AirBag Warning light and DIC

Scottsdale, AZ

#141 Jan 24, 2011
i have 2003 silverado. My airbag light and "service airbag" warning just came on in my 03 Silverado when I changed the seats to repair them.check the seat of the passenger and I found the fallen sensor. To solve the problems change the sensor into other and the problem persists
Doug Lewis

North York, Canada

#142 Feb 1, 2011
I own a 2007 GM Silverado and my airbag went off without any warning light. I drove to grocery store, got out of truck and heard pot and airbag went of. This is serious, the night before we were driving on highway with Grandkids and if it had of gone off, we could have a serious accident, because we had no warning and it is one hell of a shock when you are just driving along and this goes off. Imagine the fright. The sensor showed my left side was hit. The dealership knows there was no way it was hit, they said it malfunctioned and want to charge $2,000 to fix. I am fighting this because even if warranty is up, no way a safety feature like an airbag should go off, its there to save a life not take one.

Windsor, Canada

#143 Feb 8, 2011
I have had the same problem with my 2003 2500HD silverado AGAIN!!. Service air bag light goes off and Mr. Bubble Gum shows up. I have already replaced both front sensors one last year in 2010 and the other in 2009.I had my friend hook up the snap-on reader and found that it was the one from 2009 faulting.GM needs to make a decent part, they are a dealer only item and list price is $138.00cdn each pls tax. WAY to expensive of a little crappy part.BTW i use the truck to plow snow, the light and msg has been on and have had no deployment. Until i can afford the Ridiculously priced foreign made part its staying the way it is. GM parts are Garbage if you ask me. Buy aftermarket if you can at all costs !!!

Gaylord, MI

#144 Feb 14, 2011
Sean wrote:
same here 83k on my 2003 silverado and the blowing gum man stays on
Put a piece of tape over it.:)

Gaylord, MI

#145 Feb 14, 2011
My airbag light has been on like forever on my 03 Silverado. Was thinking about fixing it until I read all the posts on here. It's not worth it. I'll just keep driving it the way it is. I plow a lot of snow with this truck and hammering snow piles. Airbags have never deployed.

Aiea, HI

#146 Feb 18, 2011
I just find out that it might be the sensor on the steering wheel behind the horn, I am going to have it checked out this weekend. Keep everyone updated when I find out. Aloha

Brookfield, WI

#147 Feb 21, 2011
My 03 avalanche is in the shop for a service air bag light. They said it was the air bag control module in the steering column. Will see tomorrow if it fixed the problem.
sandra niagara falls on

Niagara Falls, Canada

#148 Mar 13, 2011
my air bag light just came on last week i am concerned about it going off while driving to but from the sounds of every person on here it sounds like a definit defect.i have a 2004 silverado and am going to go to the dealer ship tomorrow and see what they say also last year i had to fight with the dealer ship to change my cat it was banging really loud to the point everyone stoped to see what was coming down the road. the dealer said because my engine light was not on they could not change under the warranty i think they were waiting till my warranty was over in 2 months but good news my engine light finally came on and they changed it

Windsor, Canada

#149 Mar 21, 2011
I finally broke down and purchased the sensor, Had it replaced and the service air bag still continues to come on GRRRRRRRR. Im so sick of GM!!!! Now it is a real nightmare trying to find out the cause of the issue.


#150 Mar 25, 2011
i have a 2007 sierra and my air bag light has been comming on lately also, it goes off after about an hour. i just had a recall last summer which involved removing insulation around the sensor under the drivers seat,appears it collects moisture and causes failure, never had a problem before that, now i do. i was freaked out about it until i read all your posts,,,my plan is to get the dealer to fix it under warranty,,since it's a safty defect.if they try to bill me i'll lose it and tell them to stuff it. then i'll make sure i spread the news all over the internet. i'll post what happens when i get to the dealer.
No More GM

