GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

There are 497 comments on the story from May 22, 2007, titled GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs. In it, reports that:

Replying to: ppalonsky FWIW, the shifting issue has a TSB issued and a dealer can fix it, and the gas gauge being off is going to require a software update that is in development. via

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Naperville, IL

#102 Feb 22, 2011
Try to set your A/C in AUTO Mode
Chris wrote:
I have a 2007 Accadia, and I am having A/C issues. If the car sits in the sun for a couple of hours, it takes the A/C about 30 minutes to blow cold air. Any solutions?

Andover, CT

#103 Feb 23, 2011
On two occasions when slowly applying the brakes on my 2011 Acadia SLE (bought new in December 2010), I noticed that the RPM jumped from 2 to 3+. Both instances were during highway driving - going about 65-70 mph. I have an upcoming appointment at my local GMC service dept., but I was wondering if any one else has had this problem?

Brandon, MS

#104 Feb 28, 2011
We just purchased a 2008 Acadia with 28000 miles. We loved the car. It was a nice car that had beeen very well kept. After about a month we noticed that when we started from a dead stop that there seemed t be a lot of motor noise. It sounds like a loud sewing machine. Also, the transmission shifts out very quickly. When the transmission shifts into overdrive there is a loud humming comming from it. Is there anyone out there with the same problems?

San Diego, CA

#105 Mar 3, 2011
I have 2007 Acadia an my car stopped in the rain. Rain entered the car and shorted the battery in floor behind passenger seat. The car was not sealed properly and they had it for a week to reseal and replace battery. The following year when the rain hit I looked back on water was filling the light fixture. They had to reseal the panaramic window.
Disappointed wrote:
I have a 2007 Acadia and I'm scared to even drive it in the rain. The power steering cuts out completely and last time I almost ran into a Cop car.

San Diego, CA

#106 Mar 3, 2011
My 2007 Acadaia was just in at the dealer under waranty to replace the intake manafold. They tried to sell me a cleaning of the carbon on the throttle body for $229. Now the engine light goes on and off intermitently and the engine losing power warning as well as the service traction control. I pull over shut off car and restart moments later. SICK OF ALL THE PROBLEMS WITH THIS VEHICLE. I spent alot of money on this vehicle and only have 55,000 miles on it. What happens when the extended warranty I puchased is up? They should take back these lemons. My friend just bought one I warned her. And a new set off tires is $1100 RIP OFF.
Melissa D - 2008 Acadia

Garland, TX

#107 Mar 21, 2011
psusietexas wrote:
I purchased my '07 Acadia in January '07. I have 33800 miles and have had numerous issues over the past three years: power steering whining noise, stabilitrak problems, sensor light problems, etc. Yesterday afternoon after stopping at a red light, when I proceeded to go, the car wouldn't move! It sounded like it was in neutral gear; it's like the transmission was slipping. I had to have it towed. I worried sick all night about whether whatever is wrong will be covered under the powertrain warranty, since my bumper-to-bumper warranty expired 5 months ago (at 36 months). Has anyone had this transmission problem?
I have the exact same problem,mine is at dealership getting tranny repaired, can you tell me what happened to you?

Zephyrhills, FL

#108 Apr 8, 2011
07 2WD
Numerous service issues. Sterring rack noise and gear replaced and whining again. Steering lock up from water through wheel well (Bullitin on, but not recal or warranty I am told).....very frustated!

Memphis, TN

#109 Apr 11, 2011
Skeptical wrote:
<quoted text>
Same here,'08 SLT2, Stabilitrack light comes and goes. Car handles and acts normal. Any firm suggestions, rather than speculations and low compression. Which don't sound right to me, stabilitrack refers to the traction control for vehicle handling in slippery roads, not engine compression which would suggest rough engine or missing, no get-up-n-go. Someone is blowing smoke up someone's tailpipe.
Don't be so sure. My stabilitrak light came on while I was idling and I immediately noticed a miss in the engine. The next day the engine light came on. Right now it's at the dealer have a new head put on the right side of the engine and NO work done on the Stabilitrak. I know, seems totally unrelated, but it's a fact.

