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Winchendon, MA

#141 Mar 18, 2013
Hillbilly, stretch your reading comprehension skills and read the 2 followup posts where I did offer some support.
2004 Chev Aveo

United States

#142 Mar 21, 2013
I bought my car 2004 Chevy Aveo in Aug. 2005 brand new. At 57,000 miles my timing belt, piston & rods breaks in a trip out to San Diego, ca in Arizona while taking my daughter to her husband's marines grad. Chevy dealer rebuilt motor. Supposly. Anyways, I just pass 175,000 miles now & I've changed timing belts again due to waterpump housing was made of plastic. PVC Valve. O2 sensor unit. EGR Valve. The state I live in is notorious for pot holds. So I changed the struts three time the last time we went to AutoZone so far so good shocks, lower control arm, Front brakes, all 4 rims. and if course the normal oil, plugs, etc... And I'm sure there will be more. It's been a good car. I'm not gonna complain. I had serveral vehicles over the years, the Aveo has been the most dependablable. It's just normal wear normal wear tear of any automobile that needs attention.
Susan Jeffersonville IN

New Albany, IN

#143 Mar 24, 2013
I have a 2010 Chevy Aveo LT. At 35,200 miles the water pump went out. Local dealership was kind enough to go ahead and replace under the warranty.
Then at 40,000 the floor boards started holding water. It is not leaking around the doors and I have no clue where the water is coming from. I mean the floors have deep puddles after a good rain. Local dealership is trying to tell me it leaks around the drivers door. I don't believe them because a took a 150 mile round trip in pouring down rain and I had no leaking around the doors. Also the fuel release door cable broke once the temperature got below freezing outside. I took it to the dealership and when I got it back my trunk latch broke the first time I opened it. I think the dealership did something to cause it to break. Anyone have any advise where the water is getting onto the car at? I am now physically sick from the car mold and mildew. This is the worst car I have had in my lifetime. If you have a solution please email me at [email protected]

United States

#144 Mar 25, 2013
sophia wrote:
I got the car fax the only records the car had was that it was a rental car, a tire was replaced, and they changed the oil. And I did test drive it. It drove great. And was fine the first month. N I had a friend check it out. and I never got the car serviced because I never had issues with it. So I don't c how that's negligence on my part.
OK.."You never got the car serviced because you hadn;t had any problems".....That is why you get it is preventative check things out and do the regular service things TO PREVENT MORE SEVERE PROBLEMS.....the old saying.."Nothing runs like a well oiled machine" is very very true...regular oil changes and REGULAR MAINTENCE goes along ways in prevention of bigger problems. I am repairing a 05 Aveo now thast the timing belt jumped and it bent the valves and the top of the valve broke off and is lodged in the top of the piston...I should have the head off by noon and HOPEFULLY there is no damage tot he cylinder wals.....WHILE I HAVE IT APART IT WILL GET A NEW WATER PUMP ALSO...not because it needs one but it is cheap insurance to make sure that I wont be replacing it in 6 months....I am already that far why take a chance...Hope you get yours handled..and no matter what you buy or drive...MAINTENCE is very important...

Seattle, WA

#145 Mar 26, 2013
Thank You Carlos I will get that taken care of!!!! I just changed spark plugs again. So hopefully repairing that will fix my issues!
Carlos Malicsi wrote:
<quoted text>
Your ignition coil is faulty. Also check all your spark plug cable and plug after installing the ignition coil

Charlotte, NC

#146 Mar 29, 2013
Just started with problems with my 06 Aveo - the notorious flashing check engine light and shaking- the mechanic says new valve cover gasket and, no surprise from all these posts, ignition coil and plugs. My question - is $500 too much to charge for that? Thanks!

Missoula, MT

#147 Apr 4, 2013
I have a 2007 Chevy aveo. Seems like if I don't start it everyday than it won't start so therefore I jump it. I don't know what wrong with it. Got it looked at said it was fine. Maybe electrical? Anyone have the same problem?

Newport News, VA

#148 Apr 9, 2013
I havea 2005 Aveo that has high idle all the time. It sometimes drops to about 800 rpm but mainly sits around 2200 to 2500 whenever in idle. I have replaced the idle control valve twice but for the life I can;t figure out what else to change.

Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

#149 Apr 17, 2013
Hello all, I have an 09 Aveo. what does it mean when the hold flashing light comes on and it is kind of difficult to drive it.

Fort Scott, KS

#150 Apr 18, 2013
To everyone with spark plug problems, my 11 aveo had a recall on them. Not sure if it's just a newer model recall or not but it might be worth checking into.

