2001 cavalier service light plus quic...

Schaumburg, IL

#21 May 14, 2007
david wrote:
I had the same problem I had to replace both bulbs inside the headlights, problem solved no more flashing flasher and service light. this fourm helped me alot I felt I needed to reply to let you know of this strange cavalier problem. Hope this helps somebody.
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David, how did u change the bulbs and how much they cost u? Is it difficult to change it?


#22 May 25, 2007
I have had this same problem for about a week. I noticed last week that when I placed my car in gear I heard this clicking noise and then my day light went out and the service light came on. I was upset because I just had my 2001 cavalier inspected a month ago. I thought that they might have caught this because from my understanding part of the emissions check is making sure that lights are working properly. I have not taken it in to the dealership to have it serviced because it has been a week. I only drive during the day. It is a good thing that the days are longer now that we are getting closer to summer.

Greens Harbour, Canada

#23 May 28, 2007
Hey Guys I had a the same problem with the service light and the high beam light. Come to find out it was a wire rusted and shorted out. If anyone wants to chat about cavaliers i have msn. I have a 2001 2.2L Auto.its my name at hotmail dot com

Montréal, Canada

#24 May 30, 2007
I got the same problem since 3month and recently i found that an electric wire on my left light(in front) was cut. So before changing the bulb see if there any wire that are not cuts.

Calgary, Canada

#25 Jun 3, 2007
Jim C wrote:
I have a 2001 cavalier with 2.2 4 speed 82K.
Service light comes on only after the car is placed in gear, not when idling in park. Light is off after each time the car is shut off. Also, when the car is put into gear, the right turn signal indicator blinks rapidly 6 or 7 times and then the service light goes on.
Have used a scanner borrowed from parts store that is supposed to read OBD II codes but it shows no codes. Just wandering if the turn signal blinking is a clue or code that someone recognizes before I take it to the dealer.
Thanks for any and all replies in advance.
mine too did this, so i just took it in. apparently, after sertain KN, it just needs a "check up" if the head light symbol flickers , just means you have a head light out.

my machanic reset the computer and said she was fine.

it cost me 39 bucks.

Calgary, Canada

#26 Jun 3, 2007
my head light symbol was flashing on anf off, all it was was my head light was out, and my service light was on too. apparently its just a sign to take it in for "a check up". they just reset your computer. cost me 39 bucks

try that, it worked for me

Calgary, Canada

#27 Jun 3, 2007
take it to the machanic. the flashing headligh symbol is a handy chevy warning you have a head light out, and the service light is a reminder that even vehicles need a "check up" i took mine in, they replaced my headlight and did a "ckeck up" for around $50

Park Ridge, IL

#28 Jun 6, 2007
Backyard Mechanic wrote:
No so fast people. Chevy has acknowledged they had a wiring problem in certain years like 00, 01 and so on. So if you have ALREADY changed the bulb and you still are having problems, its more than likely a corroded front wiring harness (one of the contacts) or a corroded ground.
I only write it in here because I’ve read several posts on this board where people have stated they have already changed the bulbs but for some reason some people overlook that MAIN fact and flood the posts with quotes like “Just change the Bulb”.
I have this problem with my 01 cavalier. I took it to the dealer and they want 1400 to replace the front wiring harness. I have to find someone to fix this. It is really annoying that I have to be home before dark. The dealer also let me know that if ignored all the headlights will eventually stop working. Someone Help!!!

Greensboro, NC

#29 Jun 10, 2007
i have the same service light come on, i have a right headlight out. i tried to put a light out of another brand car in and never thought the light would cause such a headache. i'm off to walmart to buy a headlight and find out if that fixes the problem. i will re-post after my findings.

Thomasville, GA

#30 Jun 22, 2007
I am trying to diagnose the same problem. DRL indicator blinks 5 time then service light goes on. I have power going to the ground on the headligh terminal. It is not the bulb because when I run a good groud to the groud terminal the light works. I did this with a toggle switch to get by until I figure this out
tom m

Philadelphia, PA

#31 Jun 24, 2007
I have a 97 cavalier and the wires to the headlights corroded out. I have replaced some of the wiring, except the harness goes between the chassis under the battery where it conncets. Can't get to that. The grounds are really corroded and broke. The dealer says they can only get the complete electrical wire harness for the car. Where can we get just the harness to the headlights?

Harrison, OH

#32 Jul 14, 2007
Had same problem on '00 cav- daytime lamp light flickered then went off and service light came on (no daytime lights). Midas said they wouldnt have wiring to deal with daytime lamps (need dealer). Went to Chevy- they found broken and shorted wire to high beam harness and burned out bulb. Cost me $80 labor and $35 parts.

Burnaby, Canada

#33 Jul 20, 2007
Thanks for the info. I am glad to know its my headlight causing it and nothing more.

Fort Worth, TX

#34 Jul 28, 2007
Check conector c101 for corrosion.Its locate right under battery tray.Check wiring for burned wires or corroded wires.Fix the problem and that should take care of it.
please help

Reading, PA

#35 Jul 31, 2007
My 2001 cav running lights and the high beams do not work. i have read what to do on here and tried it tall. took it to a mechanic and he charged 60/hr labor and 30 parts to replace bulbs, that was not it, then charged 60/hr to look under battery for c101 and wiring breaks or corosion and didnt find anything wrong... now i have replaced the bulbs, check the wires, and corosion and still i have flickering when put in gear, no running lights or high beams and car needs to be inspected by aug 1st or i cant drive it. please help [email protected] if anyone can help me ... 2 jobs depend on this getting fixed ...
please help part 2

Reading, PA

#36 Jul 31, 2007
i just tried to go to work and now there is not even any low beam lights now ... now i am told that it is possible it can be the headlight relay switch that is in the fuse box .. before i go spending more money that i do not have, can anyone tell me if this is possible ... please reply to [email protected] or on bigtonyhell on yahoo messenger.... please i need help....

Belleville, Canada

#37 Aug 4, 2007
My 2000 Cavalier had the same type of problem. My headlight is out and my turning indicator light is also out - same side. My car makes the same noise, flashes too. At first, It thought it was the alarm but it isn't. However, the headlight area is currently tore apart - I tried to change both lights according to my chev cav hand book - but it has the wrong diagram for me to work from. The picture in the book shows a plastic strapping that has a rectangular hole - that I am supposed to put a screwdriver down into to "unsnap" a snap so I can pull out the headlight and ind. light assembly. I don't have the same strapping and the hole is small and circular. Any ideas Anyone on what I am supposed to do? Thanks. Laura

Pittsburgh, PA

#38 Aug 29, 2007
I have problems. First my washers did not work. i bypassed the connector under the battery( what, under the battery, corrosion hell !!) Today, my air bag light came on, running light, out, service light, and intermittent headlights. Juggled connector and lights came back on and air bag and service lights went out.

Little Falls, NJ

#39 Aug 30, 2007
its your bulb in the front headlight. fixed it and the service light went off.

Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada

#40 Sep 6, 2007
Oh man, the wife jus called me and told me "there is a little yellow wrench lit up on the dash" - sounds like I'm gonna be skimming this site some more throughout the rest of the week. I've not even seen the light myself as of yet, but the posts here have been helpful already - I have a sneaking suspicion that Backyard Mech is on the right track.....

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