GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

There are 517 comments on the story from May 22, 2007, titled GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs. In it, reports that:

Replying to: ppalonsky FWIW, the shifting issue has a TSB issued and a dealer can fix it, and the gas gauge being off is going to require a software update that is in development. via

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No Faith

North Las Vegas, NV

#62 Aug 17, 2010
Iou have expereinced the same problems, AC problems, Stability track, skidding in puddles, etc...07 with less than 30000 miles and car is in shop now because of crank shaft, cylinder bad. They should have a recall with the engine as it is bad, but I contacted GM and have demanded answers. If your car is experincing any of these issues, warranty or not they are obligated to fix it and compensate you for any inconvenience. Think there should be a class action lawsuit against GM for this. I was informed GM knows about these issues for model years 07-09, yet refuse to do a recall and desling with them on a case by case basis. This is what we get for being loyal to GM --totally screwed!

Haverhill, MA

#63 Aug 21, 2010
Have the same stabilitrack problem in our 2008 Acadia. It was actually quite the ordeal. Driving with 5 kids. Stabilitrack error came on and then reduced engine power. I was trying to merge on the highway at the time and an 18 wheeler almost got me because I could not get the car to go 40mph. Then, throttle disable came on, beeping like crazy. I pulled over and the car would not start. It finally did and I turned off the stabilitrack but you have to keep remembering to turn it off as it goes on automatically with each start. I'm very nervous after spending 46k for a car that is now 1k over warranty that I am not driving a safe car. It also seems like it is not easy to fix. Bummed.
Jackie wrote:
We have a 2007 Acadia and it has probably been into the shop 25 times in the twenty one months we have owned it. We have probably had every one of the issues mentioned above happen. Unfortuntalely we are still paying for the car and have no choice but to keep it running and its so unfortunate to have a $37,000 car that we cannot count on or rely upon especially that we now have a teenage driver. Our current ongoing issues is the Traction Control/Stabilitrack problem which then triggers the Reduced Engine Power. It is sporadic but seems to be happening now more and more frequently. Sometimes turning the engine and then restarting will clear the problem for a short time. We are desperate for an answer or any help - the dealer hasn't been much help and just wants to charge us $900 everytime and we just can't afford it. The other frustrating issues is the leaks in the ceiling which we had the car in the shop for several weeks last summer to repair only to have water dripping on one of my daughters friends sitting in the third row during a heavy rain about 6 weeks ago. Just wonder how many other issues water like that could cause to other parts of the car. Please help!!!!!

Deer Park, TX

#64 Aug 22, 2010
I had 2007 Acadia with 33800 miles. During the 3-1/2 years that I had it, I experienced most of the same problems mentioned in all of the previous posts (engine whining, steering wheel whining, stabilitrack/traction issues, sensor lights always staying ON, etc.), until my transmission went completely 33800miles!!!!! Luckily for me, GM's 100,000 mile powertrain warranty covered it. When we went to pick up the vehicle, the service rep (whom my husband had gotten to know quite well since they had it in their shop for 21 days!!!) told us they had 3 other Acadias in their shop being serviced for the very exact thing! So, we pulled out of the GM parking lot and pulled into the CarMax parking lot (that was right next door) and sold them the car! Now, I am the proud owner of a Toyota! Needless to say, that was my first, and will be my last, experience with GM. I think GM needs to go back to the drawing board on this vehicle, or better yet, discontinue the production of the Acadia altogether. I'm just glad I no longer have to deal with any of this! My suggestion to anyone even remotely considering purchasing an Acadia: DON'T!!!!!!!
Dave wrote:
What do you expect from Government Motors? 2010 Acadia with 4000 miles,front brakes locked up at the stop sign.I was lucky enough to make it the 1/2 mile to my house.They came and towed it away,will not give me a loaner.This is the third time it has been in the shop since it was purchased 3 months ago.I get a loaner from Acura when that car is in the shop.Mercedes comes and picks my convertible up and leaves me a loaner until the service is done and they return my car.Should have purchased a Toyota .
Disgusted with GMC Acadia