South Africa

#151 May 6, 2013
mike wrote:
hi, ktmcghee. i have no fix for that problem as yet,, but i bought a OBD2 device to check the car out,,
but one on my main guess is the ABS SENSOR GONE BAD,if oil spill on it it will go off crazy anytime
and one of my shocks has oil spill on it
but.. i will check the car system.. to confirm ..
so i will let you guys know my findings...
i have the same problem and have been back and forth to chev dealerships with no joy. i have a 2008 Aveo `1.5ls with 47000kms and now the abs lights has stayed on for the last 2 years or so. i will never buy a chev again it's the worst car i ever owned. Too many problems from leaking shocks to engine oil leaks to mention but a few.

South Africa

#152 May 6, 2013
Tony Farrell

Dublin, Ireland

#153 May 11, 2013
I recently bought a 2006 Aveo which has a breaking problem at low speeds. At about 5 mph I hear a grating sound and no break action. This happens only on occassions. The garage has checked it out but cannot find the problem. I am worried that this could be a serious problem if left unattended.
Anyone had the same problem???

Westwood, MA

#154 May 13, 2013
Mercedes wrote:
Hi. My husband and I just bought a 2009 Aveo, and now it's starting to shift really hard when going to third gear or going up a hill. Anyone know what could be the problem?
I have aveo had same issues drought to dealer they replace some recalled parts fixed issue for a bit but didn't last ended up blowing head but she almost fixed thank God good luck

Orlando, FL

#155 May 15, 2013
tony565565 wrote:
i have a 2004 aveo, i was getting poor gas mileage and performance. i decided to do my own maintenance. i change spark plugs from acdelco to just plain autolite copper core part#3923, i changed my factory air filter to a k&n easy fit filter part# 332320, just drop it in and throw away your old filer, dont put oil on the filter just wash it off each oil change when it gets dirty. just use plain 5w-30 oil. not synthetic.put 32 psi in tires at night. im now getting 30mpg city and 45mpg hwy. i also have beaten the following cars. 3.8l grand prix, 2.0 eclips, 1.6 civic, 1.6 mini cooper, v6 mustang. this car is so fast i cant beileve it. im so confident this will work for your aveo i put my email public, gm will flip out when they find out we all figured out the aveo's hidden secret power. its just a deawoo lanos, and that car got 40mpg in 1999. guess what? it had copper spark plugs from the factory not platinum. thats why the aveo has so many performance complaints, lack of spark and air. copper is a better spark than platinum they just need to be replaced every other oil change. gm has riped us off all this time by using thick paper air filters and platinum spark plugs. any car with a 1.6 engine can get 30mpg city. they know that, but they want to keep everybody in the dark. try this out, i guarantee you wont be disappointed. pass it on to all aveo owners and fansites.any questions email me at [email protected]
Just wanted to say thanks Tony, even in 2013, your post still "ROCKS!!! I did as you suggested and my car runs like new!!

Orlando, FL

#156 May 15, 2013
Just wanted to say thanks Tony, even in 2013, your post still "ROCKS!!! I did as you suggested and my car runs like new!!

Hattiesburg, MS

#157 May 16, 2013
I got a 2005 chevy aveo it's giving a miss fire code While it was running I pulled the plug wires off one at a time off of the side of the motor where all of them goes into the square box the top two was not getting any fire the bottom two would kill the car when pulled.

Haywood, Canada

#158 May 26, 2013
I bought my 2006 chev aveo hatchback new from the dealer. This is an awesome car, the biggest issue I had was black junk in my transmission oil. GM rebuilt the tranny. I have 190000 kms on this car as soon as the warranty was up, I started pulling a small trailer, this car performs fantastic. With the car and trailer loaded I get 30m/gal. just the car and no load I average 40m/g I have had some electrical sensors give me troulble until changed. I am very happy with this car.

Holden, MA

#159 May 28, 2013
Susan wrote:
I have a question my brother in law changed the brakes on my car which he has done a million times on cars but I have a 2007 aveo and he had to change brakes rotors and caliper on the drivers side and I had brakes before but they was bad now that we have changed them I have very little brakes i mean to the floor and i will stop he has bled the brakes and everything and still nothing. Someone says he has to bled the ABS is this true and if so where is it located at?
Try bleeding again but this time when bleeding dont push all the way to floor, sometimes with newer vehicles if you push to far, air gets behind the piston.

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#160 May 30, 2013
I did the whole tune up and putting copper plugs etc...same mpg lmao. Who ever said it gets u 40mpg is full of it. Or they don't know how to calculate mpg. I have a 2004 aveo 5speed manual. Gives me 22 straight city and 28 straight highway. I don't even have power windows or anything. So I got the lightest model also lol.

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