a 97, only problem i'm having is the 95 motor has no cam sensor, only a crank sensor, and the 97 had bot, do i have to change the whole wiring ecu dash and all or is their a way to bybass this??
I was wondring if you were ever able to put the motor into the car bing a two year difference if so how because im trying to do the same thing.

If you could email me back at muckalok@aim.com that would be great thanks for your time.

Benson, NC

#84 Jan 25, 2010
Jerry wrote:
can anyone tell me if there is any way i could fit a 3.1 cavalier z24 motor in my 98 z22?
not only would you be wasting ur time on having to change the whole setup of the car for the (so called 3.1 V6) id just go for the 2.4 (or the new style z24 motor) it'll bolt right plus the 2.4 pushes out the same HP as the 3.1.so not only is the motor lighter it's got the same Hp ive raced a 3.1 v6 ram air grand am stock and beat it with my 01 z24 cavalier also stock at the time and easly got him bye at least a half a car

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