GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

There are 508 comments on the story from May 22, 2007, titled GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs. In it, reports that:

Replying to: ppalonsky FWIW, the shifting issue has a TSB issued and a dealer can fix it, and the gas gauge being off is going to require a software update that is in development. via

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Walled Lake, MI

#162 Nov 30, 2011
I have a 2009 Acadia and the service stabilitrak/traction control just started to to go off. Sometimes it's on sometimes not, this started about 2 weeks ago. It was on last night so I contacted Onstar and they showed nothing on their end, weird. Kind of hard to take it in to get serviced when it doesn't stay on all the time.

Succasunna, NJ

#163 Dec 3, 2011
these codes will be generated if you have engine misfires as well. just happened to us

Lawrence, MA

#164 Dec 4, 2011
I have a 09 Acadia and I have had it for about 6 months now. When I drive on the highway it starts to buck. It seems to be getting worse. I have taken it to the dealer twice now and they cant seem to figure out the problem. It is getting to be very aggrevating that they dont know what the problem is. As of right now I will never buy another GMC again!!!

Miami, FL

#165 Dec 11, 2011
Frustrated wrote:
I have a 2008 Acadia. The service air bag light has been on since November. I took it to have it fixed in November because I was going out of town. After I picked it up I drove about 200 miles and the light came on again. I took it back to the dealership and after tearing in to the dash they still couldn't fix the issue. Several months later I am still driving with the Service air bag light. Is this a safety issue? No one can seem to fix it and no one can tell me. Does anyone else have this problem. I too have had issues with the starter and the altenator.
I have exactly the same problem. There is a recall for that. I took it to the GMC dealer workshop and fixed it, after 6 months it returned.

Prosper, TX

#166 Dec 16, 2011
I asked a mechanic and he said to check the brake fluid. Mine was low and I added some and the problem went away.

Lynnwood, WA

#167 Jan 4, 2012

Aston, PA

#168 Jan 9, 2012
Joe. Just read your post. I've been having this, and now many other problems with my 2008 Acadia. It is very hard to explain, but it's almost like turns at a certain angle cause this loss of control to occur. It always happens on the same three turns in my township. The first time I mentioned it to the GM service rep, he said there may be a large electrical box in the area that overrides the power steering. I've since told that to service reps at other GM dealerships, and they think that explanation is laughable. Were you ever able to find anything about it? Thank you!
joe graves wrote:
we have a 2008 Acadia and have had nothing but problems with it also! tranny went up dealer had it for over 2 months straight! NOW A new problem its hard to explain but when my wife is driving the truck will make a screaching sound and lock up for a second jerking her forward? I take care of my trucks on a regular schedule! Im thinking its the tranny again? does it alot when slowing down and going around a turn! but has started doing it driving straight down the road! ANY IDEAAS PLEASE IM LOST WITH THIS ONE!
Mohammed Shakeel

Saudi Arabia

#169 Jan 19, 2012
i am receivng message in my acadia error Tracting control and engine light. Please help me..
Deb Parobek

Intercourse, PA

#170 Jan 26, 2012
In 2007 I purchased a GMC Acadia. Loved the vehicle for the first 2 years. Had little problems here and there but after that downhill quick. Transmission replaced, Timing Chain issue and when tore motor out found pieces of oil filter in motor which did damage. They blamed this on the Napa filter I used and told me that because I used an aftermarket filter they didn't have to warranty this work, but they would.(wrong it is a federal law if they tell you to use their parts as a condition of a manufacturers warranty they have to supply you with the part. I didn't see them offering me free GM oil filters, so they can't say this. A mechanic (that doesn't work for GM of course) this is probably a compression problem with the motor)Oh also to be sure got Napa involved who never had heard of such problem. Vehicle sat at dealership for 3 weeks because GM was finally admitting a defective timing chain and was redesigning. This meant I was driving a stripped down rental car for 3 weeks that I couldn't even fit my family in while they waited on the new redesigned part. All the while I am paying $550 a month for this great vehicle. Months later, the transmission goes, another week in the shop till they get a new transmission in and another week in a little rental vehicle. Now 5,000 miles out of warranty, there goes the motor again. I take it in and get the same song and dance about the filter. This time I get Napa involved. They send a rep who says this is not the oil filter and no one has had this problem with this filter. Common sense since it has now happened twice to my vehicle would be hey maybe it is an engine issue. No not to gm, they give me the same song and dance about the oil filter not being a gm part and then to add insult to injury tell me because my husband does my oil changes and it was not done at a GM dealership, they can't cover. He may have not had the filter on right. HELLO, so let me get this straight. If you get your oil changed at a jiffy lube or anywhere other than a GM dealer, and you have an engine problem, beware because these guys may not put your filter back on correctly. GM you are full of it. there are hundreds and hundreds of claims on the internet about these faulty motors in the GM Acadias and you will not own up to admitting this. I will not be dropping this issue. Yes, I paid 2100 to have my motor fixed, but I will be pursuing this matter until I get some satisfaction. Consumers if you are thinking of buying a GM product save yourself a ton of headaches and buy a foreign car.
Over IT

