Trouble filling gas tank

Athens, TX

#163 Aug 25, 2009
k# 1 shops make money buy keeping customers coming i know i own wifes 1999 toyota did this i replaces the charcoal canister ant the vacume lines must do is cause by over fueling the gas runs threw the vents dissolves the lower graded houses making the inner walls swell thus causing a cloged line...must be replaced then the fuel gets in the vacume canaster clogging more shit replace both fyi check the sock filter on your fuel pump it will be black or dark brow...theres the replace that and the secondary fuel filter while your at me it will work if it dont email me at [email protected]..ill give you shop estaments for others or ill fix it in mine completly free...everyone needs transportation

Dayton, OH

#164 Sep 7, 2009
Bill L wrote:
<quoted text>
No, the fuel gage works. I can fill it and drive for a couple days ( 300 miles ) and go to the gas station and I cannot put gas in. I can only fill the tube that leads to the tank. The gas spills out and sits there. It won't go down. I have the car at the dealer now.
hey i have a 2003 ford ranger and i had the same problem its nothing clogged in your filler neck or anything there are two things that you need to do or have done. first pull your gas tank down to where its on the ground once u have done that you will have a valve located on the top of your gas tank either use your finger or a screw driver and push in on it and then let it close back keep working the valve back and forth once you have done that there is a little plastic vent line on the back side of the tank if you have an air compressor blow through it with that if not u can just use your mouth but im going to warn you when you are pulling the tank down be extremely careful with that plastic vent line because its really brittle and snaps with very little pressure at all and they are expensive i broke mine today and had to pay 145 for a new one but that is what your problem is and its really annoying you can only drizzle gas into the tank and stand at the pump for half hour filling the thing up but thats your problem good luck ill check back incase you didnt understand somthing

Boynton Beach, FL

#165 Sep 7, 2009
I finally got mine fixed!!! 2002 Sonata. It started to get worse and I was afraid I would get stranded during one of my long trips if I could not put gas in it. What Gary and Bayon are saying is correct, but sometimes the charcoal canister and the valve need to be replaced. I know that I over paid because I went to the dealer, but the job can be done for half the price. I paid $500.00, but after all these months, it just got too bad to handle and drive safely and securely. If you can't do it yourself, take your car to a small shop, not the dealer like I did (unless you have a warantee that covers it), because the dealer will charge you twice what it should be! Get estimates and compare! Good luck to you all!
Tony M

Tampa, FL

#166 Sep 17, 2009
Well I see it has been a couple of years since these posts has anyone found a solution to thier problem. I raplaced the canister, purge valve and everything around the canister. Has anyone checked out the check valve or cut-off valve. I was wondering either of those would cause a problem with filling thee tank. I drive a 2000 Hyundai Elantra.
Joe B

Harrisburg, PA

#167 Oct 3, 2009
I had the same problem with a 2002 Saturn Vue. I took it to the dealer. They said the vent was clogged. They blew it out and sent me home, no charge. Took about 10 minutes. Works fine now.
Dan A

Morristown, NJ

#168 Oct 7, 2009
My 2009 Saturn Aura had the same problem and the dealer claimed a "spider nest" was preventing fuel from properly entering the tank, giving the fuel fill nozzle a faulty pressure signal.
My first reaction was pure laughter. And then I asked "Let me guess, the muffler bearing is shot, too??!!"
My car has only 4900 miles on it! Then they gave me a Chevy Aveo as a rental overnight!!=(
How does a spider nest grow large enough, in one week, to cause an issue with a fuel pump that's pushing like 15-20 GPM of fuel? Must be a tiny vent hole. And why did they need to keep my car for 24-hours?
FYI - maybe it's been explained in the last 2 years this post has been alive, but, that charcaol cannister is a hydrocarbon absorber (HCA). It absorbs gas fumes and prevents them from being emitted into the atmosphere. It's a CARB / EPA thing (LEV II, PZEV, etc). On most newer cars / trucks, there's an HCA in the air intake box right next to your air filter.
Cathy J

Madison, WI

#169 Oct 12, 2009
I am starting to have trouble filling up my 2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS. I seem to be OK when using regular gas, which is hard to find in Wisconsin. When I use ethanol gas I have problems.

Boynton Beach, FL

#170 Oct 12, 2009
Your situation will get worse all by itself, no matter what you use.

If you car is under warrantee, ask the dealer what is cover on the warrantee to do this job. IF IT IS NOT COVERED 100%, then try to go to a trusted local mechanic to get it done. I paid the dealer and I got ripped off because that's how dealers work. Their labor is more expensive and they use manufacturers' parts all of which make the job much more expensive. You will need the charcoal canister replaced as well as 2 or 3 valves, depending on the car.
I kept waiting until I almost could not make it home one day because I could not put gas in the car.
Good luck to you!

Elizabeth, NJ

#171 Oct 13, 2009
Ford Focus -- same problem...but we actually have a ton of spiders running around on it. Yellow sac spiders to be exact....they come from the trees...shrubs...anywhere. The term 'webs' is a bit misleading though...they actually make little sacks, thus the name. It appears that these sacks are what stay behind and clog up these vent lines. So, it isn't as far-fetched as you might think. Especially if you see an abnormally large amount of spiders on or near your car. Will update with the "official" mechanic verdit soon.

