windshield wipers on 2002 buick century

windshield wipers on 2002 buick century

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United States

#1 Oct 22, 2007
The past year my windshield wipers have not been parking like they should be. When I turn them off they go into a stand up position. I am wondering if I need a new windshield wiper motor.
My warranty ran out a year ago. I have called several car dealers to get their price on what this would cost to fix and the price is out of this world all have told me around $400-$450.00.

Has anyone else had or has this problem?

Cedar Springs, MI

#2 Dec 2, 2007
I have the same problem. Just happened today. I think it may have to do with snow having been packed into the area the wipers should be parking. Let me know if you got the problem fixed or figured out. Thanks. (I doubt it is the motor.)

La Porte, IN

#3 Dec 6, 2007
This is the third winter in a row that the same has happened to my car. It IS due to the snow getting packed down around the wiper base, stopping the wipers from parking all the way down. 1st time it somehow fixed itstelf, and reassigned itself to the down position. 2nd time we were able to accidentally fix it ourselves by taking the arms on and off and forcing it into position. This year (TODAY actually) we tried to do the same as last year without any luck. I've seen other Buicks on the road with wipers parked upright. Seems like a poor design on Buick's part. I'm hoping to find a mechanic that can fix it inexpensively without replacing the motor (because the motor seems to be working fine). Let me know if anyone knows how to reset the parked position to down and also make the wipers first motion to then go upward. (we could get it to park down, but the wipers first motion wanted to be down into the hood because the wipers thought they were in the parked up position.)

La Porte, IN

#4 Dec 6, 2007
Just found a site that may help. It says the problem is caused by the Wiper Motor Crank Arm, which supposedly doesn't need to be replaced - just fixed/reset. So, you should just have to pay for labor. The site estimates $65.
Larry Smith

Annandale, MN

#5 Jan 2, 2008
My wife has a 2002 buick century and the wipers have quit numerous times. We replace the motor or transmission and the problem occurs again every couple of months. She has also had problems with them stopping in an up position as well.

Yuma, AZ

#6 Jan 10, 2008
my 98 does the same thing, i have taken it to the shop 3 times to have it fixed, each time they have fixed it, but each time they replaced the motor,didn't work, replaced some switch, didn't work, then did the adjustment, finally worked. they did this all three times. after the first time I told them to only adjust them but they wouldn't listen. guess the computer is smarter than their pocket book (I didn't have to pay it)

Yuma, AZ

#7 Jan 10, 2008
oh yeah, nobody seems to be willing to inform the puplic on how to adjust these thing

Olean, NY

#8 Feb 10, 2008
Found this one online.

I know I asked about warranty, but if there is a problem to a lot of GM vehicles, they will come out with a campaign, which is like a recall, where they will fix it for free, but they won't call you about the problem....only fix it if you contact them. Have a dealership look for recalls and campaigns for you. You will need the VIN #.
Good luck,

Victor, NY

#9 Mar 12, 2008
i am having the same exact problem with my 1999 century and i cannot seem to find a good answer online as to how to fix it myself. the best advice i have received is to lift up the blades and check the little teeth that hold the wipers in place, as they may have been broken off if the wipers were turned on while frozen in place, which probably happened during the big storm a few days ago. I read that if the teeth are missing, a piece of aluminum foil can be used to somehow hold the wipers in place... but this does not tell me how to set them back to their standard off position. as stated by others the wipers function well they just park in the wrong place when turned off.

United States

#10 Mar 15, 2008
I found the solution. Got this from a buick blog site:
Your problem most likely was the result of the wipers being frozen to the glass or having snow on the glass. Either the crank arm park switch or the tab the park lever hits got bent.

I would go with the tab being bent.
If you remove the wiper arms and cowl you will see a gold plated crank arm (the motor), at about the 3 o clock position there is a tab that should be roughly standing straight up.
Try bending the tab up making sure not to move the crank arm. The crank arm may require a re-timing procedure to fix the wipers.

Saint Louis, MO

#11 Mar 17, 2008
Haven't had the pleasure of tearing it apart yet.
Why is it always the wife's car when we mention the Buick Century? LOL Anyways, her wiper on the passenger side quit first. The drivers side did not have full range of motion. I plan on removing the arms and looking at the linkage. Metal set was mentioned by one person. I will try to align in the proper down postion and use metal set so they won't come loose. I will also check the plated crank arm for distortion. BTW my Buicks transmission quit with only 52k. Poor design on the tabs to attach the torque converter. All the pieces ended up in the pan.. got great pics of it. Wish Americans went back to making a good product. My Ford sucks too.