Gates, NC

#171 Feb 7, 2012
Our 2007 GMC Acadia is in the shop yet again! Water intrusion, again! Front passenger floor board soaked, water dripping from fuse box. Dealer says there is a gap where the windshield was put in, for real, thats the same answer you gave me less than two months ago. Now I need a fuse box. Do not buy an Acadia. I will never again buy a GM!!! Not even sure I can sell it as I dont want someone coming after me when they have problems!! Anyone delt with water intrusion and have any suggestions? Thanks
Joe in Rhode Island

Pawtucket, RI

#172 Feb 8, 2012
Paltek wrote:
Purchased used 2009 Acadia in spring of 2011. Have had it in the dealership 3 times to figure out the following problem. When driving at a speed of between 60 & 70 mph, up a slight grade, under a slight load, but prior to the transmission downshifting, the Acadia studders like the transmission has a bad gear or the engine is misfiring. Even though two different GM dealers have had it three separate times for several days, they can't get it to duplicate the problem. In addition, there is a code that comes up, but dealer says it doesn't tell them enough information. Owners manual says the flashing engine light is an engine misfire. This happens EVERY time we get it out on the highway between 60 and 70 mph. Any comments are welcom! We are at wits end.
We had this problem as well with our '08 Acadia. After several trips to the dealer they finally replaced the torque converter and replaced a gear in the transmission that had subsequently gone bad. We haven't had a problem since. Hope this helps.

Huntsville, AL

#173 Feb 14, 2012
I just had found a leak in the rear sunroof today. Water is standing in the rear backup sensor indicator and dripping through as well as the read reading lights. Is there a fix to this? I called the local dealer and they said the free fix expired back in 2009 and would cost around $600 to get it fixed. They also said they fix them all the time so know exactly where to go to to fix it!
Toylexus wrote:
I have some info for some of the water leak complaints. GM had a customer satisfaction campaign (Campaign # 08207A) for sunroof water leaks for 2007-2008 Acadia, and certain other family members of the R/V platform. This campaign expired on on September 30, 2009. The campaign involved drilling out rubber drains at both A-pillars that can clog. This drain clog would allow water to backup the front drain tubes and pour into the front area of the headliner. It also involved adding drain tube extensions to both drains near the B-pillar because the plastic tubes were too short and would pull out of the of the rubber attaching elbows. When this happened, water was free to drain onto the top of the headliner and into the vehicle very quickly. There was also a check at the drain tubes near the C-pillars. It involved securing the rubber drain tubes to the sunroof frame with zip ties.
If this campaign was completed in its entirety and correctly, it would stop those water leaks. There have been (obviously) other concerns besides this campaign that have created water leaks. There is another common leak that is related only to vehicles with the stationary panoramic roof glass. There are assembly holes on the corners of the roof around the glass that can start leaking water onto the headliner. This repair involves lowering the headliner and sealing all 4 holes with urethane. Again, when done correctly, this procedure will stop water from leaking.
Over IT

Suffolk, VA

#174 Feb 15, 2012
Stolaas wrote:
I just had found a leak in the rear sunroof today. Water is standing in the rear backup sensor indicator and dripping through as well as the read reading lights. Is there a fix to this? I called the local dealer and they said the free fix expired back in 2009 and would cost around $600 to get it fixed. They also said they fix them all the time so know exactly where to go to to fix it!
<quoted text>
Call GM and see if they will help you.


