Blazer 4 wheel drive problem
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Saint George, UT

#81 Mar 7, 2010
i have a customers 2001 s-10 at my shop,does any one know why the 4x4 switch wont hold in 2wd mode the module clicks twice then automatically pops back to 4x4 hi. (its not the vaccuum switch,4x4 motor,and module) any answers,thanx.





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Minneapolis, MN

#82 Mar 11, 2010
I have a 2000 Blazer and today my service 4WD light came on. I cannot engage 4WD. What should I do and check for? If I shut off the car and turn it back on, the light goes out. Is this just a warning to service it or is there something wrong? Thanks

Portland, CT

#83 Mar 11, 2010
After changing the 4WD dash switch in my 2000 Blazer as reported in a prior post, I again had issues with engagement of my 4WD. Worked fine after I changed the switch, but had issues again with it locking in 4WD. Long story short, it was the electronic transfer case control module that is located behind the passenger side kick panel. Takes no more then 15 minutes to swap it out.

The part is $285 at your local Chevy dealer and the only other place to get them is at a salvage yard for around $75 to $100.

The motor on the transfer case that does the actual switch will run you over $400 to replace if purchased at the dealer.
Take it to the dealer and it will cost you over $500 to get it fixed.

Good Luck.

South Hadley, MA

#84 Mar 23, 2010
i have the exact same problem with my 2001 blazer dont know wat to do. dont have the money to fix it rite now. it sucks to drive turning is terrible in 4wheel drive

Saginaw, MI

#85 Mar 29, 2010
Frank Tripoli wrote:
My 200 Chevy Blazer is in 2 wheel drive but it keeps automatically switching into 4 low and then it is a pain to get it back to 2 hi. Any Ideas
open your hood dead center at top of firewall theres a small device with an electrical connector and two vacuum hoses. The top vacuum ingages your 4 wheel (the front hubs lock in)if you disconnect it and plug it with something like a small screw driver or drill bit 4 wheel cannot lock in. your light in 4 wheel will continue to blink cuz its trying to ingage after a while it realizes it cant and the 2 wheel light will turn on. If your still stuck in low its easiest to make the change in neutral. Also my 4 wheel low light blinks when its trying to go into it if you DO NOT shift thru or to neutral it will fail and it wont shift. But u have to always check ur light before shifting

Saginaw, MI

#86 Mar 29, 2010
Mack wrote:
<quoted text>
Exact same problem. Ever find the cure.
top dead center of firewall is a small canister device with two vacuums on it . undo the top vacuum and plug it with something. this will not allow the front wheels to lock in. turn car on and off trying the 2 wheel button. the 4 wheel should blink which means its trying to engage but cant. eventually truck gives up and youll be back in two. i have 2000 with a nvg 236 transfer case and ive manipulated mine like that for years

Saginaw, MI

#87 Mar 29, 2010
will wrote:
where are the vaccum lines for the 4 wheel drive
top dead center of firwal;l on my truck top vacuum is the one that will engage 4 wheel undo it and truck will be in 2

Saint George, UT

#88 Mar 29, 2010
check for melted wiring on the drivers side above the exhaust manifold down to the trans tunnel. 4 wires melted caused my problem (look carefull,i spent 2 days trying all of your comments, none were right. dont spend money on parts that are not needed. hope this helps others with this problem.

Concord, NC

#89 Mar 31, 2010
i have a 86 blazer and the 4 wheel drive will not engage the shaft is locken but the front tires are not pullin

Clarkesville, GA

#90 Apr 16, 2010
I have a 96 chevy blazer i put it in 4 low and it would not disengage i checked every thing except the fuse because the lights on the switch were flashing i worked on it for two days then checked the fuse it was blown i changed it hit the button and presto it went back in to 2hi thanks for all the good ideas every body so for anybody having the same problem make the fuse your first stop

Atlanta, GA

#91 Apr 23, 2010
Mark S wrote:
I have a 1996 chev blazer. Driving down the road, the 4 wheel drives appears to want to engage on its own. If I click on the 4 hi and back to 2 hi, the noise quits. This is happening on a regular basis by hearing a loud humming noise. Is this something with the switch or what else?
i thin wat you have goin on is something that happened to me u get lk a grinding in front end? if so its a $20 part at auto zone its the t-case vacume switch

Tulsa, OK

#92 Apr 27, 2010
my 02 blazer is always on 4hi instead of 2hi when i first start it up it is on the 4hi and try to switch it to 2hi sometimes wont budge and mostly on 4hi while driving is this normal?

Indianapolis, IN

#93 Apr 29, 2010
i have a 2000 blazer ls, i put it into 4wd i here it click sounds like it engaged, but it dont work, could this be the actuator? or does anyone have a suggestion?

Temple, TX

#94 May 12, 2010
I have a 98 Blazer it is stuck in 4w low and i replaced the TCCM and the Vaccum thing right under the battery, What else can it be.

Baltimore, MD

#95 May 13, 2010
ray-ray wrote:
my 1998 blazer is stuck in 4 wheel and it wont go into 2 wheel!!! It will switch from 4HI to 4LO, but jus makes a clicking noise and the light flashes when i try to put it in 2HI. i disconected the battery and plugged it back in but that didnt work. Any suggestions???
I have exactly the same problem with my 2000 blazer.Did you ever solve your problem?

Temple, TX

#96 May 13, 2010
Is there a way to switch it in to two wheel drive under the truck

Temple, TX

#97 May 14, 2010
carlface wrote:
<quoted text>
I have exactly the same problem with my 2000 blazer.Did you ever solve your problem?
Mine did that before it was stuck in 4 low

Fairview, OK

#98 May 15, 2010
my car is stuck in 4 lo and it wont come out the 4 hi and 4 lo button is lite up can u please help i am a girl and dont no this shit by the way its a 2002 chevy blazer

London, Canada

#99 May 26, 2010
My 97 Blazer was stuck in 4HI and wouldn't go to 2HI (but would click and flash the light) .Changing the burnt out 4x4 fuse (panel between dash and driver's door) worked. Now I can switch between all 2HI, 4HI, and 4LO no problemo. :)

Bloomington, IL

#100 Jun 17, 2010
I have a 1994 full size K Blazer. While going down the road there will be a VERY loud high pitched grind or squeal from somewhere right under the manual lever for 4x4. If I let off the gas it goes away. Seems to be doing it more when I am going over bumps. Sometimes I hear a slight click right before it happens and than can hear a click before it stops. Best way of describing it is it sounds like it is grinding something trying to find a gear. Any help would be appreciated

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