Fort Washington, MD

#65 Aug 24, 2010
dc new jersey wrote:
I have a 2008 acadia and 1 week ago my transmission went, only have 36k, car is @ the dealer for almost 2 wks now, now dealer is telling me that it also has an electrical problem. Has this happen to anybody else......
My 2008 GMC Acadia is in the shop right now with transmission problems. The dealer cannot get to it until Monday because they are working on 3 others with transmission problems. It was just in the shop in June for the timing belt in which they had it for almost a month because they could not get the part for the vehicle. I have experienced just about every issue I have read on this site with my 2008 Acadia. I have alway owned a GM vehicle and this time I am through with the them.

Springfield, TN

#66 Aug 27, 2010
haileebabe wrote:
Okay, I've loved my Acadia from day one; however, the "whining" sound coming from the power steering is driving me NUTS! I have not experienced the loss of steering, yet, that most of you have posted. I've had the numerous amount of recalls fixed. I've gone through the leaking sunroofs; leaking overhead lights, and the leaking of the doors. I'm naive when it comes to the Lemon Law and I'm very nervous about driving my baby after reading all of the negative posts.
I've got the same whining noise from my power steering too...I took it in to the dealership and they replaced the "rack and pinion" and said it should take care of it.

Springfield, TN

#67 Aug 27, 2010
Very frustrated wrote:
My Acadia started having the engine light come on and when I contacted Onstar to run a check on it, the report says that there is a misfire and there is a problem with cylinders 1 and 6. The car has a jerking feeling between 1000 and 2000 RPMs. Is anyone else having this type of problem? If so, any suggestions I should take to the dealer since this is my 4th trip in with this problem and they just don't seem to know what to do to get it fixed.
I've got the same problem...the dealership doesn't know what to fix, on my second day with a rental car.

Dallas, TX

#68 Sep 9, 2010
I bought my 08 Acadia 3 months ago. 2 days after I got it, it rained and the passenger side headliner started leaking. Then the air bag sensor came on. No-one seems to know how to work on my car. Tried to get my oil changed and the place broke a piece trying to do it, and the dealerships just want to charge an arm and a leg. Finally got the leak fixed 2 mo later and now my back wiper won't shut off. So frustrating! I love this car, but hate everything about it. I wish I had seen all these negative reviews before I bought this car.

Delhi, India

#69 Sep 10, 2010
i think i had been some problem with our GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs. I am currenlty on day 4 of a rental car. My brother works for one of the GM dealerships, and says that the problem is in one of the sensors.It has a humming noise in the engineAfter a month we finally took it into a dealership..
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Lynnette FitzGerald

El Segundo, CA

#70 Sep 21, 2010
I have recently bought a 2010 acadia and now with 7K miles there is a screeching in the front brakes. I am being told this is the pump assocaites with the brakes rebuidling pressure to stop the car??? I have never heard of this and I am wondering if anyone else having troubles

Baton Rouge, LA

#71 Oct 6, 2010
Chris wrote:
I am strongly considering an Enclave/Acadia/Outlook. My brother works for one of the GM dealerships, and says that the problem is in one of the sensors. I don't know which one off-hand, but he says that if it is not replaced, the engine will blow and have to be replaced. I will check in with hi later and find out specifically which sensor it is and get back with you guys. He told me about it a couple of days ago and I just went online to see if any other owners are experiencing problems with this line of vehicles. I am a die hard GM fan, and want to stay loyal to them badly. But I have driven a ford lately....
Did u find out which sensor it is?? Thanks for any help you can provide
2007 Acadia guy

Laguna Beach, CA

#72 Oct 6, 2010
Yes, have experienced this issue continously since getting the car. They have wokred on it at least 3 times, with a software update this year. No improvement. I don't know that it impacts performance. That said, I have terrible problems with my drive wheels from a flat start when the street is damp and there is ANY incline. I must drive it in low or I would not be able to move off the line.
frustrated wrote:
I have a 2008 Acadia SLT2 - AWD and the service stabilitrack; traction control warning light keeps on coming on. I have had it serviced two times already and the dealership only clears the codes. Is there a solution to this problem? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for any info you can give me.
Sick of my Acadia

