Trouble filling gas tank

Miami, FL

#308 Dec 1, 2011
I have a jeep Cherokee and I also have problems filling it with gas. I like to think with car designers working on making cars better they would find a way to make pumping gas easier. It is a major pain in the rear just to try to fill up with gas.

Hamilton, Canada

#309 Dec 4, 2011
I have a 2000 Impalla and this problem happened to my wife a couple of weeks ago. Just thought she was having a bad day because she went to another station and filled up no problem.
Then this morning we were going out and had to fill up and I had the same problem. The gas was just filling the fill tube and that was it...$1.18 worth.
It's Sunday so all the garages are closed so went to CTC explained the problem and they looked at me as if I had two heads. I went home and got a long piece of #2 wire and started shoving it down the fill tube to the gas tank, felt a little resistance and gave it a good push and with a huge whooosh got a GAS SHOWER. It was like I opened an air valve and it blew all the gas in the fill pipe out all over myself and the driveway.
I went out and filled the car with no problem.
I can't tell you why this worked but it did. I will have it checked in the morning but for now I have gas......

Picton, Canada

#310 Dec 5, 2011
dodge caravan flexfuel

Tucson, AZ

#311 Dec 5, 2011
2002 Dodge Caravan SE cannot be filled with gas, fueling stops after very short period of time, wait a minute, try again - put in a little more - try again,etc. stops fueling as if tank is full, even though tank is low. New tank and new line are on the car yet the problem has come back after about two weeks.

Muenster, TX

#312 Dec 6, 2011
My 2004 Avalanche takes forever to pump gas in then yesterday it would not take any gas ...Does anyone know what the problem is and how to correct it?

Victoria Harbour, Canada

#313 Dec 6, 2011
Ijust had my fuel pump replaced cost 1700. have 2004 trailblazer now I can,t ll the tank at normal speed verry slow pump keeps cutting out what could be the problem
Eden Kid

Ellendale, ND

#314 Dec 7, 2011
I've driven a Silverado that does it at gas stations but at our private pump it occationally works. I recently bought a 2006 Impala and it also is doing it. My only thought is the speed of the pump.

Clearfield, PA

#315 Dec 8, 2011
I have the same prob with my 98 Suzuki swift it won't let me put any fuel in the car it comes right back out anyone figure out what the hell is going on
Frustrated Escape Owner

United States

#316 Dec 9, 2011
Ann wrote:
07 Escape and I have the same problem. Brought it into dealer a year ago. Now, it is doing the same thing again. Called for an appointment and was told it was in my file that it was "spiders nesting" and that is what is blocking the fuel entrance. Do not believe they mentioned that last year. Too weird not to remember. But there was also a part they replaced. I believe they discounted my repair.
Anyway, have an appointment this week. I saw on a site that Mazda recalled one of its models for this issue. Wonder what Ford will do. Going to call corporate this week.
Could you let us know what Ford did for you? I have an '06 Escape doing the same thing. Thanks for anything you can offer.

Philadelphia, PA

#317 Dec 14, 2011
Having the same problem with my 2007 Nissan Xterra
for about 2 weeks now. I was tald there is water in my tank and I'm wondering how it got there.

Youngsville, NC

#318 Dec 22, 2011
same thing happens to me (intermittently - though today was the latest) with my 07 Mustang. Gauge shows low, gas won't flow. It's not the gauge. My next fill-up may go OK but I haven't seen any analysis that answers the symptoms.

Since: Jan 12

Pomona, CA

#319 Jan 3, 2012
i have the same problem on my 2004 chevy Tahoe,will not take fuel

Peoria, AZ

#320 Jan 6, 2012
c m Diehl wrote:
I might as well get in on this slow filling gas tank problem too. I have a 1995 VW Eurovan. Dealer replaced the gas tank and gas gauge. Neither fixed the problem, 15 mins. to fill up if I get the nozzle in the exact position so it won't shut off. I thought I had the only vehicle with this problem! Glad to read I'm in good company...
we had the same with our 2002 eurovan. We were on a 2,0000 mile road trip and dreaded putting gas in the tank. We searched the internet for a solution but could not find one. We pulled in the garage on empty and let the van sit for 1 month, to busy to fix. When used the van next we had no trouble filling the tank in couple of minutes.. We determined that storing the van on empty or no more than 1/2 tank resolved our problem at have not had any trouble since.

Brantley, AL

#321 Jan 13, 2012
Darren B wrote:
Same problem with my 1999 Ford Ranger. It started about two months ago. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill the gas tank because the nozzle continues to shut-off (like it is full) and I know it is not. I have to barely squeeze the handle or it will shut off, and I can't even lock the handle in the slowest position. Not a great scenario when it is 10 degrees outside. The nozzle must be sensing a back-pressure (like the tank was full) and shutting off, but I can't figure out why it started recently.
Im having the same problem with my 99 chevy silverado. I have to fill it very slow or gas will overflow onto the ground even when im on E. The only thing i can come up with is that pressure not being vented from the tank is keeping me from fillin up properly. the overflow of gas has striped the chrome from my trim under the gas cap. REALLY ANNOYING PROBLEM SINCE I HAVE A 26 GALLON TANK!!!!

Barrie, Canada

#322 Jan 16, 2012
Having issue with my 02 Chevy s10 been doing it for a few weeks will only let me pump about $2 then pump with stop then I repeat takes 20 min to fill the tank

Austin, TX

#323 Jan 19, 2012
Had the same problem with my `02 sable the problem seemed to clear itself. I believe it was a clogged charcoal canister.
Chevy cavalier 2002

Cincinnati, OH

#324 Jan 29, 2012
someone sugared my tank about six Months back, everything is fine, I've had to replace the fuel filter a couple times, cause it wouldn't start. Gas goes in slow, it's a pain when there are new gas pumps, I have a couple places but anyway. My mechanic says I'm going to have to drop the tank and replace it. He replaced the fuel pipe, and that didn't fix it. Im just grateful that it will take gas, and that the sugar didn't mess my motor up.

Scarborough, Canada

#325 Jan 30, 2012
H have a 2004 Mazda 3 sport,
stupid problem, can't pump any more gas than about 20 cents at a time. does anyone have an actual fix for it? It's cold out and sucks pumping for half an hour. Plus every gas station thinks you are having problems with their pump and harass you.

Miami, FL

#326 Jan 30, 2012
yea i have a 2008 pt cruiser and the exact same thing happens to me it just started today ! pleas help !!

Québec, Canada

#327 Feb 6, 2012
Hi had the same problem under your car is a little black box it's use for fume return and it got stuck close mine was open so i could still fill my car cost around 200.00 and if you look around which i didn't be cheaper

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