Astro- Misfiring on Multiple Cylinder...

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#21 Mar 13, 2007
Ken B
I've been out of town for a few weeks and have had time as yet to try out the other options. Yes, I have changed the distributor cap.

I was also recommended to a shop that can pretty much diagnose anything and he is very reasonable also. He was highly recommended and I was told he would be able to definitely solve my problem.

So with all the above info given, once I exhaust them along with what I've already done then I will visit this DON.

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#22 Mar 13, 2007
First and foremost if you need some part for your astro, we have a store here called AUTO ZONE,( ) and will have everything you need for that astro. AS for a digital dash, i have never seen one with it...
As for the gauge not working, the only thing that comes to mind is either a broken wire or a bad temp sensor.
2002 Astro

Philadelphia, PA

#23 Mar 27, 2007
I had problems starting when it's damp. Now it won't start at all. It cranks and then coughs. Was told it might be the crank sensor but read above about the bad distributor seal. Help

Venus, TX

#24 Mar 27, 2007
i very recently had to deal with an 02 as well, and that one jumpes the gears on the timing chain.The gear is ridiculously small compare to the 98 series. make sure that it is on time and has not jumped gears. make sure that fuel has pressure at the intake, and the crankshaft position sensor does control the fuel, and the camshaft sensor controls the sparks.i too read many things about the distibutor,however the guys at my dealer ship told me that itwas a very rare case and although not to over look, it is probably not the problem.
Check that it gets fuel pressure and that the fuel pump is working properly.don't use bosch platinum plugs

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#25 Mar 29, 2007
Ken B.
Sorry it took me so long to have replied. To be honest I read your message weeks ago and thought I had replied.

I've been out of town since late January so I have not had the time to take it in. I'll be back home next weekend so it will be looked at and then I'll do a follow-up with you all

99 Astro starting trouble


#26 Apr 3, 2007
My van won't start if it sits longer than a day. It was always on the verge of turning over, but not quite. One day when I ran the battery down, I jumped it and it started right up. Then, everytime it wouldn't fire right up, I'd jump it and it was fine. Took it to the Chevy dealer who said it was the battery cables. Supposedly checked the spark plugs and didn't tune it because they thought it didn't need it. No codes came up on the computer. Got it back and a day later it wouldn't start again. Tried to jump it this time and it wouldn't start. Towed it to the Chevy dealer again and they are looking at it. Have a friend who was having the exact same problems with her 2000 Astro on almost the same days. She lives 300 miles away and has a slightly different climate. She's already had to fuel pumps replaced just weeks apart and something done with the air flow. Searching the internet for answers, I find that it seems to be a problem with Astros with some mileage on them. Mine has about 160,000 and hers has 145,000. Before I put lots of money into this like she did - does anyone have some clues about where to start (small) and go from there.

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#27 Apr 3, 2007
hello there,
well, how is the alternator working ?if it barely charges, it will start and run on a jump, but if it does not charge, the battery will not spin the starter. The voltage regulator is commonly a faulty issue letting electricity go back from the battery into the system slowly draining it to a flat or low status.
also, if you have something staying on even with the key off could be the cause. The amp for the radio isone of them. You can't see it, or hear it, however, sometime you can put your ear right on to a speaker and listening for some kind of hissing sound. if so, you have a short there as well, but i would start with the obvious and look at the alternator first. it is not because the van runs under a jump that the alternator is good and that may not show up under codes either.
let me know.

Covina, CA

#28 Apr 3, 2007
The service engine soon light will always come on if I use Chevron gas (any octane) or any other gas less than 89 octane, in my 99 astro van. Aslo, the same light will always come on if going up a moderately steep grade. Chevy claims on of the cylinder is sticking and agreed to pay half the cost ($600) to fix it at 56K miles on the van. I told them to go pack sand; this problem should not occur and they should fix it. They wouldn't. By the way it was a chevy mechanic who told me about the gas, that is, don't use Chevron at all. He said he would be fired if chevy found out he told me this.

United States

#29 Apr 3, 2007
would anyone care to answer poor steve in california, while i try to catch my breath from laughing at the ridiculous thing that his chevy dealer told him.
steve, call me if you would like, here is my email address, maybe i can help you over the phone.
[email protected]

Mount Royal, NJ

#30 Apr 3, 2007
I am currently trying to solve a similar problem. My 99 Astro runs great sometimes and misses badly other times. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and coil. My initial problem was an arch (sp?) at the coil (Had the same problem about 2yrs ago). replaced the coil and it ran great until the check engine light came on - multiple misfires - then replaced other parts. Still tying to find cause.

