97 Chevy Blazer Will Not Start

Atlanta, GA

#163 Mar 25, 2013
blazer gurl wrote:
I have a 1999 and it's hard to start it after a few days if i let it set, i started my truck n drove around to my sisters after cranking it a few times then it started, but when i went back to start it it wouldnt start, so now i have my battery at auto zone charging.
<quoted text>
I have had the same issue. Do you have any issues with your interior lights? If you do, even with the fuse pulled, it will still drain the battery. There is a switch plugged in to the drivers door lock assembly that turns the lights on when you lift the handle. You can replace if or simply unplug it.

Baltimore, MD

#164 Apr 16, 2013
I have a 94 chevy s10 shut off wont start have all dash lights not regersting battery any ideas!

Conover, NC

#165 Apr 21, 2013
Got a 97 olds bravada started missing intermittently then constantly and then died while driving engine light is on gives mass air sensor code and cam sensor code replaced both still gives same codes ive also changed throttle position sensor cap rotor crank sensor checked fuel pressure, was told it could possibly be the keyswitch from a family member who had a 98 but I know it may also be the injectors any help would be GREATLY appreciated thanks.

Minneapolis, MN

#166 May 8, 2013
Same problem with my 96 blazer.... I need a Ford..

United States

#167 Jun 14, 2013
Same problem with my 97 blazer. Alt and starter are fine. Battery is good. New starter relay and ignition switch. I have dash lights and radio so I know the battery is fine. Seems to be a common prob with blazers...Although I've never had a single problem from thing in the 2 years I've owned it. Has anyone figured it out???

Fairfield, CA

#168 Jul 16, 2013
I've changed the fuel pump twice on my 97 chevy truck nd then it stops workin nd it turns over but it won't start can't figure it out

Fairfield, CA

#169 Jul 17, 2013
My truck doesn't get fuel pressure but I changed the fuel pump twice nd the gas filter ran good for a couple if days and now it's doesn't want to start ne ideas would be helpful
dom t

Chicago, IL

#170 Oct 3, 2013
Joey wrote:
<quoted text>same thing happen to me but i was just driving one day and the engine just shut off on me and i haven't got it started since and it has a new alternator and the battery is good. it sounds like its get gas and everthing but it won't turn over.
check to see if the ecm is getting power to it

Kansas City, MO

#171 Nov 11, 2013
<quoted text>..........Throw a match in it and buy a real suv buy a Toyota.
Buy American! Toyotas suck! Constant recalls

Hayward, WI

#172 Nov 27, 2013
I got a 95 chevy blazer i tried starting it and it won't start it was power and when i turn it over i hear nothing..
santana ortega

Kansas City, KS

#173 Dec 20, 2013
blazer has no spark at 20 degrees, not even with starting fluid. 35 degrees it starts. changed coil , all the sensors still nothing.
Roy patten

Prairie Village, KS

#174 Jan 12, 2014
My 97 blazer turns over getting fuel and acks like its gonna start but dont

Birmingham, MI

#175 Jan 28, 2014
97 blazer won't start but radio an light do ?? Any help

United States

#176 Jun 3, 2014
derek 97 blazer wrote:
97 Blazer wont start, dash board lights don't come on, it turns over but will not fire. If dash board lights do come on, then it starts and runs fine.
Had the same problem with my 97 Bravada. It's the ignition switch. I was ready to replace it when I read on another forum to try spraying contact cleaner in the ignition switch. Just inserted the red straw into the key slot and sprayed a bunch in and then worked the switch 5 or 6 times with the key and the dash lights started coming on and it starts every time. The contact cleaner worked! The problem hasn't returned. I'm keeping a can in the glove box just in case.

Wheaton, IL

#177 Jun 21, 2014
have a 98 chevy blazer...gptten water in the gas, we drained the gas and fuel filter put good gas in and a little gas in throttle and still will not start....it fires up but will not keep running....any advise

Salisbury, NC

#178 Aug 9, 2014
ok have a 97 s10 blazer 4.3 4x4 just changed computer out will crank but still no start had it worked on at a goodyear place up the road and yes bought it flashed at autozone also know my fuel is pumping they tested that 1st so i have no idea whats going on with my car any help is appreciated

Salisbury, NC

#179 Aug 11, 2014
shaneolsen wrote:
ok have a 97 s10 blazer 4.3 4x4 just changed computer out will crank but still no start had it worked on at a goodyear place up the road and yes bought it flashed at autozone also know my fuel is pumping they tested that 1st so i have no idea whats going on with my car any help is appreciated
my mech is telling me my injectors wont fire for some reason now so please help me
nathan lamb

United States

#180 Oct 15, 2014
jason wrote:
ill tell u right now i have a 97 blazer and im a chevy tech so i would replace the fuel pump with a true chevy fuel pump not an auto zone brand and it will fix the prob i had the same thing happend to my ruck while driving to work i replaced it with an autozone brand and it went out on me again a month later but one from chevy and no probs since then hope this helps!
bought a new coil. But still not getting any fire to it any suggestions

Starke, FL

#181 Dec 18, 2014
Holly wrote:
my 1997 Chevy Blazer just shuts off when driving down the road or slowing down to stop Help!!!? I have a 1997 Chevy S10 Blazer. Runs fine but once it get warmed up real good it cuts out. You can see the tacometer drop when it cuts out almost like turning off the key. Goes dead for a second. We changed the fuel filter and that didn't help. Almost seems electrical. After it cools down for awhile and you start the car again it runs great until it heats up again. Seems to cut out mostly at very slow speeds like when trying to park or at high speeds like on the highway. One time when cutting out at the slow speed the service enging light came on. But after letting the car cool down when I started it up the light was off and it ran fine again. It doesn't overheat and reaches normal temperture and stays there. After it cuts out it only takes aboty 30 seconds then it will start again.. We can drive down the highway a couple more miles before it stops again..Dangerous!! When we first run it and it is cool it seems to run for a while.But once it gets hot the problems start.
I have a 97 S-10 with a 4.3 and it is have similar symptom. It starts, idles, and runs great. After five or 10 minuet of driving it shuts off. The only difference it sputters a mile or so before it shuts off. Restarts minuets later and continues to do the same. The next day it starts, idles, and runs good. Then reputes above.

Omak, WA

#182 Jan 3, 2015
I have a 2001 chave blazer. Lights n everything turns on but win I try to start it will not. I tried to jump start it n it's still not trying to turn on ???

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