Memphis, TN

#110 Apr 11, 2011
GM Junk wrote:
<quoted text>
I own an 08 GMC Acadia when at idle speed for instance at a stop light the service engine soon light flashes then is followed by a service stabilitrack and service traction control message is displayed. I have had it in 3 times the error code reads P0306. misfire cylinder 6. This last time I had them dive a little deeper into the problem and they found low compression on the rear bank of cylinders with very low compression on cylinder 6. The problem was 2 bent valves. They are repairing the engine but I will most likely trade it in since problem will end up causing other problems down the road.
Same exact thing has just happened to me.

Pella, IA

#111 Apr 17, 2011
I have recently purchased a 2008 Acadia with 37,000 miles. I have noticed two problems:

1) About once every two - three weeks, I will experience a grabbing in the brakes/steering/?. It almost always occurs as I am rounding a curve to the left and I am driving around 20-30 mph. It seems to be more likely during or after a rain.

2) Even with temperature settings at the same number, the air conditioning will blow cold air through the driver side vents, while blowing warm air out of the passenger side vents.

Anyone with suggestions?

Yuma, AZ

#112 Apr 25, 2011
Randy wrote:
I have to replace the engine in my 07 Acadia because of sludge build-up. I did not keep my maintenance records i.e. oil changes etc. and the dealer I purchased from went out of business and I cannot get the records. Records I provided GM with shows the oil being changed at 29k miles. The dealer performed routine maintenance on the vehicle and those records stayed in the dealer’s data base. GM is saying because I don't have the records for work done at the dealership they can only go with the records I have. They are saying it was negligence on my part because my records only show the oil changes stated at 29k. My question to GM is, who in their right mind would drive a vehicle for 29k miles before you change to oil. They’ve got me over a barrel.
I am having the same problem like yours with my 2007 Acadia. the dealer said I need a new engine and they want to see the service records. I do the maintenance myself and keep no service records. I changed the oil and filter when the reminder light come on. My car has 43,000 miles . The car still in the shop for GMC rep. to decide whose responsibility is. What was your conclusion with the dealer ?
Melissa Dear

United States

#113 Apr 25, 2011
Is anyone else having transmission failure on their 2008 Acadia? Mine failed at 70K miles, 2.5 years old, but the dealer has 4 more in with tranny problems also right now???? I know it is covered under the warranty but is it going to be continuing problem?

United States

#114 Apr 26, 2011
Get ready I'm having water leakage issues. Seems to be GM knows of 7 possible leaks. There is water in the dash thats coming form somewhere. From the other web sites this is causing electrical issues of all sorts, blower motors going out not to mention the musty smell it is leaving. Some of your problems may be from this you might check it out. I know some of the customers are having dash meter issues due to water leakage. Some of the cars won't shut off when you try to turn the engine off and some won't start when cranking. This is a manufactors issue BODY LEAKING isn't and shouldn't be a customer issue. They just need do do a recall.

San Clemente, CA

#115 May 1, 2011
I love my 2008 Acadia. They did do a recall on the heated whindshied's fluid & it was disconnected & they paid me some money on that. The also did a recall on the sky roof to stop any leaks. I brought my car in for general maintenance: oil, tires rotated & the regular service that was supposed to expire.As I left the dealership my back tire on the driver side flew off and right into traffic! I was able to cross over from the far lane & pull over without getting hit or worse. The dealership was helpful: they gave me a rental car free of charge & put the tire back on. It wasn't until I got home that we saw the out extent of the car proablems that were not taken care of: I needed a new wheelwell ( it was cracked & rubbing on my tire) Then needed to replace the panel above the wheel area as well as the repaint it.) Now this is the second time I had to bring the car in. At this point they made me sign a claim form saying that I would not sue them in the future gecause of this problem !! I told them at this time that the car is under my husbands name, as well as being very uncomfortible signing this paperwork. But they just stood there & it wasn't until I signed the form did they go and get my car! The manager told me that if there were problems in the future with anything caused by this accident that they would gladly fix it. Now my air conditioner is not working and I would like to know how I go about getting that done. Help, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, irshjgg
Allan Toronto

Windsor, Canada

#116 May 10, 2011
Dealer don't have idea how to fix the waterleak problem, they keep looking in the wrong direction and haven't realize the problems are the drains. Can my car be declare LEMON because water leaks?

