Trouble filling gas tank
mike k

Garland, TX

#204 Apr 6, 2010
I've done pest control for 30 years no way is this possible unless it went for a long time without gas, all of the older pesticides used petroleum distillates,(the part that made them wiggle) which killed the much faster than the pesticide themselves so my two cents say impossible dirt crap from cheep gas refinement yea!!!!

United States

#205 Apr 19, 2010
2003 Kia Sorento . My mom thinks I'm crazy. I just bought the truck from her and told her about the near inability to pump gas into it. Extremely frustrating watching several gallons of fuel spill down the paint job onto the ground at $3.00+ a gallon. Glad it's not winter. Who knows the answer??


#206 Apr 19, 2010
I live in FL, but can tell you that winter will not make a difference, for the better or worse!

There are a lot of ideas here of what it could be. Mine was a broken charcoal filter and a few other things!

Stone Mountain, GA

#207 Apr 24, 2010
I have a 94 Ranger that takes me 25 minutes to put $21 of gas in at [email protected] I just had the fuel pump replaced 1 week ago. This problem started the day before I had the fuel pump replaced.
The shop is saying they will have to go to the junk yard and get the hose that connects to the gas tank or something. Any ideas on what this is and should I make the shop be responsible for it when they changed the fuel pump? They knew putting gas in it was a problem: I told them and they asked was it full when they were changing the pump?
Gregory J

Harwich, MA

#208 Apr 27, 2010
@Everyone: I have a 2002 cavalier and it is doing the same thing, its in the shop right now. the mechanic said that there is a vent hose that goes into a charcoal filter to catch all the vapors from the tank. The last time I filled it up, I over filled it and got gas into this charcoal filter and the ventilation hose that attaches to that. This made it so that when I fill the tank it can only displace the air in the fill pipe to the tank. The fuel eventually makes its way down to the tank, but takes a few minutes. Maybe all of you can try something like that.
@Deirdre: Dont fault your mechanic for this. He changed your pump, but even you said that this problem started before the pump was replaced.

Simpsonville, MD

#209 May 19, 2010
Same trouble here with my 2005 tahoe. There has to be a lodgical reason for this there is just to many people having the same problem. I will call the on star servive advisor and see what or if they have an answer. I will get back to everyone if I can find out what is going on

Brooksville, FL

#210 May 22, 2010
My 2002 Hyundai Accent at 198,000 miles started doing the same. The pump nozzle shuts off every 30 cents or so, as though the air being disipated out of the tank while filling is being restricted, causing a backup that the pump senses & shuts off. I also am smelling gas when the windows are open, but no gas leak is visable.
I guess I'm going to have to get under the car, remove the straps that hold the gas tank up and find the line(s) to the charcoal canaster and repair/replace or throw it out.

Brunswick, OH

#211 May 23, 2010
I found this for GMC. It might help.
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Heres an exert from one of the TSB's about filling the gas tank...(why to have the motor off when filling it)

"filling of the fuel tank can not be completed as the evap vent valve will be closed and the fuel dispenser nozzle will sense the pressure buildup and shut the pump handle off. No parts should be replaced, there is nothing wrong, to keep from encountering this problem, it is imperative that all customers and dealerships personnel be advised to NOT FILL THE TANK WITH ENGINE RUNNING" if this condition is encountered, turn off the ignition for 1 minute. this will allow the pcm to set the evap to open postition."

I took this exert from GM Techline but Mitchell is almost word from word about it...
hey, theres ONLY 556 TSB's on that vehicle! LOL

The TSB the other guy talks about is actually not the pickup tube, but if you get an evap code, its most likely the 4 wire plug that plugs into the fuel pump assembly. It is known for burning and melting a hole in the plastic piece and then the tank cant hold vacuum which causes the evap code. 1492 I think the code was.
So when you do have to change that fuel pump, be sure to get the new plug also!
2 years ago

