Blazer 4 wheel drive problem

Vandergrift, PA

#21 Dec 27, 2008
freddy wrote:
it has happened to me a couple of times, the best thing for me is to disconnect the battery for about ten minutes. it only happens if i try to engage it in reverse. hope this helps!
i just did your battery thing and i can't believe my 4 wheel is back in action

Vandergrift, PA

#22 Dec 27, 2008
i just did the battery thing and it worked.
i now have 4 wheel at no cost. thanks

Redwood Falls, MN

#23 Jan 28, 2009
93 chev k-blazer......won't go into 4-wheel
drive, not making any loud noises.....any
Frank K

San Bernardino, CA

#24 Feb 11, 2009
I have a 2004 S10 Blazer. When I push the 4 wheel Hi button nothing happens. No lights flash, nothing. Same with 4 wheel low. My sone had to use the 4 wheel the other day and he said he had an issue getting it to go into 4 wheel Hi. then had an issue getting it back into 2 wheel Hi. I decided to test it and and now nothing works. any suggestions?
Frank K

San Bernardino, CA

#25 Feb 11, 2009
Okay, the magic has worked once again. I disconnected my battery for 10 minutes, and reconnected. I drove my SUV down the street hit the 4 wheel hi button and it worked. I was able to get it back into 2 wheel hi the same way. I guess a system reset clears whatever is making it act up. Thanks for the info whoever made the suggestion.

Metcalfe, Canada

#26 Feb 25, 2009
my 2002 blazer is stuck on 4 wheel low, yesterday stuck on 4 hi...dealership says transfer case shift module needs replace, extensive repair to do yourself? does anyone know if aftermarket ones are worther?
thnks anyone!
dale michigan

Taylor, MI

#27 Mar 6, 2009
Stephanie wrote:
I have a 2000 blazer and all my 4 wheel drive lights come on and stay on. Then the service 4 wheel drive light comes on and the other lights go off. Can anyone help?
relace your tranfer case module in the riht side kick panel and replace it and check for corrison in the plug and clean them and plug t in
Sean Martin

United States

#28 Mar 18, 2009
Rich wrote:
I have a 2002 GMC ZR2 that won't go into 4 wheel drive, when I push 4HI both 4HI and 4LOW will start flashing. This last about 10 seconds and then it will kick back into 2HI. I've tried the battery thing and that doesn't help. Anybody have any suggestions?
Rich, didyou figure out your problem? I'm having the same problem. and driving down the road the 4low button flashes for a minute then stops and repeats.
Sean DeClercq

United States

#29 Mar 18, 2009
I have a 2001 blazer and while driving the 4low light flashes for about a minute then stops flashing. If I stop and put it in neutral it will go back and forth from 2hi to 4low without touching anything. I need serious help! cant figure it out. I love my blazer, any suggestions?
J Alex

Westerville, OH

#30 Apr 23, 2009
I have similar problems with my 2001. Went into 4low by itself. Finally got it out, but very erratic....When I disconnected bat, came back in 4hi. All lights on switch work when ign turned on, but now I can only get it to go into "auto" 4 wheel, nothing happens when I press 2hi. In fact none of the switch seems to work, 2hi, 4hi, etc. Checked TCCM module, no corrosion so figured bad box. Bought and installed new TCCM box and nothing changed? Still won't go back to 2hi or even 4hi.

Aurora, CO

#31 Aug 16, 2009
ray-ray wrote:
my 1998 blazer is stuck in 4 wheel and it wont go into 2 wheel!!! It will switch from 4HI to 4LO, but jus makes a clicking noise and the light flashes when i try to put it in 2HI. i disconected the battery and plugged it back in but that didnt work. Any suggestions???
Exact same problem. Ever find the cure.