United States

#73 Oct 8, 2010
I'm sick of my 2007's been in the shop numerous times for multiple issues. Stabilitrack, traction control, timing chain x 2, leaking sunroof in two places, squeaky belts, etc. I've spoke with GM who has told me all they will do is give me $2000 on a new GM vehicle. They think that is "adequate compensation" since I have 99,000 miles on my Acadia.
I drive ALOT which is why I bought this vehicle... I thought it would be reliable. What was I thinking? Anyone ready to band together to file a lawsuit against GM?

South Elgin, IL

#74 Oct 24, 2010
My 2008 Acadia is in the shop right now. The Stabilitrak, Service Traction Light kept coming on. The echeck engine light also kept coming on. They told me that they will have to take the engine because there is an exhaust leak in the cylinder head. It was the first trip in for this problem so GM must have a clue about what is going on.
Lori-Ann wrote:
Our Stabilitrak, Service Traction Light kept coming on. After a month we finally took it into a dealership. They said it was a spark plug misfire so they replaced that spark plug and I paid for a fuel injection flush. The next day the ligth came on again. After 3 days while sitting at a light it came on again and the whole engine shimmied. So when we took it back they ended up replacing the whole engine. What is happening is that the trucks are running lean on fuel to help get the kilometers out of it and its burning out the exhaust valves. We love our truck and want to keep it but we feel it will happen again.

Cranberry Twp, PA

#75 Oct 28, 2010
I have a 2007 SLT with 57K miles. The transmission went out without warning last week and is now being replaced by GM. Fortunately still under warranty with the powertrain at 100K miles. Other than all the Acadia recalls, this is the first maintenance item I have had. Original brakes. Getting ready to replace the original tires.

Las Vegas, NV

#76 Nov 1, 2010
I have a2008 slt awd 50000mi Service airbag light keeps coming on. Been to shop 3 times keep saying they fixed a harness under driver seat but it keeps happening?????

Charleston, SC

#77 Nov 8, 2010
anyone had trouble with leaking tires?
Pat Mc

Downers Grove, IL

#78 Nov 8, 2010
Have a 2009 Acadia AWD SLT and I guess I am just starting dwon the path of many others with both the Service Air bag and the dreaded Stabilitack which then lights the Check Engine...first visit they told me it was a fuel issue...Yeah they just reset the ecm....then came back..but of course reset on way to now they have the car overnight...after reading all these posts..and many others..Ill be prepared to lay in to these people tommorrow...has any one gotten it fixed ...or do they have to replace the engine?

Lunenburg, MA

#79 Nov 9, 2010
2008 Acadia. So far.....Rebuilt transmission. Leaks rainwater from the roof and out from dome lights. Replaced fusebox because engine would not shut off when key removed. Drivers seat doesn't go back or forward when sitting in it....... Not one recall...HMMM would that put them out of business??? Wow what a piece of S#$% I bought. Unfortunately not paid for so I'm stuck. Could be worse could own a 700K house that's worth 350K. Good luck fellow owners, and future buyers stay away!!!!!

Battle Creek, MI

#80 Nov 14, 2010
Have a 2009 FWD Acadia. Currently having intermittent problems with the vehicle not starting. Trip one to dealer, changed a computer chip. Still having problems. Calling dealer again tomorrow. Dealer says there is nothing wrong with the battery. We bought a new car for reliability --not getting it. Currently have a 2002 Grand Prix thats been more reliabile.

Chatsworth, CA

#81 Nov 16, 2010
This is the last GM car i will buy. This truck has been nothing but problems. Electrical, water leaks, the transmission went out completely, Thank god it was under warranty. I'm loyal but how many times can you stay with something that treats you so bad. That stabiltrack problem
Is actually your break booster that leaks and sets off the error code. Come on GM !!

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