the chevy aveo's big secret power all...

Saint Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

#21 Oct 14, 2010
mistake it's carb spray not card..

Babson Park, MA

#22 Oct 14, 2010
i have a 2005 chevy aveo and it wont start it sounds like it wants to but doesnt the belt was changed the oil chnged,the spark pluggs are good but it wont charge help!!!!!

Babson Park, MA

#23 Oct 14, 2010
im ready to chuck this car bought it 3 yrs ago

Concord, CA

#24 Oct 19, 2010
mike, thanks for replying, I'm having a hell of a time finding answers. we did have a friend take a look at the car. he checked everything , spark plugs, battery, transmission fluid, the oil. he ran a code thing on it and it came up with p2135-throttle position sensor. pretty much the only problem i have with the car is the hugging/jerking in between high and low rpm and it idles up and down for a good minute under 1,000 rpm. i am really close to buying a new tps for the damn car but reading what you wrote, I'm not sure i want to do that. your opinions and suggestions are extremely welcome because i need to know soon what the tell to do before i ram the car into a wall. please email me, [email protected] with any advise.

Kansas City, MO

#25 Oct 23, 2010
I have a 2004 Aveo with about 130k on it. I bought it used with 64k. I haven't ever had the timing belt changed yet. I put plugs and wires on it about a year or so ago because I noticed the "bucking" at mid to high RPMs. About a month ago, I was accelerating onto the highway, and the engine drive belt flew off and shredded. When I was able to repair it, I put a belt on it, drove it home, then proceeded to put on a new tensioner, as it was a little crooked. I did an oil change on it as well. Now, there is hardly any power to it, sometimes hesitating an acceleration. I also have a small rattling/ticking noise that sounds basically like something tapping on plastic from the front of the motor. The wires and plugs seem fine (I pulled them out to inspect the electrodes). I'm using NGK's, not platinum. I've always gotten 28-31 mpg out of this car, too. My suspicion is that I may have bent a valve when the belt flew off, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

Kansas City, MO

#26 Oct 23, 2010
Also, forgot to mention I cleaned my throttle body along with the oil change and tensioner changeout.

Morgan Hill, CA

#27 Oct 24, 2010
I hate my chevy aveo 08... I bought it in May, the engine light keeps coming on. It keeps jerking when I drive it. Sometimes when I drive it the car will randomly start slowing down and the gas petal stops working. My friend ran the codes. Also, he said that the big issue is that the air filter cover is cracked and two screws are missing (how is that possible?? I never got the car serviced so no one has ever touched the air filter?? I think the dealership ripped me off)... I am going to the dealership ASAP.. any thoughts please let me know.

Fitchburg, MA

#28 Oct 24, 2010
Maybe "I never got the car serviced..." has something to do with it.
When you bought the 2 year old car in May, did you test drive it? Have it checked out by a trusted technician? Get service records from the previous owner?
If not, you bought a pig in a poke and shouldn't blame the car if it was not properly cared for, or for your negligence in not finding out.

Chicago, IL

#29 Oct 24, 2010
I got the car fax the only records the car had was that it was a rental car, a tire was replaced, and they changed the oil. And I did test drive it. It drove great. And was fine the first month. N I had a friend check it out. and I never got the car serviced because I never had issues with it. So I don't c how that's negligence on my part.

Fitchburg, MA

#30 Oct 24, 2010
Maybe negligence was too strong a word, Sofia. If it was a rental car, it must have had some significant mileage (>than 40k I'm guessing). If true, there should have been a much greater service record than oil & tire changes.

But that's all really irrelevant now. You've got the car and need to deal with it. Here's what I would do--

Make a list of everything wrong with the car & find out from the dealer what service items should have been performed by the mileage it is at. This could include the timing belt and water pump. The entire list could end up costing you quite a bit of money (guessing again that it could run as much as $1,000 or more)

You need to decide if the investment is warranted given what you paid for the car and how long you plan to keep it.

Good luck.

