97 Chevy Blazer Will Not Start

Chicago, IL

#41 Oct 15, 2007
louise, I forgot one important part,,,my blazer became hard to start and as the months wore on it took three or four times plus my foot half way pushing on the accelerator. It then began shutting off when I would come to a stop. Finally one day it would not start, and then did three hours later. I can not say 100% we have the same problem ,,, but a friend of mine has a 97 blazer and had the same problem. Luckly he had a non dealer mechanic that change the requlator for him. The mechanic owned a 99 blazer and had the same problem!!! Thought I should mention how I arrived at the requlator.

Lilliwaup, WA

#42 Oct 16, 2007
help need advice havi a 1997 chevy blazer battery gos dead every day will jump it to start and will work for a couple of hours but then it gos dead and wont start any solutions please very much in need of assistance!!!!!!!!!!

Saint Louis, MO

#43 Oct 21, 2007
jeff wrote:
<quoted text>
The good news is it is a $60.00 part called the fuel pressure requlator. Bad new is the dealers will not change it and opt to change the complete fuel meter body. They fiqure by the time they pull the upper intake manifold, and remove all the crap associated with removing the manifold it is safer to replace the meter body. The fuel meter body has to be removed from the bracket and slightly turned. This is due to the fact you have to make sure you get the old regulators screen and o'rings out. Sometime the injector tubes crack from age and heat damage, but the main reason is they do not want to put it all back together and it is a bad meter .The meter body costs about $600.00 bucks. Big difference. I went through the ringer before I did my own research and changed it myself. I Paid bigtime. The dealer went through the code game and a "cold air" sensor was what the faults said,,,well guess what it wasnt. We then changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs, wires, distributor, so on. I hit the internet and found replys from mechanics that said the fuel pressure requlator may have a leaky diaphram. I took a Saturday afternoon and began.Get yourself an upper manifold gasket set, metric deepwell sockets, towels and fire exstinquisher. GM had a brilliant electrical engineer decide to make the wire harness too damn tight and lay directly over the manifold, but you can negotiate it out of the way. ONE WORD OF ADVICE! do not pull the fuel tubings out of the meter body,,,take the time and undo them at the fuel rail connection. Take the extra step. IF you remove them out of the body and bend themslightly,,they will leak when you put them back in. Not a bad job,,,but not as easy as some posters on other sites made it out to be. Put everything back together completely, including the air cleaner. NOt like the old days, the S10 will not start with even as much as one vac. hose left off. I bet it starts the first time.
Jeff we had the same problem as you but we could start our blazer with ether and it would run fine and would start up immediately up after we shut it off. But if is sat for a little while would not start. We were told it was the regulator so we changed and now it will not start acts like not getting any fuel now. My question is could it be the fuel pump not be putting out enough fuel pressure now to handle the new regulator. I read somewhere that it might be the fuel pressure switch? Where is that located and if you have the Vortech engine does it even have one?
Thanks to all who might be able to help.

Toronto, Canada

#44 Nov 1, 2007
I have a 97 Chevy Blazer as well.... At 140 000 Km the engine blew!! I got a rebuilt engine put in a new alternator, a new battery all was fine for about a week now the battery continually dies and I need to jump the truck. What a pain! I had the alternator check its fine, so where is the draw coming from? This is going to be like finding a needle in a hay stack. So frustrating after spending that much money on a truck to be fixed and its not! Any help would be appreciated. Email me at [email protected] Thanks

Lake City, AR

#45 Nov 20, 2007
keith ruml wrote:
i have a 97 blazer and it wont start. it turns over but wont fire. The fuel pump is good and so is the coil. whne i get in to try to start it none of the dash lights turn on but i dont know if it is the ignition or what to check next. anybody have some advise?
stick a peice of wire in one side of the 20amp fuse side and find another 20amp fuse to connect the other end to. you have to find a 20amp fuse that will not power with the swich off. sounds like you have the same problem as i have. the lights shoud now come on one side of you fuse box is dead. email me when you have power at [email protected]

Haverhill, MA

#46 Nov 30, 2007
i have a 97 blazer. the heater gets warm but only periodically blows any air. What could be the problem?