Tulsa, OK

#32 Aug 17, 2009
Under the battery there is a vaccum activated switch, looks like a big black diaphram. They are about 10 bucks at AutoZone, its worth a shot, if it has a hole in it, it will never pull the transaxle in or out. If it leaks, you will get some crazy stuff. One wheel will go in and the other will just spin, you'll get stuck in low gear with just the rear wheels, crazy stuff. I was always taught that the best way to fix any 4 wheel drive problem is in reverse. Its the lowest gear your vehicle has, and when compared to the rest it is usually in the best condtion. So here's what you do. Go to a big empty parking lot, find a nice open area, and put that blazer in R! Let it start going backwards, take it very easy on the throttle. The ideal shift speed for the transfer case is 4 mph. The blazer should actually backup and hit that speed on an idel. Press the desired 2 wheel hi mode and it should slip into it. It's funny that you guys are saying that you can't get it out of 4 wheel, most people can't get it into 4 wheel. The transfer case is supposed to fail to two wheel high, meaning if it malfunctions it is supposed to slip back into two wheel high, before it falls off the vehicle.
wally gator

Campbell, CA

#33 Sep 19, 2009
just bought a 97 blazer for 100 buks.the dang thing shifts into 4lo easy.but has major trouble shifting from 4lo to 4hi or 2hi.grinds bad.and when you get it to shift to 2hi it will drive fine until you let the gas off or coast and it losses the gear.already replaced the transfer shiter.been checking out the vacume lines and no luck.any suggestions

Lititz, PA

#34 Sep 20, 2009
I have a 97 blazer when you push the 4wd button lights and stays lit but the 4wd is not engaged where should i start looking for problems
Frank Tripoli

South Elgin, IL

#35 Sep 23, 2009
My 200 Chevy Blazer is in 2 wheel drive but it keeps automatically switching into 4 low and then it is a pain to get it back to 2 hi. Any Ideas
Frank Tripoli

South Elgin, IL

#36 Sep 23, 2009
I meant 2000
jerry fleish

Grand Rapids, MI

#37 Sep 25, 2009
I have 2001 blazer it is stuck in 4 wheel low any ideas on how to get it back to 2 hi?
Peter Darcangelo

Avon, CT

#38 Oct 6, 2009
Kris wrote:
I have a 1996 S-10 Blazer and every time I push the button for 4 wheel drive it skips over it and never goes into 4 wheel drive mode. Has this happen to anyone before? What does this mean? Can I fix it myself? Is it expensive?
Your Transfer case control module is no doubt shot. It's a known
headache on most of the 4wd. models. Ii is located behind the
plastic (passenger) kick panel. BE SOURE CORROSION IS NOT THE
PROBLEM FIRST! use only approved cleaning spray or you can melt
the plastic harness/harness holding (combs) etc. You can fix it your self if your handy w/10mm 6pt socket. Use of Dielectric
grease is also a tip. Takes about 20 minutes if you don't have a
coffee break in between. Stand by for the cost of a new module as
they can be in the $500.00 range.(oh yes, thats 5 100 $ bills +)
You may be kicking yourself for not getting the Obama 35-45 Hundred $ trade-in allowance. Don't try/risk buying a used one from the junk-yard and auto recycling facility near you. There are differ-
ent ones. Be sure to have your VIN from your Blazer ao your sure
to get the right one. You may also find that your throttle position sensor TPS made need replacement also. The fabulous news
on that is it's little harder to replace (right side of throttle
body 'implanted' with a couple 'TORX" screws, dollar depth from
pocket is approximately a tenth of the TCCM($50.00 range) I would
not recommend anything except NEW GENUINE CHEVROLET GM parts if you
don't mind the extra advise. Good Luck and drive on all 4!
Pete Darcangelo

Denver, CO

#39 Oct 29, 2009
Frank Jaglowitz wrote:
I have a 2004 blazer. It will not go to 4wh high.
When you push 4wh high, light flashes and it goes back to 2wh high. when you push 4wh low it works.
Garage says it is the motor, but I do not agree.
Any ideas???
My 97 Jimmy is doing the same thing. what did you
do to fix the problem?
Mark S

Albany, GA

#40 Nov 14, 2009
I have a 1996 chev blazer. Driving down the road, the 4 wheel drives appears to want to engage on its own. If I click on the 4 hi and back to 2 hi, the noise quits. This is happening on a regular basis by hearing a loud humming noise. Is this something with the switch or what else?

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