GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

There are 497 comments on the story from May 22, 2007, titled GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs. In it, reports that:

Replying to: ppalonsky FWIW, the shifting issue has a TSB issued and a dealer can fix it, and the gas gauge being off is going to require a software update that is in development. via

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#142 Oct 2, 2011
Dontay wrote:
I have a 2008 GMC Acadia, SLT2 that has a humming sound at the front while the vehicle is in idle and when I turn the steering wheel. I noticed the sound after finaning the vehichle in March but I thought it was the fan. I had it checked by the vendor from whom it was purchased but they found no fault. It actually stopped humming the day I got it back but started the very next day. By then, they told me it was no longer under the 3 months used car warranty. The humming has since become lounder. What causes the humming? Frankly, I don't have the funds now to take it to a GMC dealer for a full assessment and repair.
The whining sound comes from the steering and caused by air leak. The steering system needs to be bleeded, it is not a big deal. My dealer did it free of charge.

Dayton, OH

#143 Oct 12, 2011
Purchased used 2009 Acadia in spring of 2011. Have had it in the dealership 3 times to figure out the following problem. When driving at a speed of between 60 & 70 mph, up a slight grade, under a slight load, but prior to the transmission downshifting, the Acadia studders like the transmission has a bad gear or the engine is misfiring. Even though two different GM dealers have had it three separate times for several days, they can't get it to duplicate the problem. In addition, there is a code that comes up, but dealer says it doesn't tell them enough information. Owners manual says the flashing engine light is an engine misfire. This happens EVERY time we get it out on the highway between 60 and 70 mph. Any comments are welcom! We are at wits end.

Toronto, Canada

#144 Oct 12, 2011
i have the same promblem with the traction control and stabilitrak; service traction control warning kept coming on. what to do this is 2007 acadia gmc slt truck. if this continue doi sue the gmc dealer for this know promblem
Ronni Hess

Stafford, VA

#145 Oct 14, 2011
I have a 2008 Acadia my engine hot A/C off popped up and when I turned it off and took the key out it stayed running then slowly died off, Any others had that problem?

San Marcos, CA

#146 Oct 27, 2011
MBD wrote:
"Stabilitrack off" came on and is followed shortly after by "Service Braking System" message. I used the parking brake once the other day and released it before driving. A little later was driving out of my garage and the door would not close so I braked before leaving my driveway until it closed. During this time the "Stabilitrack off" message came on, lit up the icon on the dashboard along with the brake icon. Eventually having the car off for awhile it reset. Then this morning, it all came back on (two days later) while sitting at a stop light. I have just over 69K miles on it. I'm set for a dealership review tomorrow along with a slightly overdue oil change. I think this car is a piece of garbage. All our repairs have been expensive. We even lost our antenna just using a drive in car wash!!!! I have not attempted to repair that...
I have the same problem. How did you fix it?

Los Angeles, CA

#147 Oct 27, 2011
Have a 2008 Acadia. Transmission has gone out twice, rack & pinion replaced, hydrolics in hatch gone out and replaced,stabilizer warning keeps coming on, navigation system replaced, drain tubes in sun roof replaced (leaks in the rain), airbag warning light has come on, had two recall notices on certain items, water pumped leaked and replaced. And its now in the shop waiting for a new cylinder head. As a warning, don't buy without an extended warranty. Or don't buy at all.
wade crawford

Garden City, KS

#148 Nov 9, 2011
Brent wrote:
<quoted text>
I have a 2008 that has the same problems. My dealer checked the compression and found that the engine has low compression on one cylinder. They removed the engine and found that all the exhaust valve in the engine are bad. I would bet that this your problem also. My car only has 20,000 miles and I wonder how may others have the same problem
Brent i was wondering if you could give me the name and phone number of the dealer that fixed your problem, i also am a dealer and would like to know what is fixing these problems.
wade crawford

Garden City, KS

#149 Nov 9, 2011
Brent i was wondering if you could give me the name and number of the dealer that fixed your problem, i am a dealer and would like to know what they are doing to fix concern.

