97 Chevy Blazer Will Not Start

Hazleton, PA

#101 Feb 21, 2010
i have a 96 blazer.. it cranks fine but wont start. if i hook up another car to jump start it(my batt is not dead and engine still cranks) it fires right up...its like it need more power to start... i purchased a new batt with high cranking amps and still does it.. i need to hook up another car to get it started???//
Cesar Rivera

United States

#102 Mar 5, 2010
man this SUV has given me a headache i replaced my Mass Airflow sensor, my MAP sensor, my Spider unit, my Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Ignition Module, Brand new Distributor, and the Longest its ran has been 2 days WTF

Aurora, CO

#103 Apr 6, 2010
I have a 94 Chevy Blazer..yeah...all of that, will turn over, no fire, tested altinator & fuel pump, replaced fuel filter, lights all come on, won't even start with a jump!! Please help me.

Paintsville, KY

#104 Apr 12, 2010
I got my 98 4x4 blazer a few days ago. it usually starts fine. but some times the security will set in and i have to wait 10 minutes b/f i can start it again. but tonight it made a clickin sound and wouldnt fire.(alternator?) I checked the battery wires. there fine and clean. the battery is even new. i tried startin it a few more time but now it wont do anything at all. the lights are dim now too.. advice...?

New Kensington, PA

#105 May 18, 2010
Chris wrote:
i have a 97 blazer and it wont start. it turns over but wont fire. i get in to try to start it none of the dash lights turn on. checked all fuses, new battery, same problem as Keith reported. anybody have some advise?
have you looked to see if there is power on the pink wire at the coil

New Kensington, PA

#106 May 18, 2010
THE pink wire at coil should have 12 volts when the key is on if not the you need to track this down
blazer gurl

United States

#107 May 23, 2010
I have a 1999 and it's hard to start it after a few days if i let it set, i started my truck n drove around to my sisters after cranking it a few times then it started, but when i went back to start it it wouldnt start, so now i have my battery at auto zone charging.
brett wrote:
i have the same problem in my 1998 4x4 blazer if i dont crank if for a day or two. i have to take the battery off and charge it then put it back on and it will work. It will not jump off
blazer gurl

United States

#108 May 23, 2010
i wonder after i charge it will it start because it did the same thing n dec so i just brought a new battery n now its back at it again
blazer gurl

United States

#109 May 23, 2010
well i got the battery charged n it still didnt start so now im trying to take the alternator off to go get it tested i hope this is the prob
Frustrated Blazer owner

Scranton, PA

#110 Jun 3, 2010
I own a 99 Blazer. If i go a short distance shut it off and try to start it it will not always start. For instance going to get gas. I have to wait a 5-10 mins b4 it will start. Thought maybe was the gas cap. Nope has nothing to do with going for gas. It is now ANY short distance I go and try to restart. I have gage lights, able to use windows and radio. Works fine when i go a long distance and shut it off.
Have had a stereo put in. Could this have caused something electrical?
Have replaced starter and battery also tried switching the relay switch.
Still have this problem.
Frustrated Blazer owner

Scranton, PA

#111 Jun 3, 2010
i also have a noise that sounds like a turn signal is on hear and there but isn't on. could this noise also be related to the other problem I listed above? any help would be appreciated.
In-House Customs_Blazer

San Jose, CA

#112 Jun 8, 2010

Check your ingnition starter switch. I had the same problem, by car would crank but my electrical powering my fuel injector, gas pump, and dash power would not turn on. My ignition starter switch inside of my steering column went out.

Nazareth, PA

#113 Jul 6, 2010
I have a 97 blazer 4x4 4.3l We had some troubles with an intermittent starting. When we change park/neutral switch started one time but not any more. Replace the ignition switch but nothing will not turn over dash light are on and only the brake light gos out when we try to start it. we are lost on were to go now. battery is good any ideas?

Milford, MA

#114 Jul 7, 2010
John wrote:
Blazer will not even attempt to turn over. Dead! Have changed battery and checked alternator. Both are good. Any Ideas?
same thing happen to me but i was just driving one day and the engine just shut off on me and i haven't got it started since and it has a new alternator and the battery is good. it sounds like its get gas and everthing but it won't turn over.

Nazareth, PA

#115 Jul 11, 2010
Hi everyone well we were able to repair this problem by re-replacing the park/neutral switch. We think that the ignition switch shorted the p/n switch hope this will help some one else.
PS the paperclip and 4mm socket works good thanks

Manchester, KY

#116 Jul 23, 2010
hey anybody i have a july 96 blazer i took the motor out and put it in a 96 novembe blazer all it will do is crank wont start went got a computer for that model still wont start just backfires please help changed he cap that plug in switch wires plugs but wont start

Oliver Springs, TN

#117 Aug 13, 2010
my 1997 Chevy Blazer just shuts off when driving down the road or slowing down to stop Help!!!? I have a 1997 Chevy S10 Blazer. Runs fine but once it get warmed up real good it cuts out. You can see the tacometer drop when it cuts out almost like turning off the key. Goes dead for a second. We changed the fuel filter and that didn't help. Almost seems electrical. After it cools down for awhile and you start the car again it runs great until it heats up again. Seems to cut out mostly at very slow speeds like when trying to park or at high speeds like on the highway. One time when cutting out at the slow speed the service enging light came on. But after letting the car cool down when I started it up the light was off and it ran fine again. It doesn't overheat and reaches normal temperture and stays there. After it cuts out it only takes aboty 30 seconds then it will start again.. We can drive down the highway a couple more miles before it stops again..Dangerous!! When we first run it and it is cool it seems to run for a while.But once it gets hot the problems start.

Hampton, VA

#118 Sep 5, 2010
keith ruml wrote:
i have a 97 blazer and it wont start. it turns over but wont fire. The fuel pump is good and so is the coil. whne i get in to try to start it none of the dash lights turn on but i dont know if it is the ignition or what to check next. anybody have some advise?
Mine was doing the exact same thing I changed the ignition starter switch and that fixed my problem

Gainesville, VA

#119 Sep 8, 2010
Got a 97 Chevy Blazer it turns over just fine, but will not start, I'm thinking it's the fuel pump but there is something draining my battery too. If I don't crank it for anything more than a day it kills the battery just to try and start it. And I know it's the fuel pump because I can't keep gas in the line it all drains back down after it's not running for about 8 hours and then I have to sit there and pump the gas peddle just to get it to start. Any ideas on the battery thing though?
Jack worn out Jimmy owner

Midvale, UT

#120 Sep 9, 2010
problem 1998 Jimmy ...turn key engine cranks but will NOT start. Call tow truck. tow truck to station and car starts right up. 3 different times!!!!! checked fuel pump pump Ok
now what does that leave as possibilities?????
Car genious detectives plez help. Is it NO SPARK??
or what if it is? I have paid 3 mechanics and a chevy dealership to hear 4 mechanics say hmmm can't figure it out!! out over $1,000.oo broke & no car! email [email protected]

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