Trouble filling gas tank
Carl D


#61 Aug 7, 2007
I have a 2001 Toyota 4runner. Today I had a problem filling it. Went to 2 gas stations and I could only get gas in it by letting it dribble in a little a a time as it kept shutting off. Researching this; it sounds like this is not a rare occurance. Not sure what to do about it.
john boud


#62 Aug 7, 2007
my 2001 chevy astro has the fill problem it takes me 30 min to fill up tank at all the new stations this seem like it started after i put in new fuel gage in tank i wish someone would have an answer_______________
Eunice Leary


#63 Aug 28, 2007
I have the same problem in Albuquerque, NM. I have a 2006 Pontiac Vibe and the pump shuts off after about $1.37. I previously owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1997 (it was totaled in 2006) and the same thing happened at the pump. I took the Jeep to the dealer and they looked at me like I was just f---g stupid. They said nothing about spider webbs however. I don't get it. I don't see how spiders can live in there either.
c m Diehl

Fairbanks, AK

#64 Sep 22, 2007
I might as well get in on this slow filling gas tank problem too. I have a 1995 VW Eurovan. Dealer replaced the gas tank and gas gauge. Neither fixed the problem, 15 mins. to fill up if I get the nozzle in the exact position so it won't shut off. I thought I had the only vehicle with this problem! Glad to read I'm in good company...

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#65 Sep 25, 2007
2006 Ford focus - gas pump shuts off every $1 or so. Dealership says i is caused by a bend in the tube going to the gas tank. There is a part that can be ordered to fix this.

Astoria, NY

#66 Oct 2, 2007

Dallas, TX

#67 Oct 21, 2007
same problem with 1999 Hyundai Elantra.
Lost in Washington

Stanwood, WA

#68 Oct 24, 2007
We have a 01 Ford Focus the 1st time we had problems with putting gas in the tank the car would just die and we start it again finally it just quit running all together. The dealer had it towed in and they said it was the charcoal canister was gas soaked. They said we filled the tank to full. we have always just stopped when it clicked off or rounded it to the next dollar.
Well 40,000 miles later the problem returned it took about a 1/2 hour to fill a 11 gallon tank and the car started die when we were stopped. the car is still under warrenty but with the deductable it was cheaper to replace the charcoal canister my self. it wasn't to hard to do and when I was finished I went to the gas station and filled it up. yea haw it worked great. now I went and filled it again tonight and the problem is coming back and I used the same pump I used to fill it 2 days ago so I am now lost, it had better not be the canister again that was a 107 bucks. so I will find out the next time I fill it up if it keeps doing it. I may try one pump first and if it does it again I will move to another pump to finish filling it up to see if that fixes the problem.
It sound to me like the manufactures are setting us up to have repair bills that we should have.
this is driving me crazy.
Lost in Washington

Stanwood, WA

#69 Oct 24, 2007
mjmanuel wrote:
2006 Ford focus - gas pump shuts off every $1 or so. Dealership says i is caused by a bend in the tube going to the gas tank. There is a part that can be ordered to fix this.
So what is the part and how much is it?

Coxs Creek, KY

#70 Oct 30, 2007
I have had the same problem with a 03 dodge ram
Took it to the dealer $81.00 later ,same story spider web in my vent.Good luck I think we all need it

United States

#71 Nov 7, 2007
I have an 89 Ranger truck, which I realize is a Ford, but I was having the same problem as the rest of you.

It reached a point where I couldn't pump into either tank. I resorted to a hose and funnel. It seems to have opened up the rear tank. But the front tank no go, and every time I pulled the hose out it came back with white nylon/plastic type fibers attached to it. Perhaps this accounts for the spider web stories. I am thinking these tanks have some sort of plastic bladder, which degrades.

Hixson, TN

#72 Nov 24, 2007
I drive a Nissan and was having the same problem. So I searched some other sites and found this - "The Fuel Cut Off Control Valve (Evaporation Control Valve) recently went on my 1998 Nissan Altima. It made the gas pump shut off even at the slowest filling speed (a huge pain) and it also caused the "Service Engine Soon" light to come on. Replacing the valve was easy, cheap ($40) and it solved the fuel refill problem."

Platte, SD

#73 Nov 26, 2007
I'v just had this happen with my '98 Chevy Malibu. Check engine light has been on for a couple of weeks. This was the first time I've had the trouble filling the tank. Shows near empty...and I know it is...but even when I tried to fill slowly it came out like it was full.

Random Lake, WI

#74 Dec 1, 2007
Thats good, those spiders must travel to all brands of vehicles. I have a 2004 Avalanche with the same problem. It sure is frustating. I pulled the vent line and cleaned to no success. I can only think of a filler problem. My tank pressurizes for the fuel pump, because I have a large amount of vacuum when I open my gas cap.
Can anyone tell me what is going on.

Fairfax, VA

#75 Dec 12, 2007
Just purchased a 2004 Focus and I also can't get gas into very quickly. Even on the lowest flow rate and several different stations and pums the same thing happens. Takes 10 minutes to put 12 gallons in the tank.
Crowning Vicki


#76 Dec 24, 2007
Prior to having difficulty getting gas into my 92 Crown Victoria, I experienced the following:
1) There was a loud hissing noise of air escaping from the tank when I took the cover off. The next day the gas guage went from empty to past full and stayed in that position. Since then it is difficult to put gas in. Any suggestions?

Grand Blanc, MI

#77 Jan 17, 2008
google 2002 sonata there are recalls about the gas tanks
James J

Sterling Heights, MI

#78 Jan 20, 2008
I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner that will only take gas, at a very slow rate, during a fill up. I can fill up, but it will take quite a while. Some how, I'm going to add a air tube with a larger circumference in the fill up tube. If that doesn,t help, the only thing I can think of, the tank it self must be vented. A check valve must be installed in the top of the tank.
James J

Sterling Heights, MI

#79 Jan 20, 2008
Some how vent the gas tank it self. install a check valve in the top of the gas tank. No recalls ? There is Something wrong in to many systems, not to have an explanation. Some one out there knows the answer

Chicopee, MA

#80 Feb 12, 2008
same thing happening with my ford truck.i think it has something to do with it not venting properly.

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