Amarillo, TX

#150 Nov 18, 2011
Yep, I took my 2008 Acadia in to have the power steering checked in 2009, and they put in a different fluid,and said it would still whine "a little" but not to worry. And yes, it does still whine, a lot! I have replaced the passenger side headlight a dozen times since 2008 when we bought it brand new. I won't even begin to describe the horrible process one must go through to replace the headlight-- I will just say that I was relieved to discover that I didn't have to "remove the wheel" as the dealer told me. The car started making a whining noise when the heater is first turned on on a cold day (it's not a belt). The dealership couldn't hear it since it was always warm when I dropped it off, and for some reason it didn't get very cold INSIDE their shop when I left it overnight... I gave up on that battle, and just listen to the whining it makes for the first few minutes every cold morning. Warranty went out in May, and in June I had to have the AC blower motor replaced while on a family vacation. And now, with only 62000 miles, the transmission is about to go out, and the rack and pinion is going on both sides. We don't live on a dirt road, and my wife has two carseats in the back (kids in both most days) and drives very conservatively. Fortunately the dealership (50 miles away) says the tranny is still under warranty, probably... The steering problems are not, and those will be out of my pocket. We take care of the car and always have the scheduled maintenance done... I still owe $12000 on the car and didn't plan on having to get rid of it before it was even paid off, but I suppose that is another beating we will have to take.
What a lousy car.... I should've bought a Toyota, but liked the room the Acadia had for my family without compromising on gas mileage, and without looking like a mini van... Big mistake!

Schenectady, NY

#151 Nov 20, 2011
Where is the carberator on a 2008 GMC Acadia?
Mine is parked on an incline with less than a quarter tank of gas . It has not been run for more than two weeks and now won't start. Battery is fine. Ithink the carb may need some gas but whre the heck is it ?

Saint Louis, MO

#152 Nov 21, 2011
KMM wrote:
<quoted text> Have them check the coils my 09 had to have 2 replace but same symptoms. Once I found a dealer who knew what they were doing Ihad no more problems
I have had my Acadia in the shop on three times for the same problem. I agree have them check the coils. I had them replaced on the #2.#, and #5 cylinders....

Westminster, CA

#153 Nov 22, 2011
Skeptical wrote:
<quoted text>
Same here,'08 SLT2, Stabilitrack light comes and goes. Car handles and acts normal. Any firm suggestions, rather than speculations and low compression. Which don't sound right to me, stabilitrack refers to the traction control for vehicle handling in slippery roads, not engine compression which would suggest rough engine or missing, no get-up-n-go. Someone is blowing smoke up someone's tailpipe.
I have had the same problem<it is the power booster and/or master cylinder for your breaking system! We are replacing it right now and man it costs an arm and leg! The parts alone were $300

Molalla, OR

#154 Nov 22, 2011
tracy kobelt wrote:
lets start a class action lawsuit enough people we can do it lets help each other
Are you still interested in this? We purchased a 2008 Acadia in June and ever since the rain started we have had nothing but problems with water leakage. It is MADDENING! We are already in process of finding a lawyer, but we are very interested in making this a class action lawsuit. This is NOT right!

Molalla, OR

#155 Nov 22, 2011
Sick of my Acadia wrote:
I'm sick of my 2007's been in the shop numerous times for multiple issues. Stabilitrack, traction control, timing chain x 2, leaking sunroof in two places, squeaky belts, etc. I've spoke with GM who has told me all they will do is give me $2000 on a new GM vehicle. They think that is "adequate compensation" since I have 99,000 miles on my Acadia.
I drive ALOT which is why I bought this vehicle... I thought it would be reliable. What was I thinking? Anyone ready to band together to file a lawsuit against GM?
I am ready to band togehter to file a lawsuit. Can we get anymore on board?
My 2008 acadia

Winnipeg, Canada

#156 Nov 27, 2011
My Acadia is giving me a headache too. Traction control, stabitrack control keeps coming on intermittedly. Now the check engine light is on and stays on. Oh and the command start has quit working. It did it last spring and again this fall when the temperature changed but went off and there were no problems with it. It started a couple of days ago when we got a warm spell. I'm not sure what is going on with it now!!!
My 2008 acadia

Winnipeg, Canada

#157 Nov 27, 2011
'08 Acadia is giving me a headache. Traction control and stabiltac light messages keep coming up on dash interrmittedly. The engine light is staying on. Did it last spring when it got warm. Did it again this fall when it got cold. But it ran fine. This week when it started to warm up again it started again. Now command start doesn't work! I'm ready to scream.