Fitchburg, MA

#117 May 26, 2011
I feel your pain wrote:
I have had the same problem with my 09 SLT1 AWD. The dealer tells me that they reprogarm the computer and it was fix. Of course when I drove home the services stabilitrack; traction control warning light went off again. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
sorry about the problems I have a 2008 gmc arcadia 50,000 miles not 1 problem
Catastrophe Avoided

New York, NY

#118 May 31, 2011
I have a 2009 Acadia and have had multiple issues with the steering. At only 106 miles, I began my first round of serving for issues with hesitation and a grinding noise in the steering wheel. Finally, after serveral service visits, at 9721 miles my steering went out and they ended up fully dismantling the underside of my car, replaced the steering assembly which included steering gear, hoses, rack, etc. On Thursday I was driving 65mph on the interstate in rush hour traffic and the steering wheel locked up. Literally could only move it inches to left or right. Thankfully I was able to gradually wait out speeding cars and eventually get it moved off to the side of the highway. I was terrified and didn't stop shaking for 20 minutes afterwards. Now being told the clamp was 'hanging on' but the hose blew. Had to replace the steering assembly, hoses, clamps, etc all over again. This baby is getting the boot. No way do I want to experience this again

Newport News, VA

#119 Jun 7, 2011
boone3j wrote:
<quoted text>
I am having the same problem like yours with my 2007 Acadia. the dealer said I need a new engine and they want to see the service records. I do the maintenance myself and keep no service records. I changed the oil and filter when the reminder light come on. My car has 43,000 miles . The car still in the shop for GMC rep. to decide whose responsibility is. What was your conclusion with the dealer ?
I have an 07 Acadia that is now in the shop for the traction control and stabilitrac and I too had no power and when the car would go it sounded as if the engine was going to fall out! Had it towed to the dealer and they are trying to tell me that there was not a drop of oil in it. I have kept up with the oil changes and realize that it was at 20% but there is no oil anywhere that i park. Driveway nor work so I would love to know where the oil went or is this just their way of saying I am supposed to be responsible so that they don't have to pay. I was also advised that the oil is supposed to be changed when it is down to 50% oil life remaining. I know I am a female but I'm not an IDIOT!!! I really love the car but I do not want to be paying on a car that is going to leave me stranded!!!!
Chris M

Berkeley Heights, NJ

#120 Jun 21, 2011
I have been having engine issues with my '09 SLT. The engine randomly hesitates and sputters at highway speeds. I have taken to the dealer three times and have had an injector flush, replacement of all three (primary and secondary) timing chains and nothing on the third try as the dealer has not been able to figure out. The mechanics drove the vehicle as I requested to try and duplicate the issue since the engine light won't stay on when the car starts a buckin'. Looking to bring back for the 4th time. Also the rear hatch locking mechanism that holds the gate open just broke. Extended warranty to expire soon. Really like the vehicle, just want the issues cleared up so I can drive without feeling like a possible break down may occur at any time in a car that is just over two years old.

Columbia, SC

#121 Jul 11, 2011
My wife has a 2008 Acadia with around 41K on it. The stabilitrak and traction control, along with the airbag come on and stay on. On the way to the dealer, I attempted to change lanes and pass someone and it would not accelerate. Once I did get to the dealer, the diagnosed it and said that I had a bad wheel speed sensor. They have since then changed that and now it is giving them a steering issue. What is up with this truck?

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