Saint Louis, MO

#12 Mar 18, 2008
Just removed the arm assy. from the drive motors. I found that the motors are fully operational. The materials that make up the arm attachment are of a softer material and the spline design is that of a poor one. If the manufacture would have used the three sided drive method it wouldn't cause it to overdrive the postion and strip the splines, but on behalf of the maufacture it might have caused the motor to burn out. I found the driver side wiper assy. to cost $25 dollars, but have not found a replacement for the passenger yet. I'm afraid to check the dealership for they often have higher cost, no after markets found yet. Maybe the junk yard might be the next best step if they already haven't started to strip out.

Skokie, IL

#13 Dec 6, 2008
Some one help. I am ready to torch this car. My 2001 Buick Century' wipers break every winter and sometimes in the warmer weather. First started with the blades locking half way and then not working at all. I had it at the dealer 6 times. The first few years it was under warantee. After that they started charging me.
I think it was 300-400 dollars. They accuse me of not cleaning my windshield free of snow and ice before using my wipers and that is not true.
I have to take it in Monday. The last time I had it was Feb. 2008. Does anyone know if it should be under warentee after only lasting 10 months.
I know they will try and charge me again. Who can I call to get this dealer to be fair to me.
Why should I have to pay everytime this poorly designed wiper breaks down. I have had it with the dealer.

Bedford, OH

#14 Dec 22, 2008
My window wipers work fine when I turn it on, but when I turn it off, instead of going to rest position at the bottom of the window, it stops in the middle of the window and just stays there. I've tried holding the wipers down when I turn it off and that works until I turn of the engine of my car. When I start up my car again, the wipers immediately revert to their position in the middle of the window even though the wipers aren't turned on. How can I fix this?

Elgin, IL

#15 Mar 1, 2009
The new Wiper Arm I have does not have any splines. Do I just bolt it on to cut new splines into new arm? Or did they give me the wrong part?(G.M. P/N 152379150)
I have called dealership to ask parts department, they pulled same part to take a look at and they did not know what to say (or did not want to say).
Thank for any help.

Anchorage, AK

#17 Jul 15, 2009
my are randome.. when turned off, the sometimes stop jus fine.. simetimes stop all the way up or in the middle.. sometimes the will just keep goin for up 30 senconds....
curious driver

Anaconda, MT

#18 May 27, 2010
maryann wrote:
The past year my windshield wipers have not been parking like they should be. When I turn them off they go into a stand up position. I am wondering if I need a new windshield wiper motor.
My warranty ran out a year ago. I have called several car dealers to get their price on what this would cost to fix and the price is out of this world all have told me around $400-$450.00.
Has anyone else had or has this problem?
yeah actually i have that same thing going on except mine is a 2001 century

Ilion, NY

#19 Jul 13, 2010
I'm not a mechanic or anything but I've fixed this problem on my car and subsequently on about 2 friends buicks. There is actually a little piece of metal that is bent out. I've literally fixed this with a hammer and screw driver, the hardest part is just getting the wipers off.
I think I have a friends car that needs it today in fact, so if I can I'll take a picture of the piece of metal, because I'm so not a mechanic that I don't know what to call it lol.

Oregon City, OR

#20 Nov 30, 2010
Had a deceiving ice storm yesterday morning that made the windshield look wet but was really frozen. Turned on the wipers to clear it and the passenger side was frozen in place while the driver side functioned normally.

Now when I turn them on the passenger side will go up about 80% of the way but then slam down hard on the metal stopper base instead of staying above it higher on the windshield. It works, per se, but the slamming down everytime can't be good for it. Taking it in this morning. I'm hoping that, as it appears ad though the motor hasn't been damaged and it's just an alignment issue, it can be fixed relatively easy - and hopefully not cost me a bundle.

Delta, Canada

#21 Jan 23, 2011
I have a 2002 buick centry the wipers are stuck in the upright position tried fixing them I got them to go down but now when i turn the wipers on int... the wipers go to the upright possition .but still work . when i turn them of they go down where they are supose to go ...... how do i set the wiper arms to work properly.

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