Hollywood, FL

#158 Nov 28, 2011

Pottstown, PA

#159 Nov 30, 2011
Jackie wrote:
We have a 2007 Acadia and it has probably been into the shop 25 times in the twenty one months we have owned it. We have probably had every one of the issues mentioned above happen. Unfortuntalely we are still paying for the car and have no choice but to keep it running and its so unfortunate to have a $37,000 car that we cannot count on or rely upon especially that we now have a teenage driver. Our current ongoing issues is the Traction Control/Stabilitrack problem which then triggers the Reduced Engine Power. It is sporadic but seems to be happening now more and more frequently. Sometimes turning the engine and then restarting will clear the problem for a short time. We are desperate for an answer or any help - the dealer hasn't been much help and just wants to charge us $900 everytime and we just can't afford it. The other frustrating issues is the leaks in the ceiling which we had the car in the shop for several weeks last summer to repair only to have water dripping on one of my daughters friends sitting in the third row during a heavy rain about 6 weeks ago. Just wonder how many other issues water like that could cause to other parts of the car. Please help!!!!!
We also purchased a 2007 GMC Acadia. The transmission was replaced after owning the car for 6 months. The engine has been dropped for sensor issues 4 times and now we have the "reduced power" issue. I loved this car when I first bought it. Even tossed aside the random need for a tranmission after only a few thousand miles. I would not wish this car on my worst enemy. A light bulb replacement cost me 400.00! For anyone researching GMC Acadia's...DO NOT BUY A GMC ACADIA!!

Pottstown, PA

#160 Nov 30, 2011
Jen wrote:
<quoted text>
I am ready to band togehter to file a lawsuit. Can we get anymore on board?
I'm in! I have had my transmission replaced, the engine dropped several times to fix check engine lights, electrical issues all over the place...and now I have a traction control and check engine light with reduced power.
Wrench 2201

Chicago, IL

#161 Nov 30, 2011
I work in a small independent repair shop and we have a 2007 Acadia SLT that is in for the 4th time for the Stabilitrack and ABS service lights. The Check Engine light (CEL) is also on. A little background on how Stabilitrack works: It is a traction control system that reduces engine power by retarding the spark during the ignition cycle of the piston. That is to say it fires the spark later than it normally would as the piston compresses the fuel/air mixture when the Stabilitrack is not active. So the vehicle's computer is programmed to turn off the Stabilitrack system when it sees certain conditions, misfires, lean conditions (too much air), rich conditions (too much fuel) and so forth. When this vehicle first came in with the traction&ABS lights on we looked at the sensor data for the ABS while driving and got nowhere. It was also setting numerous CEL codes among them a code for the brake booster vacuum sensor (I forgot the code number) and a lean condition in cylinder bank 1 (P0171), and a lean condition in cylinder bank 2 (P0174). Sensor data on out scantool showed that the computer was cutting fuel for as of yet unknown reasons. We tried cleaning the fuel injectors and again, no luck. So then we started to look for any leaks in the air intake system downstream of the air flow sensor. This is done by injecting smoke in to the engine with the intake system sealed up. We smoked the intake, PCV tube, brake booster tube, and finally the brake booster itself. I pulled out the booster vacuum sensor (located near the bottom of the booster, one needs to remove the rubber air itake tube to get to it) and out poured about a half pint of brake fluid. So then we disconnected the brake booster tube and sealed it up then ran the engine while parked (Under NO circumstances should you attempt to drive you vehicle with the brake booster tube disconnected! Braking effectiveness will be severely degraded!!) and watched the sensor data for fuel tris. It started to correct itself to what it should be with no vacuum leak present, the Stabilitrack and ABS lights went out. So what happened here is the brake system master cylinder was leaking at its real seal, engine vacuum was pulling brake fluid in to the booster, brake fluid ate little holes in the rubber diaphragm inside the booster and the engine pulled unmeasured (by the computer) air in to the intake setting lean condition codes and causing all kinds of general havoc. This may not be the cause of this problem 100% of the time.

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