97 Chevy Blazer Will Not Start

Geneva, NY

#81 Jun 5, 2009
lol 80 pages and no help.

Rogers, AR

#82 Jun 19, 2009
i had the 02 sensors to go out on me

Denver, CO

#83 Jul 19, 2009
i have a 97 blazer and it wont start. it turns over but wont fire. i get in to try to start it none of the dash lights turn on. checked all fuses, new battery, same problem as Keith reported. anybody have some advise?

Washington, DC

#84 Aug 21, 2009
I have a 1998 blazer. At first it died on the road and would not start, I changed the alternator and battery. It ran for a week then shuts off while driving down the road. So I changed spark plugs,#5 spark wire, fuel filter, alternator belt and still shuts off while driving but will start back up. Mechanic checked coil, fuel injection pump, o2 senosr, MAP sensor, fuel pressure (while running), mass air flow sensor and said ALL WAS FINE. However, mechanic noted that my fuel pressure volume was low (does that mean bad fuel pump?) Car continued to shut off while driving and now it won't start. It turns over with all dashboard lights working and radio but wont fire. PLEASE HELP!!

Auburn, NY

#85 Aug 22, 2009
I have a similar problem my 1998 blazer won't start after it rains and won't for a day or so depending on how hard it rains. It will will turn but nut start. Any ideas?

Arab, AL

#86 Sep 24, 2009
dennis wrote:
I have a similar problem my 1998 blazer won't start after it rains and won't for a day or so depending on how hard it rains. It will will turn but nut start. Any ideas?
your is prolly one of the easiest to explain on here, if its only when it rains and how hard than you are getting mosture in where its not supposed to be. i would start with the Disp. Cap and plug wires, makes sure they are all fitting correctly and no water is getting in.

Arab, AL

#87 Sep 24, 2009
Now my Gf's 1998 Blazer 4X4 (suv style) will turn over all day long till the batery is dead. We have had issues with the Coil be4 my friend came looked at it tap'd it a few times repluged it and it shot right up. Its getting plenty of fuel pressure and getting spark to plug wires (i know this first hand.. got shocked when i told her to turn it off she turned key to crank >.<) and i did also check the wire going from the Coil to the Dis. Cap now it also got spark. But a Mecanic friend came out and looked around and listened to what all i said i had check he said that it was most likely the coil itself. So im going to replace that tonight and if it indeed works i will be sure to post and who ever has same issue but hasnt tried the coil pack well then you know where to start :P

Frankfort, KY

#88 Sep 25, 2009
Shadoe wrote:
<quoted text>
You May have a bad ground check your block ground
I actually have taken my 95 Chevy Blazer to Auto Zone and had it hooked up to c y the check engine light is on and they told me that it was a problem with the catalytic converter...Just wondering if you had a opinion on wether this would help my matter or if you think that I should go with checking the ground out first

United States

#89 Sep 28, 2009
Turned out to be a loose distributor cap screw

Bella Vista, AR

#90 Oct 16, 2009
Shadoe wrote:
I have a 1996 Chevy Blazer it is getting fire and i checked the timing and it is on it is gettig fuel up to the rails and i can hear the the fuel pump kicking on and it wont start. I've changed the plugs in it and have poured gas down in the throttle body, but still wont start can anyone give me a solution
The injection spider is notorious for leaking. They are expensive at the dealer but you can get a rebuilt one online for about $189.

I know this is a late post but thought it would help others. I just repaired mine after everyone told me it was the fuel pump. Replaced fuel pump first, then discovered the leaky injection spider (warning: replace the whole assy. not just parts as these things are hard to stop leaks by replacing just the regulator etc. They dump fuel into the back two cylinders which is the natural path of the leaking fuel. I pulled a back plug to see if I was getting fire, the cylinder was full of fuel (as well as the oil pan) and set my 1997 blazer on fire!!! Got it put out with no real damage. It is located under the upper intake plenum which is the black plastic cover on top of the motor and if you take your time its an easy swap. Just drain radiator part way down, remove upper radiator hose and sart disconnecting all the electrical plugs (they are all different so easy to plug back up correctly) and you can remove the plenum along with the throttle body. Be sure and use a new upper plenum gasket set for reassembly and while the plenum is off and you have easy access go ahead and replace distributor cap and rotor. If you see this and have this problem...Good luck!!!!

Eastlake, OH

#91 Oct 25, 2009
ill tell u right now i have a 97 blazer and im a chevy tech so i would replace the fuel pump with a true chevy fuel pump not an auto zone brand and it will fix the prob i had the same thing happend to my ruck while driving to work i replaced it with an autozone brand and it went out on me again a month later but one from chevy and no probs since then hope this helps!

