Trouble filling gas tank
john sweeney

United States

#224 Aug 20, 2010
Danny just find the purge canister take off the car vacuum out all hoses with wet dry vac then vac out just a little of the charcoal out of the canister put back together should work fine now.
Danny wrote:
2003 Kia Sorento . My mom thinks I'm crazy. I just bought the truck from her and told her about the near inability to pump gas into it. Extremely frustrating watching several gallons of fuel spill down the paint job onto the ground at $3.00+ a gallon. Glad it's not winter. Who knows the answer??
john sweeney

United States

#225 Aug 20, 2010
The purge canister gets full of gas vapors and swells up the charcoal in the can so you have to take it off and clean all hoses with vac and take just a little of the charcoal out and put back together it well work fine .
Larry wrote:
My 2002 Hyundai Accent at 198,000 miles started doing the same. The pump nozzle shuts off every 30 cents or so, as though the air being disipated out of the tank while filling is being restricted, causing a backup that the pump senses & shuts off. I also am smelling gas when the windows are open, but no gas leak is visable.
I guess I'm going to have to get under the car, remove the straps that hold the gas tank up and find the line(s) to the charcoal canaster and repair/replace or throw it out.
Dan Bonnett

Uxbridge, Canada

#226 Aug 25, 2010
smucky wrote:
Thats good, those spiders must travel to all brands of vehicles. I have a 2004 Avalanche with the same problem. It sure is frustating. I pulled the vent line and cleaned to no success. I can only think of a filler problem. My tank pressurizes for the fuel pump, because I have a large amount of vacuum when I open my gas cap.
Can anyone tell me what is going on.
What did you find wrong with your truck.
Dan Bonnett

Uxbridge, Canada

#227 Aug 25, 2010
What did you find to repair your problem
Durango Guardian

United States

#228 Aug 26, 2010
I could not fill my tank it kept shutting off like it was full. What happened was the little plastic piece that's in the fill neck broke loose and fell into the top of the gas tank. That piece would float up and down the fill neck shutting off the pump. The answer was to disconnect the main rubber fuel line and reach into the top of tank and remove the plastic piece that was blocking the fuel from going into the tank with a pair of needle nose pliers.
that saved me over $500 dollars for a new tank or a new fill neck.
I hope this helps
Durango Guardian


#229 Aug 26, 2010
There are 225 comments on this post. I posted for the first time just over a year ago. There may be more than one reason for this problem, however, the MOST COMMON problem is the charcoal canister that falls apart and does not allow the gas to go into the tank. Eventually, the problem will become so bad, that you will not be able to get any gas in it at all...and such was my case.

If you can do it yourself, or have a trusted mechanic, have the issue resolved ASAP!!! A mechanic will save you money over the dealership, which is where I took my car, unfortunately.

Good luck to all of you!

Lake Worth, FL

#230 Aug 26, 2010
Same problem with two cars, I have to fill them very slowly.
2000 Corolla

Raleigh, NC

#231 Sep 2, 2010
What a great thread!!

Last few months I have been unable to get gas into the Toyota without clicking off every 5 seconds until I found this thread and the one who posted

Last week I removed the gas filler tube and checked it and the vents for blockage - no luck.

Tonight I saw the video and pulled off the same tubes. No blockage there but there was a trace of red clay so I got a mirror and a flashlight and at night, shined the flashlight down into the fitting the tube was connected to... bingo... about an inch into the fitting a wall of red clay!
Mud Daubers!

I broke the wall with a thin screwdriver and put the hoses back together and drove to the gas station. With a fast pump I was able to fill no problem.

Case solved, thank you fellow netizens.
chris T

Valparaiso, IN

#232 Sep 7, 2010
I also have that same spider or something in my tank on a 2007 dodge nitro. Just started that last night.

Buffalo, NY

#234 Oct 18, 2010
I have a new 2010 Cobolt and it was fine for the first 3 months. The engine light came on so I took it to the shop, they said my gas cap was loose. By the time I got home light was back on, back in the shop today----------they said spiders/webs !!!!!!!
are you kidding me

Southold, NY

#235 Oct 21, 2010
I have a brand new 2010 Nissan Altima. When I try to fill it with gas it shuts off before full. Anyone else have this problem. Nissan put a new sensor in but it still does the same thing. Gas came gushing out but it does not say full. Please help.

Seminole, FL

#236 Nov 1, 2010
I have the same problem with my 04 avalanche. I am in Texas and not all the gas stations around DFW have those new environmental (Wako) frendly gas nozzles and those are the SOBS causing this $%#@. Withe the old fashioned nozzles I do not have this problem.
Jay Prince

Utica, MI

#237 Nov 5, 2010
clean out the vent tube, maybe 50.00. New vent tube 200.00. Take your pick. That will take care of your filling up problem.
Bill S

Bradenton, FL

#238 Nov 6, 2010
Just recently turn my 03 Hyundai XG350 over to my daughter, who just recently started having the same issues with trying to put gas in the tank. Took it to a repair shop - who said they put it up on the rack and could not find anything (such as dented in tank, etc.). They took it to the gas station and was able to put $40 in tank?? Got car back and still having issue with only being able to put a little gas in before it shuts off or spills out. HELP - never heard of such a thing.

Galesburg, IL

#239 Nov 16, 2010
my daughter can stand there for a hour putting gas in and then most of it is on the ground or on her please help!!

Stanton, TN

#240 Nov 17, 2010
I have just bought a 1995 cadillac deville and can not get the gas to go in. It splashes back out. Help!!
Gas Head

Sun Peaks, Canada

#241 Nov 24, 2010
Yep. I've got the SAME problem with my '05 Ford Freestar. It has been going on for about 3 months now, and getting worse and worse (due to the cold weather????) I'd love to find out what the heck is going on! If I have any good results from any ideas, I'll post them!

New Hyde Park, NY

#242 Dec 2, 2010
I'm having the same problem with my 2007 Ford Escape. Every few seconds the gas pump stops, I wait a few seconds and start again. Like the rest of you - this is misery. I went to a full serve station - most of the gas ended up on the ground as the attendant left the hose to serve others!

I think that Durango Guardian got it right! Mine is missing the metal piece that used to cover the opening. I'm sure it's down in the tube somewhere blocking the flow!!

Now, how to fix it???

Since: Feb 10

Brookline, NH

#243 Dec 3, 2010
"Now, how to fix it??? "

Durango Guardian told you how to fix it in the same post (#228).

New Hyde Park, NY

#244 Dec 3, 2010
mcthumber - thanks for your quip. It might as well be Greek to me. I'm a female that lacks car fixing skills ☺!

I'd have no idea how to "disconnect the main rubber fuel line and reach into the top of tank and remove the plastic piece that was blocking the fuel from going into the tank with a pair of needle nose pliers."

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