Blazer 4 wheel drive problem

Fort Collins, CO

#61 Jan 16, 2010
we own 2001 s10 blazer. while driving the 4l0 light starts flashing, if your not carefull when you stop it will go into 4lo all by its self and is very hard to get it back into 2wheel. i have tried disconecting the battery @ looked at the tccm and the wires seem fine. what else can i try? thanks

Waterloo, Canada

#62 Jan 26, 2010
I kno this is a lil off topic but I bought an o1 1500 yesterday I looked the suspension over due to slop in the steering and I noticed the bracket that the idler arm is bolted to is cracked. Is this a common problem with this year model and is their a fix for this problem?

Charleston, WV

#63 Jan 30, 2010
2000 Chevy Blazer will not go into 4WD Hi or Lo?

Bassett, VA

#64 Feb 1, 2010
I drove my boyfriend's 99 Blazer to my hometown, 150 miles away for the weekend, and they got a snowstorm. I put the car in 4 WD to go into town. Now it won't switch back into 2HI.

I called bf and he said the 4WD is broken, and I shouldn't be using it. He said to pull over immediately, put the car in neutral, then press the 2HI button to get his blazer back into 2 wheel drive.

As someone on here said earlier, all the 2HI button did was blink off and on 3 times and stay in 4WD. I tried this several times, put the car in park, turned off motor, trying again.

No 2WD. Then, when I started driving back on the road, staying under 45 mph as per bf's intructions, the 4WD (HI) light went off, and no lights were I pulled over again, and put the car in neutral, pressing 2HI again. Back on the road, the 4HI light pops back on, but I feel no difference in driving and it drives like it's in 2WD.

I need to get on the road soon, but will wait until car is back in 2WD. Should I remove battery myself or take to a family, trustworthy mechanic? Help...

Maple Grove, MN

#65 Feb 6, 2010
Max wrote:
Freddy, You are the man. My Blazer was stuck in $ wheel lo. Did what you said unhooked the battery and hooked it back up... Waalaa it works...Thanks for sharing!
Be sure to unhook the battery at least 10 minutes. I tried the disconnect the atc and crtsy fuses,wait five minutes and try, no luck. Took out battery to find all the possible trouble spots (module of kick plate and switch under battery tray. Then put battery back together (about 1/2 hr later), tried it for the heck of it and presto, problem fixed.

Lexington, KY

#66 Feb 8, 2010
michael wrote:
i have a 98 blazer 4x4 but 4 wheel drive dont work i put it in Neu push the 4lo button it flashes for a sec then the light stays on like it is suppose to you can feel it engage but not drive in front tires i got it stuck in the the snow and my wife pushed the gas and you can see the front driveshaft spinning but the tires wont any ideas
did you find out what was wrong, my 98 is doing the same thing

Mill Neck, NY

#67 Feb 8, 2010
I have a 02 Blazer that had that. There was a crack in the vacuum line that runs to the shift motor that caused it not to go into 4 wheel drive.

Mount Holly, NJ

#68 Feb 10, 2010
in a 2004 blazer what would make the 4x4 kick in when your driving at about 80 mph

Thomaston, GA

#69 Feb 12, 2010
my 1996 chevy blazer has 4 wheel drive and when we were going down the road i heard a noise like a blown tire but it wasnt that. have any ideas as to what could be causing this? the 4 wheel drive has been acting up.

Thomaston, GA

#70 Feb 12, 2010
where are the vaccum lines for the 4 wheel drive

Huntington, NY

#71 Feb 13, 2010
The cars seem to be real junk. CEO's get big bonus all we get is big repair bills....When I need 4 wheel drive it doesn't work. Glad these morons don't make parachutes or fire extinguishers~!

Mannford, OK

#72 Feb 16, 2010
jack wrote:
<quoted text> did you find out what was wrong, my 98 is doing the same thing
it ended up being the fork that engages the front diff. in the front axle (it was broken)

Marble Falls, TX

#73 Feb 16, 2010
Kris wrote:
I have a 1996 S-10 Blazer and every time I push the button for 4 wheel drive it skips over it and never goes into 4 wheel drive mode. Has this happen to anyone before? What does this mean? Can I fix it myself? Is it expensive?
yes im goin through it now first replace the switch on your dash if that dont work theres a switch on the transfer case replace that if that dont work sevis the transfer case if that dont work replace transfer case
Tyler Combs

Louisa, KY

#74 Feb 25, 2010
I have a 1996 Chevy blazer and when i hit the 4hi or 4lo they both flash for a few seconds then goes off i changed the vaccum hose switch and it was bad but the 4wd still doesnt work. Does anybody have ay ideas?

West Hartford, CT

#75 Feb 26, 2010
2000 Blazer LS 101k miles. Wife called me and stated the vehicle was making a strange sound when pulling in and out of a parking space. She drove it in the parking lot and it was still making strange noises. I asked her if the transfer switch was lit in 2WD and she said yes. I drove down to her location and while she was sitting there, the transfer switch changed to 4WD on its own. I drove it home in 4WD (lucky for me on wet roads) to check it out.
Disconnected the battery for 10 or more minutes as others had stated and when I turned the key back on all of the transfer switch lights cycled ok and it went back into 2WD. Road tested it and it dropped into 4WD again on its own. Disconnected the battery again and tested with same results.
Pulled the passenger right side kick panel where the electronic switch is and checked the plug and contacts and everything looked good. Since so many transfer switch issues had been reported, I decided to remove and replace the dash mounted transfer switch since this was the least expensive item to change. I knew if I went to the Chevy dealer, it would cost me an arm and a leg for the switch. Some have reported up to $80 for a new switch. So I decided to try NAPA and to my surprise they had an after market switch for $25. Makes you wonder there must have been a large number of transfer switch failures for the after market to produce them.
Put the new transfer switch in and it solved the problem, and so far has performed without incident. I did take the switch apart and found the contacts on the circuit board oxidized and tried cleaning them, but that made the switch act so erratic that it convinced me it was the switch. Hope this helps others.

Philadelphia, PA

#76 Feb 26, 2010
you know taking out the courtesy lamp fuse i believe it resets the tccm (transfer case control module)so if you do this you dont have to worry about reseting the radio and get under the hood. good luck

Philadelphia, PA

#77 Feb 26, 2010
after you leave the fuse out for 40 seconds turn the ignition on and off 5 times without starting the truck

Dallas, TX

#78 Mar 4, 2010
i have a 98 blazer it wont go into four wheel drive. when i push the button i can hear the celenoid click in the transfer case but its not engaging. what are the possible problems?

Saint George, UT

#79 Mar 7, 2010
ray-ray wrote:
my 1998 blazer is stuck in 4 wheel and it wont go into 2 wheel!!! It will switch from 4HI to 4LO, but jus makes a clicking noise and the light flashes when i try to put it in 2HI. i disconected the battery and plugged it back in but that didnt work. Any suggestions???
same exact problem how did u fix it

Saint George, UT

#80 Mar 7, 2010
how did you fix your problem i cant figure why it wont click into 2wd thank jeff

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