Las Vegas, NV

#151 Mar 31, 2011
2003 Silverado wrote:
I have the same problem and the dealer has no idea why but he charged me 95 bucks to "reflash" something and the light still comes on. No wonder GM is in trouble.
I can one up that! Had 2003 Silverado 1500 TOWED to dealer. Was charged over 500.00 for towing and diagnosis only. Had towed to local shop and fuel injectors replaced. Having multiple system failures and only 72,000 miles! GM is not in trouble, they got help from the federal government. It is us who own GM vehicles who are in trouble!
No More GM

Las Vegas, NV

#152 Mar 31, 2011
Air bag light on was told bad sensor. Declined fix. Fuel injectors replaced. Only 72,000 miles. Towed to local dealer. Have spent over 6,700 on truck in past 4 months and still has multiple problems. GM is NOT in trouble since they got the bail out. We who own GM vehicles are the ones in trouble! Who is going to bail us out? I have sworn to never purchase a GM vehicle again after owning them exclusively for over 30 years!
Mike - Belle River Canada

Southfield, MI

#153 Apr 1, 2011
My 2003 Silverado SS just did the same thing about two days ago..."Service Air Bag" light came on. Tried a few fixes but nothing yet. I will try more of the suggestions above and report back.

Chardon, OH

#154 Apr 1, 2011
Glad I found the comments on service airbag light.
I bought a used 2006 silerado with less than 75000 on it and recently have had the light come on intermitently. After reading about it here I went out and moved the driver seat. WoW. The light went out. Someday when it happens again I will need to check the wires but for now. Problem solved.
Josh maynard

Cheney, WA

#155 Apr 2, 2011
My 03 at 163,000 miles has the air bag light on
DT North Carolina

Charlotte, NC

#156 Apr 18, 2011
My '03 Silverado had the service air bag light come on. Just replaced the sensor to the tune of 600.00 at the local GM dealer.
Mike Livonia MI


#157 Apr 22, 2011
Just had the left airbag sensor replaced on my 2005 Silverado which has only 30,000 miles. $371.00 and nothing from GM but a song and dance. GM has a problem with these things and rather then do the right thing and stand behind their product, they will lose a lot of customers. After this incident, and losing 18k on my old GM stock, I'm done with them. GM is run by a bunch of phone salesmen now who don't know whether to s**t or wind their watch. Hate to say it, but the best cars out there today are the Hyundais.
Eric stuck in Michigan

United States

#158 Apr 23, 2011
My '03 Sierra did it a few months ago. Light on all the time since. I asked the dealer & they told me they would have to check it out before making an estimate. Also, my anti-skid brakes are pulsing even though there is no wheel sliding on dry pavement. I wonder if these are controlled by the same computer. If I talk to the dealer again, I will plan to ask him. I might try a salvage computer.
It is some progress they made in 40 years since I started driving. A high shchool student with an end wrench could change an alternater in a half-hour for $30. A few years ago, the alternator went out of my '02 Z28. Took the dealer all day & cost $500+

Savannah, GA

#159 Apr 29, 2011
03Avalanche87 wrote:
My AV had a dificult time starting one morning then right after that the AirBag light on dash came on with the message on DIC "Service AirBag" Dealer hooked up to a meter and it blew a "DTC 0100 code which indicated that it was either the front left bumper sensor (2"X 2" Piece of S*#t part made in Singapore that cost $200.00)or the SDM located under a flap of carpet under Driver seat. I checked all conections, and they appear to be o.k. AV is off warranty, so I don't want to get soaked by dealer. I would like to know if anyone else had a similar problem. You can e-mail me at [email protected](Have not had any more problems with AV starting, but the red man blowing bubblgum on my dash is bugging me.)
Hi there,had the same problem with my 03 AV,they gave me the same code 0100 and told me it was a bad left front end sensor.Do you know where i could find one online and where exactly it`s located in the front?

Fort Payne, AL

#160 Jun 6, 2011
My 06 chevy cobalt is having the same problem should I take it to the dealership?

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