#175 Feb 26, 2012
Here's my thought in all this.... The 07 to 09 acadia just get rid of it... If its causing that much problems, sell it or trade it in because the money your putting into it is enough for a down deposit on something else. Oh btw for the people that likes to complain about gm product and wants to go to import/foreign go ahead lol cause youll be paying double the price on parts and all and thats a fact, plus there not as reliable either... A car is car it depends on who drives it... Anyways take care

Hilo, HI

#176 Feb 29, 2012
Sandy wrote:
Have the same stabilitrack problem in our 2008 Acadia. It was actually quite the ordeal. Driving with 5 kids. Stabilitrack error came on and then reduced engine power. I was trying to merge on the highway at the time and an 18 wheeler almost got me because I could not get the car to go 40mph. Then, throttle disable came on, beeping like crazy. I pulled over and the car would not start. It finally did and I turned off the stabilitrack but you have to keep remembering to turn it off as it goes on automatically with each start. I'm very nervous after spending 46k for a car that is now 1k over warranty that I am not driving a safe car. It also seems like it is not easy to fix. Bummed.
<quoted text>
I had the stabilitrack shut down my engine FOR NO REASON while i was driving down the freeway; no sudden abnormal circumstances; just did it out of the blue. It put me and my family in a dangerous condition; we get the stone wall from the dealer but they know about it; and judging by the scope of the problem it is MAJOR and they are choosing to not recall a really really dangerous flaw.

I think "stabilitrak' is a SCAM; it is an unnecessary addition that is designed to make your vehicle break down sooner. Typical corporate policy that screws the consumers. I had no problems with GM until this happened; they have probable lost a lifetime customer; and all the folks I tell my story too means they lose those potential customers too.
Concerned 2008 owner

Houston, TX

#177 Feb 29, 2012
Catastrophe Avoided wrote:
I have a 2009 Acadia and have had multiple issues with the steering. At only 106 miles, I began my first round of serving for issues with hesitation and a grinding noise in the steering wheel. Finally, after serveral service visits, at 9721 miles my steering went out and they ended up fully dismantling the underside of my car, replaced the steering assembly which included steering gear, hoses, rack, etc. On Thursday I was driving 65mph on the interstate in rush hour traffic and the steering wheel locked up. Literally could only move it inches to left or right. Thankfully I was able to gradually wait out speeding cars and eventually get it moved off to the side of the highway. I was terrified and didn't stop shaking for 20 minutes afterwards. Now being told the clamp was 'hanging on' but the hose blew. Had to replace the steering assembly, hoses, clamps, etc all over again. This baby is getting the boot. No way do I want to experience this again
if you had been rammed into no one would have believed your story of locked steering wheel. You should sue GM for the near-accident so they can do a general recall. Should someone die from this very same issue you will regret not sueing GM all your life.
Acadia fan - Canada

Altona, Canada

#178 Mar 8, 2012
We have experienced the leaky sunroof with our 08 SLT and it took the same few visits to get the problem solved (drain lines plugged, then lengthened, & finally the complete sunroof rubber seal replaced) but now no problems for last 2 years. Recently had the oil sludge buildup at 75,000 miles, had to tear the motor apart to clean it up and replace a seal - all of the above was taken care of at minimal expense to myself.
You need to buy from and deal with reputable GM dealers (with good service techs) who really do care about after-sales service.
We will buy another Acadia.
Good luck with your issues.
Fred Harper

Columbia, SC

#179 Mar 11, 2012
I have a 2007 Acadia I can not get my trunk lid open the key pad will open all the door and will lock all the doos but it will not open the trunk lid. I have tried everything still will not work its a regular trunk lid not automatic could there be a fuse gone or is there a fuse for this could you please help me Fred
My E-Mail is [email protected] .net

Commack, NY

#180 Mar 28, 2012
i have 2008 acadia bought it new i have all the problems that were posted,leaks,stabiltrac,power steering makes noise,why....
ms08in texas

Houston, TX

#181 Apr 2, 2012
I have an 07 acadia. i have almost every problem listed here. while driving thru austin tx my vehicle"lost communication with electronic control module". then pulled over to make sure it wasnt going to just stop working when i pushed the gas, my car DID NOT move. it has leaked from the light between back rows, traction stabililty light always comes on and now my "truck " wont open either. i love the vehicle look,color,size and comfort, but i am starting to regret even passing the car lot that day.what do we have to do to get GMC to realize THEY need to fix these problems that we as owners did not cause. i cant afford to keep going in there handing them ever cent i make...

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