Fitchburg, MA

#31 Oct 24, 2010
Oh, and since you've only had the car 6 months, was there any kind of warrantee, like a year?
david coombs

Weirton, WV

#32 Oct 31, 2010
i have a 2010 aveo ,,and a 2006 my 2006 has been driven everyday since 2006 august
iv e chnged timing belt every 60 grand and brakes 3 or 4 times
and three tune ups
so far it has never lefgt me stranded
long live the aveo ,,they are cheap and tough
My Aveo

Lakeport, CA

#33 Oct 31, 2010
has 50k, it is dependable and comfortable.

For the price it is a great value. Change the oil often, and change the transmission oil, and change the timing belt at 50k.

When Dewoo designed this car the body was done by Giorgetto Giugiaro who does Ferrari and Alfa among others. It was designed well and needs maintenance, in fact hey sell over 60k a year in Europe. They are big in China and India also.

People that buy cheap cars usually do not change the oil etc. Just take car of it.

Berlin, MA

#34 Nov 8, 2010
mike wrote:
the poor take off and the bad idle is due to a dirty throttle body, and bad spark plugs, but mostly dirty throttle body
so let someone clean your throttle body with card spray, and clean the circular tube that take air from the engine to the throttle body also. it might have oil deposits in it, once cleaned the car will work fine,,,
i do mine like every month or 2 for the most, when the car get lazy and bad idle ,clean the throttle body,check plugs and !!! presto !!! it works fine
i have a 06 chevy also
Thanks for this info Mike. My 05 Aveo 5 sp had been running gradually worse over the past year. Mainly just a miss here and there, but in the past month there was big-time hesitation. Took it to a dealer who recommended around $800 worth of stuff. I did have them do the injection treatment because that shows up in other hesitation threads. Didn't help at all. Then I read Mike's comment, and realized I could do this job myself. Got some throttle body cleaner, and did the cleaning yesterday. Used Q-tips which was slow, but they did pull out lots of carbon. Now it's like the car has a new engine - no hesitation, and the car hasn't run this smooth for 15K miles. Dealer wanted $200 for this job and it probably takes them 15 minutes with good cleaning tools. If you do any DYI, you can easily do this job yourself. For any Aveo hesitation try the throttle body cleaning first, before any of the other stuff.

Since: Feb 10

Brookline, NH

#35 Nov 9, 2010
That is great info, Mike. Thank you.

I did a little search and found this informative tutorial for cleaning the TBI--

Sunnyvale, CA

#36 Dec 10, 2010
My 07 aveo has been trouble free til the gas cap broke and I got check engine lite. Replaced gas cap ($7.00) & check engine lite fixed. I'm delighted with milage about 34-35 highway.

Ronkonkoma, NY

#37 Dec 11, 2010
I have a2005 chevy aveo with 76000 miles i have changed the oil every 2 to 3000 miles and the air filter once a year full synthetic mobil one and never had a single problem no brakes plugs belts battery nothing just gas and oil runs perfect

Sudbury, Canada

#38 Jan 3, 2011
Hi David
Have your timing belt changed. My car was running great, all of a sudden it died one day. Timing belt broke and the 04 aveo is know to damage the engine. I had to replace the engine. Now more complications arise. Save yourself the aggravation. Don't wait!
David wrote:
I have a Aveo `04, 116450 miles, i haven't changed the time belt, i just change the oil every 10,000 miles, it runs great but the check engine light came on today. i will try the spark plugs and the air filter
J S Avalos

Valencia, CA

#39 Mar 8, 2011
I have a 2004 chevy aveo, great car im the 2nd owner, its a manual transmitions 5 speed, im having problems. when the car its cool runs great but after like an hour or 30 mls when i get to a stop the engine dies, I star it again run it till the nest stop it does the same, does eny one know how I can fix this problem,???? Email me at [email protected] or facebook me. thank you.

Tecumseh, Canada

#40 Apr 2, 2011
i have a 04 aveo 5 speed,when i start it up when its cold, it sounds like an exhaust leak comming from the front right.mechanic said the timing belt.but it goes away when engine warms up and it drives great.can anyone help,ty

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