Dallas, TX

#31 Apr 9, 2007
You know guys, the more i read all these posting, the more i am bigining to believe that all of us are looking at what seems the obvious, when in fact it could be something totally different.
I am thinking that all these problem are fuel related.I mean, fuel not getting in will miss and act like an ignition miss, and because of it seems to be so random even with new parts, i am having a hard time believing that all astro have bad plugs, cap rotor, coild, etc...
Everyone seems to go for the ignition, very few people talk about fuel, but yet a lot of repeating issues come back with new parts. i can't believe that all these new parts can be faulty. I have the same issue, my van actually idles so low at time, the it shakes everything to the point where it has to be put in neutral, butyet it starts fine, runs fine, everything checks out ok, but man....does it shake the crap out of you. Anyway, i think i am going to start looking for fuel issue.anything related to air intake and fuel intake.
nothing better to do at 04:15 am in Texas, and running late for work.
frank lamothe

Toronto, Canada

#32 Apr 9, 2007
1997 astro van.start perfect when cold,hot,
got dist.cap & wires, plugs replaced .when
damp wheather comes,wont 38,ooo kl
on my van.great machanic .$400.00 dollars
latter,worst then

Dallas, TX

#33 Apr 10, 2007
what kind of plugs did he put in there ? if you have the bosch platinum, get them out and put in original plugs.

Saint Clair, PA

#34 Apr 11, 2007
EXACT same problems and trials & errors as the original post from Mark on my 99 Astro. The final fix was replacing the whole distributor and it has been fine since then, but less than 2 months later my entire fuel pump module is dead. Could that be Related?

Dealer wants $650 for the part +200 labor to replace entire assembly. I find the parts online for $375-400...what is the GM difference for $250 more? Crazy!

Dallas, TX

#35 Apr 12, 2007
it is called greed. that's why GM make junk cars. They want to much for unreliable cars

Baie-comeau, Canada

#36 Apr 20, 2007
i have somes problems has you all describe
last year i change coil,cap,rotor,spark plugs,wiring,and fuel injectors cleen up by a specialized shop.since this time my motor run better. if the injectors ares clogged the motor run erratically and have poor fuel economy.look also if the main wire(betwen the coil and distributor cap)not toutch any metal parts by the way.GM have emit an avis at this subject
hope i help you
Nick Dechev

Victoria, Canada

#37 May 10, 2007
Possible Solution to Astro Van 97, 98, 99 Starting Problem. If you have the following symptoms, this may apply to you. For years my 98 Astro Van had trouble starting in 'cold or wet weather', or damp weather, especially when there was fog, or heavy morning dew. Otherwise it would start great when it was dry, even when it was freezing (as long as it was dry). Sometimes I would run the battery completely down and need to recharge before it would start. It would turn over great. I could hear the fuel pump 'hum' properly. I changed may things including distributer cap and rotor, cables, plugs, fuel filter, etc... with no effect. And then I one day I noticed the problem. The ignition coil!!! A $70 part!! Basically, the coil had a small-crack in the case. When attempting to start, a large spark about 1" to 1.5" from the coil would short to the coil frame.
Electrically it makes perfect sense! The electricity would much rather short to ground(less resistance), than continue on its way through the distributer, and on to the plugs (more resistance). Also, when it is 'wet or damp' the short has an easy low resistance path, but when it is dry, it is too hard to short, and so power flows to the distributer, and your van starts.
It is really easy to check for yourself. Just remove the engine access panel inside your van. Locate the ignition coil. Turn the start key (especially when it won't start) and just look and listen to the ignition coil. First make sure all the wires on the coil are properly and firmly connected. If you see a large spark or hear the clear crackling of electricity, you have found your problem. The van starts great now, within less than a second, every time, no matter the weather. I changed my coil myself, but it is a bit hard to reach.
I have read through most of the posts on this site and others, but in the ones with these symptoms, it seems everyone overlooks the ignition coil. Good luck and Post back if it works for you too.

Urbana, IL

#38 May 20, 2007
1993 Astro Van, 4.3 V-6, starts after sitting 2 or 3 days, engine runs normal for about 2 or 3 minutes, then black smoke comes out exhaust and engine RPM slows down and it dies, will not restart again unless you let it sit for 2 or 3 days again, sevice engine soon light does not come on, does not have any trouble codes, suspect too much gas, has 2 injectors with TBI. Replaced Dist. Cap, Rotor, coil wire and spark plugs, still the same. Help Please. Thanks

Fort Worth, TX

#39 May 20, 2007
check the EGR valve.if it really has too much fuel, perhaps a bad regulator could be the problem, but the black smoke sounds like a stuck EGR valve..

Holcomb, MS

#40 May 30, 2007
My 2000 Astro sputtered then quit - no trouble light -cranked later-replaced fuel pump-same problem two days later - found arcing of coil - replace coil, plugs & wires, rotor cap, air filter - a few days later same problem - had cat convert checked-OK. About two weeks later (today) problem back - engine sputtered & quit - 30 minutes later engine started with difficulty -(noticed that speedometer would register when rpm increased - engine finally began to run OK). Suggestion appreciated.

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