x5 owners please read carefully

Hamilton, New Zealand

#162 Mar 20, 2013
OK folks, by comparison, while some people absolutely love their Lexus RX330 of ten years ago or so, there are problems over there too. Could it also be possible that the assembly of the X5 in America is not all it should be? Here are some examples pulled straight off a Lexus RX330 gripe site:

In the 33k miles we've had the car, we've had several items break. This includes the HID headlights, Brake master cylinder (took 3 try's to get this one fixed), auto climate control still does not work right, rear power liftgate problems, and driver sun visor. Stock Goodyears wear out in 20k miles.

I owned 2004 rx330 for 2 years now piece of crap! I had a BMW that I trade for Lexus and that was the biggest mistake in my life transmission is crap! Stereo system broke doesn't read cd's getting error 3 and 4 when then something is knocking inside the dashboard pretty loud, behind the stereo you take your Lexus to the dealer services and tell them what's wrong they don't want to do anything just tells you that thats the way its should be but it's really not!

The rotors had to replaced at l4000 miles after the steering wheel began to shake. At 27000 miles I was driving down a 8 mile 7% grade in third gear and needed to brake because the traffic slowed, the steering wheel suddenly shook so badly that I had to pull over and let the rotors cool before proceeding. Rotors were replaced for a second time.

I purchased the Lexus for mechanical reliability; unfortunately in the first week the gas tank had to be reattached because it was not bolted properly. Shortly after that the power steering pump had to be replaced; the radio stopped playing, the amplifier had to be replaced; the ignition system chimed after I removed the key, had to be replaced; then the radiator was recalled and had to be replaced.

Throttle response delay is shameful and dangerous. Toyota excuses it as computer seeking correct response -- lame. No road feel. Wind noise and engine noise unacceptable for Lexus.

Twice it was necessary to machine my rotors because of warpage from overheating and which caused significant and uncontrollable shaking of my steering wheel.

Calgary, Canada

#163 Mar 24, 2013
MMM wrote:
<quoted text>
It cost me 135.00 CAD to repair, it is usually a small cable that needs to be replaced. Don't go to any other body shops, they don'y know what they are doing and wanted to charge me over $500.
Where did you get it fixed for that cheap you didn't mention that ? Thanks

Philadelphia, PA

#164 Mar 24, 2013
I have the same year bmw.. Same symptoms.. After the dealer checked the car. I was told it was a bad abs sensor.. No problem. Had it replaced only to have the same issue as soon as I left the dealer. Then I was told after bringing it back it could be the abs computer.. Very expensive btw.. Had it replaced with no luck. By this time I was getting frustrated and demanded all my old parts be reinstalled and I would live with the problem.. Last chance I gave them was to check the wiring to all the abs sensors and abs module to make sure they were Intact... Two days later I received a call stating that the car needed a rear left side wheel bearing which was causing slippage and therefore sending signals to the abs module to kick in unnecessarily.. Cost was around $250 for the parts and labor + diagnostic! Car runs 100% now.. Hope this helps.. Even the dealer was surprised this was the issue.(QUOTE who="bmweric77")
Sam South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa

#165 Mar 30, 2013
Hi I brought a 2003 E53 X5 3 Ltr Diesel nice Vehicle Very economical even when pulling my Jurgens Exclusive Caravan ( big double axle model )
After a Month picked up a noise from the front which may be wheel bearings so being a mechanic with my own workshop I stripped out the left side front wheel bearing which I thought might be the problem.
Now the fun begins where do you get a new bearing ? your local BMW Agent forget it o yes they can give you a price R1400.00 No Stock and attitude couldn't care less useless, Midas and Autozone the most trusted Spares shops yes they have all the part numbers listed but never kept them.
Same problem with all the spares outlets I have tried within a six hundred Km radius looks like I have to import direct from the U.K.as all the U.K Spares outlets have them freely available on their web sites.

South Africans beware of these situations if you buy an X5. will keep you posted of what happens it is now the Easter Holidays will have to wait untill every body is back to work

Sam Sasolburg South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

#166 Apr 2, 2013
Update 2/4/2013.
Easter holidays are over now the work begins,made a few phone calls and managed to get two complete front wheel bearing kits from Goldwagen in Vereeniging at a saving of R600 per bearing based on what the BMW Agent wanted, and these are not inferior kits they are made in Germany.
Be warned fitting these bearings is not for the faint hearted if you don't have the equipment don't try to fit them as you can easily damage the ABS sensor ring which is built into the bearing.
Thats it back on the road again and the noises are gone.

[email protected]

East Brunswick, NJ

#167 Apr 6, 2013
matt wrote:
Maybe with a 2000 being start of production you have a car with design issues. I have a 2003 X5 3.0 D Auto, the car is now on 182000 and going strong, no noises, no rattles, all the elecs are fine. I have 2 issues with my X5 but i can live with them and they are i go through rear tyres like i do pints on a friday and my door locks freeze in winter too but they did on my 05 range rover. Matt
had a 2004 x5-3.0 traded at 160,000 miles . drive train would have lasted another 160k...besides tires and batteries...they mysteriously eat oil...added a quart every 5 to 10,000 miles or so since new...thermostat got changed...blower resistor changed (they always go)...started eating back tires at about 140,000 miles; rear suspension needed replacement for $3500 thats when traded....1st set of michelins lasted 90,000 miles..overall, this vehicle was great....A+