Warwick, RI

#212 Jun 1, 2010
Have an 06 CTS 32000m and noticed my emission control/engine light came on after the outside temp just rose to 97degrees. checked my gas cap and it hadn't been tightened fully 3 days earlier during 3/4 of a tank fill at pump. Tightened it then next day light wqas still on and went to the station to put a cpl gallons premium in and couldn't get her to take barely a gallon. Drove it cpl more days down to half a tank went to another station had the same problem with pumping...added gas treatment put in a cpl gal premium SLLOOOOWWWLLY :( tightened cap then took off the ground to my battery for 30m attached and started Warning Light Off but waiting awhile to try gas again.....????? any clue as to the prob???
Mountain Man

Courtenay, Canada

#213 Jun 8, 2010
Same problem when filling a 2007 Honda CRV. Will only take small amount of gas before kicking off the
filler hose. Also gas gauge is stuck on full -- after driving considerable distances.

Taking car in to dealer tomorrow. Will let you know the cause and the fix.


Livingston, NJ

#214 Jun 30, 2010

United States

#215 Jul 7, 2010
ok I'm dealing with the same issue about the gas not going in tank, heres what mechanic suggested, there is some kinda ball in the tank that stops gas from spilling out if you flipped your car,it also causes gas pump to shutoff to help you not overfill...have simeone remove that ball and problem may be solved, I'm getting it done shortly. The only drawback is you can over fill tank easily with out the ball as a shutoff...just a suggestion, I drive a 98 mustang

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#216 Jul 11, 2010
I tried to put gasoline in my 2005 Nissan Sentra but it squirted back out, and it wasn't complete; then I have to wait a few seconds and put fuel again. Maybe this is a filler neck where the hose goes into the fuel tank or bad vent hose?

Brighton, CO

#217 Jul 12, 2010
I have the same issue in a 2003 A4 Audi 3.0... I know it's pressure (and not spiders) because when I take the gas pump out air hisses out... I have to wait till the hissing stops before I can pump any more gas in.

I've got no good answer yet.

Waterloo, Canada

#218 Jul 17, 2010
2003 saturn vue, same problem with inability to fill tank. This problem started after a shop changed the oil, air, cabin filters, probably just coincidental. I've been told it has to do with the canister purge valve so I just picked one up for 32 bucks, after I replace it Ill inform if it worked.

United States

#219 Jul 21, 2010
I have the same problem with my 2001 Tahoe. It takes me 20-minutes to fill the tank as the gas pump shuts off every 2 seconds. The strangest thing about this is that it only happens when the weather gets really hot, over 95 degrees. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and had the problem all last summer and it stopped in late September. It started again in early June and I expect it to keep up until the weather cools.

I don't buy the spider theory at all. Anyone else shed some light?

United States

#220 Jul 30, 2010
I just tried to put gas in my 2001 sunfire and it all poured out back at me. None would go in. The gas station attendant said my tanks full and my gauge is broken, but I know I havent put gas in it all week. And between the gas station and work I went from a x quarter tank to an 1/8 of a tank. The gauge is fine, something must be blocking the line to the tank.... hence I Googled it and found this forum. So now do I attempt to spear whatever it is out and risk debris contaminating my tank? The repair shop will probably do the same thing anyways and charged me a fortune.

Pittsburgh, PA

#221 Aug 9, 2010
James wrote:
Have a 2005 Ford explorer, cannot fill gas tank,$.50 at a time nozzle shuts off? Just got back from dealer with no problem found?
My 2002 Ford Explorer also does that! When I took it to the garage they cleaned it out and it worked for a day or two but then it started again!
Helen Brohan

Bronx, NY

#222 Aug 17, 2010
I have the same problem with my Ford Escape 2005 --it takes forever to get just $10.00 worth of gas due to the fact that there is air in the gas tank and it keeps turning the gas pump off- you have to pull out the nozzle and start again only to get 3 cents more each time you do this!!!- one local gas attendent won't give me gas if he is busy -he says come back --now this is becomming a problem!! Ford Help Me!!!!
john sweeney

United States

#223 Aug 20, 2010
If you take purge canister off and vacuum out all hoses and just a little of the charcoal out of the canister and reinstall it will work like new.

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