Whitney, TX

#92 Oct 26, 2009
I am currently about to start on a 98 chevy blazer project... No clue what the issue is as of yet - but decided to check recall info - and random issue boards.~ None the less- for the most of people on here who claim to have Fuel pressure- but irregular spark to no spark- check the crankshaft position sensor.
If the engine starts- runs - and then shortly dies - it is a fuel pressure issue - which can be effected by loose lines- and or clogged fuel filters.
If it starts up - and the rpms go from high to low - back and forth - your engine is hunting - check the Air flow sensors.
If you turn the key - hear a click - you have low battery / loose connection issues
If your battery is new or fully charged, yet after driving for a short time - the car dies - and all the lights and everything stop working - check the connections between the alternator and bat- or check to see if the alternator is even working...
Now - as to how to check some of these things...
To check fuel pressure - or pump - easy way - turn the key - listen for a whining sound followed by a click- or have someone open the gas cap and listen when the key is first turned on - you should hear a noise coming from the tank...
To check pressure its self - follow the fuel line to the engine compartment - you will find on it a plastic cap - much like the one that you would find on your car tire- but larger... Be sure that you are not looking at the AC lines!- This cap protects the schrader valve. After removed, you will see a pin head - while having the key in the on position - take a rag and something to gently depress this pin- dont hold it - just press and release - you should see a sudden spurt of fuel - if nothing - then there is no pressure in the line.
To check your bat - get a voltmeter - set on DC current and touch the poles on the battery - you should see 12volts displayed - now while holding the meter- have someone try to crank the engine - when the key is turned on - the volts will drop to around 11.6+ when turned to the start position - the volts will drop again to around9+... When engine is running the volts will jump up to 13+, due to the Alternator charging... Im tired of typing - if looking for any advice shoot me a email - i might be of some help... [email protected]

Ashland, KY

#93 Nov 7, 2009
jeff wrote:
louise, I forgot one important part,,,my blazer became hard to start and as the months wore on it took three or four times plus my foot half way pushing on the accelerator. It then began shutting off when I would come to a stop. Finally one day it would not start, and then did three hours later. I can not say 100% we have the same problem ,,, but a friend of mine has a 97 blazer and had the same problem. Luckly he had a non dealer mechanic that change the requlator for him. The mechanic owned a 99 blazer and had the same problem!!! Thought I should mention how I arrived at the requlator.
Hey man i got a 97 blazier and i had the same problem with mine not starting. I changed all the stuff you did and still had the same exact problem you had. You want to know what ended up fixing it? I know this sounds crazy but i bought a new battery and i'v never had the problem since.
Brandon Christensen

Greene, IA

#94 Jan 4, 2010
my 1997 Chevy Blazer backfires when trying to start it. it started when it got cold out. had coil pack tested, it tested fine. if you keep messing with it for a good 45min to and hour it will usually start. but you have to keep jumper cables on it. Does anyone know what the problem could be? also the 4 wheel drive dont work. if you push any of the 4x4 buttons you can hear something engaging. but 4 wheel drive does not work. i got it to lock in twice but only stayed locked in for about 20 Feet. Any one know?
Brandon Christensen

Greene, IA

#95 Jan 4, 2010
couple things i forgot to add in my problem. is the it has new fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel regulator, and 3 new injecters.

United States

#96 Jan 12, 2010
Try the cap and rotor. Had the same problem a few years back and again this year. Moisture gets in and frys the damn thing. Its a chevy thing. Anyways, that keeps the sparks from sparking so it cranks (good battery and starter) but doesn't start. Cheap fix, you can do it yourself with only a few tools. Good luck.

Morrisville, PA

#97 Feb 4, 2010
ok ever one we all no that we all have the same problem so u should jus stop writing the same sh!@ over again n maybe some one should try to fix the f#$kin problem u a$$h&le none of u have helped me n i have the same problem thanks for the waste of time

Goodyear, AZ

#98 Feb 7, 2010
I have a 98 Chevy Blazer, I just rebuilt from the camshaft Up, Now once i hook up the Battery the parking lights front and Back start flashing, I am not getting any power to the starter and the head lights are not working. When I turn the Key NOTHING. all the fuses look good any advise e mail me please [email protected]

Goldsboro, NC

#99 Feb 10, 2010
Heather wrote:
i have a 98 jimmy with 157,000 miles and it will start sometimes like one day it will start and the next it wont and i changed the plugs and thefuel pump does anybody know what i could do next or has this happend to you? i really need to know.
hello check all your grounds

Goldsboro, NC

#100 Feb 10, 2010
check all your gounds on the jimmy

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