Saint Paul, MN

#47 Nov 30, 2007
I would say check the ground at the block and check both of the battery connections for corrosion. My blazer would get lights and everything but the starter would not turn. I found alot of corrosion under the positive battery terminal even though the outside of the terminal was fine. I also removed, cleaned, and re-attached the grounds from the battery to the block and body and i do not seem to have the problem any more.(I did this yesterday. Why always when it gets cold!)

Newark, OH

#48 Dec 2, 2007
1995 Chevy Blazer Wont Start!!!! Got out of car and turned it off left for five minutes. Came back and shut the door the starter started cranking without the key being turned, it stopped, then I was able to start it. I drove home now it wont start at all. New battery and altenator.

Urbana, OH

#49 Jan 22, 2008
brad 97 blazer wrote:
how did you fix the problem with yours and what cause the problem with yours<quoted text>
replace the ignition box under the key switch i had same problem.somtimes you can tap on the box with something and it will temperaily will work but you will contiue to have problems. there is a tumbler inside this box which when the key is turned will actuate certain components in your vehicle. good luck.

Urbana, OH

#50 Jan 22, 2008
try the black box below your ignition switch. tap on it with something this may work temperarily but eventually you will need to replace this unit for about 85 pending on your location and store. good luck

Urbana, OH

#51 Jan 22, 2008
i have an issue with my vehicle. it will start but is only running on 3 cyl. the other three cylinders are not recieving fuel. the funny thing is this happened all at once very odd. the code it puts out is p0300 mulp. cyl. misfire. my question is what controls the firing of the inj.i dont think it has any relays i think the comm. controls it but unsure.motor manual is very viege on the poppet type sys. scefi sys.? thank you

Grand Rapids, MI

#52 Feb 6, 2008
I have a 2000 zr2. I have crank but no start problem. I saw the coil wire arcing so i replaced it . That didnt fix it. I replaced the coil too. I checked for spark and now i got nothing...Please , any help would be great..

Grand Rapids, MI

#53 Feb 6, 2008
dan wrote:
i have a 97 blazer. the heater gets warm but only periodically blows any air. What could be the problem?
Whats ive found with a lot of blazers with poor heat is too pull the hoses off the heater core and flush them one way then the other.They seem to clog up.Both times i did this it fixed the problem

Altmar, NY

#54 Mar 10, 2008
i wrote previos about an 1997 chevy blazer and parts ive replaced ,just wondering if antone can help

Columbus, OH

#55 Mar 13, 2008
I've got a 97 blazer 4x4. Same problem as the rest of you folks. Replaced the Battery, Alternator, Coil, plugs, wires, and dead. Will not start. The dealer has it now. They are beside themselves. It will start, but only if it has 14 volts. No less! I'll post back when we figure this thing out.

Tonawanda, NY

#56 Apr 1, 2008

1. First my 97 blazer would not start when it was
30 degrees out BUT would start when it was 0 degrees... IT TURNED OUT TO BE A O2 SENSOR THAT CONTROLS MIXTURE AT START I GUESS.


2. After about 15 minutes of driving warmup... my truck would go into a "governed mode" i.e., pressing the gas would do little to get it going faster... after about 15 to 30 seconds... all of a sudden the R's would jump up and it would run just fine... I HAVE JUST BEEN TOLD BY A MAINTENANCE MAN I WORK WITH HE HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE THE " FUEL BLOCK SENSOR" JUST UNDER THE CARB BODY. IT IS A COIL TYPE SENSOR. Iy not a cheep job ~$200 since the
carb has to come off etc.



Black Creek, WI

#57 Jun 4, 2008
So my 94 blazer wont start. It cranks over and everything. I tried to jump it and that didnt work. I also changed the fuel filter, still nothing... The person who I bought it from said he changed the fuel pump. Anyone got ideas of what it could be? Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks

Since: Mar 08

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#58 Jun 18, 2008
Got a 96 Chevy Blazer. It will turn over but wont get enough fire to start. Come to find out that my cavity 9 fuse keeps blowing out. I did the coil wrap around to it but it will only do it for a second and cut off until it wouldnt do it anymore. I cant imagine anything else being wrong besides something with the fuse box...sound familiar?

Lincoln Park, MI

#59 Jul 4, 2008
my chevy wont start for about a week now i tried the starter the spider fuel injector the battery the ignition coil just about every thing if you have any ideas just email me at [email protected]

United States

#60 Aug 22, 2008
started my blazer backed out of drive and died--turns over but will not fire up--tightend up battery cables tried again and still will not fire up

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