Sudbury, Canada

#172 Oct 24, 2009
2007 ford escape......same problems with the gas tank, has anyone asked about a recall to a ford dealer as it can be very frustrating especially in colder temperatures.......please advise.....

Fort Mill, SC

#173 Oct 27, 2009
we have a 1999 BMW 740i with the spider in the fuel tank, yep its true. This spider thrives on the gas fumes, the even nest in the fuel lines. The fuel will not go into the tank or goes very, very slow. The fuel tank will also make a donging noise because it cannot breath. The real kicker is if you change the tank and are getting the spiders from fuel pumps or they are indigoes to your area you may have to do it again.

United States

#174 Nov 6, 2009
I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra having gas gauge and filling problems last summer to the point I couldn't put gas in the tank. I had my mechanic look at it and he replaced the sensor in the tank for around $600 and it worked fine for a little over a year. Now of course the part is out of warranty and my gas gauge is not reading properly again, but I can still put gas in it, for now. I took it back to him and he told me Nissan has some "kit" available for the gas tank for the cost of $750 to fix the problem. I'm looking for an alternative to spending that kind of money again. Could use some advice.

Edson, Canada

#175 Nov 9, 2009
I am having the same issue with my 2004 f-150. I know that it cannot be spiders as I live and work in northern canada. spiders are all dead or hibernating. I have taken off the box and dicovered that the fill line and the vent line are all clean. something with the tank. must be.


#176 Nov 9, 2009
I have posted this before, but I am doing it again for those who did not read it!!!


There are foour parts that needed to be replaced on my car (2002 Hyundai Sonata). I feel that I was "taken" because I went to the dealer and not my personal mechanic who could have done it for 1/2 of the $500.00 the dealer charged me.

The problem is THE CHARCOAL CANISTER!!! The pieces begin to brake and clog the fuel line, preventing the gas from entering the tank!!!

Some other people have offered similar advice on this column since this summer. Look some of those up and see if they agree with what you had done.

Good luck!

Chewelah, WA

#177 Nov 18, 2009
I've had the same problem with an 02 Accent - was told by the dealer it could be a venting issue, but that a diagnostic would run about $85 to determine what the exact cause it. It scares me... I can just see this issue running into the hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately with winter coming on it is the biggest pain in the rear end having to stand there and hold the pump at a trickle. The guy at Hyundai did mention that you usually get a check engine light - which I haven't seen yet. And of course this is no longer a warrant issue. Oh poo!

Fargo, ND

#178 Dec 14, 2009
2005 Ford Escape - It takes a very long time to fill the tank. We are taking into the dealership this week. It's kinda embarasing sitting at the Pump clicking away for 15-20 min just to fill the tank. Not to mention the Below zero temps. Sure hope we don't have to pay for this fix since we just replaced the transmition.

Milwaukee, WI

#179 Dec 30, 2009
My 2006 Ford Escape just started to do the same thing as the gas pump. Took it to the dealership today, the strap holding the fuel vent pipe broke and the pipe is facing the front instead of the back, completely packed with snow and ice. I originally thought that the flapper at the top of the tank where the fuel nozzle goes in, came off and is blocking the line somewhere, the mechanic told me that my vehicle doesn't have a flapper valve (well, duh, I just told you that I think it came off) they told me that it never did have one. I bought this vehicle new in 2006 and could swear that it did have a flapper. I hope that this strap and cleaning out the vent pipe solves the problem. Cost $150, now fighting with extended warrantee people about covering this. Sounds like a design flaw with the various makes and models of vehicles that this is happening to.
Jeremy in PA

Pittsburgh, PA

#180 Jan 11, 2010
Darren B wrote:
Same problem with my 1999 Ford Ranger. It started about two months ago. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill the gas tank because the nozzle continues to shut-off (like it is full) and I know it is not. I have to barely squeeze the handle or it will shut off, and I can't even lock the handle in the slowest position. Not a great scenario when it is 10 degrees outside. The nozzle must be sensing a back-pressure (like the tank was full) and shutting off, but I can't figure out why it started recently.
I am experiencing the same problems with my 2005 Jeep Liberty. I afraid to take it to the dealer because they are going to charge me an arm and a leg just to look at it.

Fort Nelson, Canada

#181 Jan 14, 2010
I had the same issue with my 2006 Ford Escape. Apparently Ford had to make a modified part because it was having these issues. When you call Ford though they have no record or any history of any problems with the filling of gas tanks even though they had to make a modified part! Seems they just don't want to take responsibility and cover the cost of replacing. I have under 90,000 km on the car and feel that if it didn't work and they had to manufacture a new part they should cover the cost. It cost me $350. to repair and they wanted to charge me $100. to look at it to see what the problem was.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#182 Jan 25, 2010
Becca wrote:
I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata and have been having the same problem for about a month or two. Nobody seems to know what to do about it and look at me like I am crazy when I try to explain my situation. I am glad that I'm not alone, but hope we all find an answer soon.
I just bought a 1999 sonata,experiencing same problem. I try topump in the gas but it keeps shuting off.
To many of us R having this problem.????Phil

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