X5 going through oil

Holly, MI

#65 Jun 19, 2011
garry wrote:
i have a x5 2003 4.4 engine recently i have been smoking . please someone what could it be . i am burning oil and coolant and the engine does not overheat.
Headgasket...depending on length of time running like that engine replacement.

United States

#66 Sep 15, 2011
I had to add a quart to my 06 4.4 but u guys need to remember these motors hold 9qts of oil so adding a quart would be considered topping it off if u compare it to 4 to 5 quarts in a average vehicle u would prolly add half a quart. Just top it off with castrol synthetic blend 10-40. But when u do ur oil change use full synthetic 5-30 since that's whats recommend. These motors are built to last. Sum these 4.4s have over 200k on them running strong. Just keep an eye on it n don't stress it. I love my 4.4!
Mike Waterford NY

New York, NY

#67 Oct 22, 2011
Recently purchased X5 w/30,000 miles (first BMW). Perfect condition, thought I would open hood and check oil, needed 2.5 qts. Due for so called 15,000 mile service. 2000 miles later, added 2 qts. more. This is not normal. Engines are not designed to burn oil simply because it contaminates the combustion process. Now the fun starts with dealer!

United States

#68 Oct 24, 2011
Hello, what kind of oil do u recommend for a 2001 BMW x5?

London, UK

#69 Nov 7, 2011
I have a 2003 X5 3L- It is the third time I got this problem- Just serviced- will go the dealer to check this but it seems to be a normal issue with X5 3 l
Rich Morse

Lancaster, PA

#70 Dec 3, 2011
Just purched the x5 3.0 about 4 months ago with 38000 miles had oil changed 10 weeks ago. My wife said oil low light came on 2 weeks ago I did not take this seriously, just had oil changed. Checked oil yesterday, wow thank God I checked oil was down about 2 1/2 quarts.
Did not expect this.

Vancouver, Canada

#71 Dec 29, 2011
Im surprised no body has mentioned this before. Just a lot of oil consuming X5's. I have a 2003 X5 4.4. There is a common problem with the M62 engine and ESPECIALLY the later N62 ( VANOS) engines - the oil gallery tube under the intake manifold is prone to oil leaking. It's a bad design from BMW that should have been recalled in my opinion.

For those who are experiencing a substantial oil consumption, have someone check this out. Dealers tend to skirt this issue. It's expensive to fix from a dealer too.

"car's can burn a little bit of oil but it's marginal - adding a couple quarts every few thousand miles is unacceptable and indicates a leak"

London, UK

#72 Jan 12, 2012
Sergio-Tx wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey bud, sorry but that's not common. I've changed every 12000K.
I have a 2002 X5 4.4. no oil problems, my bud has a X5 3.0, same no problem.
I have an X5 2003 3ltr- had a similar problem lately- had done to top up twice- I never had any issue with any other car- I have been told this is normal though it is quite hard to believe

London, UK

#73 Jan 12, 2012
I have the same problem- my car has done this twice in less than 4ooo miles- no leaking - very strange - can anyone help!!

United States

#74 Sep 6, 2012
simon wrote:
I have recently purchased a 2003 X5 4.4 v8 about every 7000km the check oil light comes on .on checking the oil it is down is this a common occurance????2383
check for leaks under the car, if you have leaks it is possible that the breather tubes coming out of the crank case are worn and need to be replaced along with the oil separator

Gaborone, Botswana

#75 Dec 15, 2012
philip new york wrote:
please tell me how much oil should i put in 2005bmwx5 on a oil chang?
8 litres

Oceanside, CA

#76 Dec 15, 2012
I have an 2005 4.8is. Is goes through oil in a similar fashion. The Dealer says it is designed to do that. You could try replacing your CCV system and cleaning your IDC. When it gets gummed up it causes increased oil consumption. I just did this job on my Z3 2.8, it made a difference, Cost $150 and 4 hours labor.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#77 May 23, 2013
I cant beleive every1 thinks its normal for your car to burn oil. Ridiculous! maybe a minor small amount of less then half a quart. But 4-5 quarts? most of the time its related to crankcase valves 90% of the time. And sometimes attributed to other possible vacuum leaks like intake manifold gaskets... rare occurences of leaky intake valves could also be a possible culprit!

Shawnee, OK

#78 Sep 16, 2013
garry wrote:
i have a x5 2003 4.4 engine recently i have been smoking . please someone what could it be . i am burning oil and coolant and the engine does not overheat.
if it smokes after idle its valve seals... Go thicker on oil and put some marvel mystery oil in the oil. It can recondition valve seals
chris S

Augusta, MI

#79 Dec 12, 2013
About as bad as my 2 gallons of coolant in 1 week..

BMW should recognize that the X5 is a failure...

Binghamton, NY

#80 Jan 21, 2014
I have an 07 x5 and have had to add oil and coolant twice in the last year. The first time was three qts and now 1 qt. I don't think this is normal but love my x5.

Long Beach, CA

#81 Apr 3, 2014
I have a 2005 BMW X5 3.0 liter and I bought it used and lately I had the oil changed at the dealer and about a month later the "Check engine oil level" light came on and I checked the dip stick it was very LOW I added about 2.5 quarts on Sunday afternoon, by Wednesday morning it was already down a quart :( My X5 has 118k miles and no smoke, no leaks and it's running fine except I want to know why the use of oil. I was told I that it does and alot of miles and is 9 years old I may want to consider buying another car :( My boyfriend says it's not normal to burn anything without some smoke and I agree but what could be the cause? The dealer said I can put another engine for about $10,000.00 No way! Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you resolve it?


#82 Apr 22, 2014
I am certainly glad to find these postings as my 2004 X5 4.4i burns about a quart of oil every other fill-up. The BMW dealer in Seoul, Korea said it was either a valve seal leak ($4000+ to fix) or a ring job ($9000+ to fix). Now I at least have some assurance that it is a common, and not a catastrophic problem. I will just keep on adding oil from time to time, maybe a slightly thicker variety.

Parrish, FL

#83 Jun 28, 2014
I have an "06" X5 4.4 with 99k and need to add about a quart a month.
Now that I have read a lot of these posts I intend to try a thicker oil as I am
in a very warm climate. I Love the vehicle performance and Quality but was worried that something may have been seriously wrong with the engine and had been considering trading out of it. Thanks everyone for the info!

Mountain View, CA

#84 Jul 19, 2014
All you need its. High temperature oil, you can check on youtube test oil. almost all bmw is whery hat cars, and you can change termostat, for wharm temperatur. Its save your car and money.

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