San Jose, CA

#168 Apr 27, 2013
I bot my BMW X5 4.4 i and there was a probblem with the reverse when i bought it the guy told me it was a sensor chip. Now the geers are starting to slip and jurk and i dont understand. Most of the time transmition probblems start its in low geers. How much is it going to cost for a new transmition? Any inpoot
2 months

Charlotte, NC

#169 May 6, 2013
BMW is garbage

Vancouver, Canada

#170 May 10, 2013
BMW is garbage

Buy a Lexus - and stay problem free
Steve in Ky

Lexington, KY

#171 May 11, 2013
03 x5is hands down the worst vehicle we have ever owned. Replaced water pump twice (water cooled alternator I have to say what a waste, my big diesel trucks dont use them and they work alot harder than this piece of crap, no need for that just a bigger expense)window regulators, radiator, now they tell us the tranny needs replaced. Very very disappointed I have always heard that BMW was a great name but after this you could not give me one. i believe we are goin good ol american FORD Explorer.

Medford, OR

#172 May 29, 2013
bmw x5 4.4l love this car but unfortuantly it got rolled down a steep cliff little over 100ft. Not a single air bag deployed....?????
Osama Fathy

Abu Dhabi, UAE

#173 May 29, 2013

I owned an x5 2002, brought it in 2008 with 140k mileage. It worked ok for the first 6 months. Though after this every month I had to pay around 1000$ on average every two months, continuous problems, the car is a great drive though there too much problems with the car started with power steering leak, change pipe for more than 5 times with different dealer and at the end with all precautions taken from my side not to run on a low oil level, power steering pump had to be changed and now the box steering require a change, abs is another thing but at least I paid once in the past five years and didn't get a problem after changing it, radiator, engine coil, exhaust sensor, AC twice in four years a compressor had to be replaced and internal cooling grid had to replaced: the whole dash board had to be taking out to replace it; it's like BMW didn't think a leak could happen there, gear glitch of early down shift and reverse disconnection was a minor then it totally has to be changed with a another used gear box, after change it worked well though trans fail safe was poping from time to time, all suspension and joints were replaced including the front right axel, when you push racing something was knocking under Neath the car and it seems that exhaust was loose, they didn't find a problem still scary sound was there, I ended up selling the car after spending a lot money just to keep it running from 149k to 274k I think I paid double the price I paid for the car. It is nice to drive and have if you have the money to maintain it, I ended up selling the car and decided I won't get closer to any BMW more than 80k, you have unlucky with yours better sell it now and get another one with less problems. I have brought a new 2013 Jeep grand Cherokee and I love it, it has everything you need and on top you can take off road. My advise sell it now before end up having a car that makes you poor and work to just cover a car expense..
Dale B

Sanford, NC

#174 Jun 5, 2013
ray wrote:
I bought my X5 2 months ago , so far its had all new front bushings / ball joints , I got all oils changed and new tires , i dont mind that part because i new they needed to be changed before i bought it but now i have big problem with AC , it was working fine and when i got ball joints changed in the garage the AC stopped working , so far they changed filter and AC pump and its still the same , the problem is it blows cold but not cold enough from the driver side and warm air from passenger side , i have had lots of BMW s but this one is really starting to drive me crazy . Any idas ??????????
Had the same problem with my 2003 X5. Cool air on the driver side and warm on the passenger side. Changed the mixing valve for the dual climate control and still not fixed. Ended up checking the gas with my good gauges instead of the ones from the auto part store and it was a little low. Brought it up to the right pressures and so far after 2 years everything is fine. Hope this helps

Kowloon, Hong Kong

#175 Jun 23, 2013
I bought a 2004 X5 second hand in 3 months I spent $8000 trying to put it right and it just keeps failing..

Valve stem seals
Rear air bags (suspension)
Suspension 2 failure
oil leaks
gearbox rebuild

total rubbish it has $75,000 kms and drives like rubbish... BMW should apologise if their cars are this unreliable!

DO NOT BUY AN X5.....BAD CAR!!!!!!!!!!

Wiley Park, Australia

#176 Jun 23, 2013
I will never buy another BMW. BMW stands for Big Money Wasted. I have nothing but problems. I have a toyota and it is the best.

Brooklyn, NY

#177 Jul 18, 2013
I have a 2004 x5 bmw and from the time i got it August 2012... its been nothing but problems. This car kept cutting off found out the battery and alternator needed replacement now This radio just shut off the screen is black, i cant open, and no sound but the power light stays on. it goes off when i turn the car off and we checked all the fuses and they all are good. We cant get this radio to come back on. Do anyone have any suggestion before i spend a lot of money replacing this. Thanks
Mad cowboy

Sugar Land, TX

#178 Jul 25, 2013
I bought a new BWM X5. Truck had 12K Miles. The outside driver mirror blew out of the housing. In turn, the Plastic cover over the back of the mirror, facing forward, cracked. Dealer said I hit something which in not the case. The piece of plactic is less than 1/8" thick. BMW will replace the part and want $1400 for a new mirror.
Has any body had a similar problem. BMW claims this is the first time they have ever seen this and it is driver problem.
Please post your comments. I am curious to know if this is more than just an isolated problem.

Hendersonville, NC

#179 Jul 29, 2013
Haha BMW are made for rich people. Don't buy a BMW expecting a repair will cost the same as a cheap car.

Gurnee, IL

#180 Aug 7, 2013
I purchased an 05 X5 thinking this was my "Dream" car. Turned into my "Nightmare" care. From day one I have had nothing but problems with it.
I have had nothing but electrical problems. If the car sits unused longer than 4 days, it won't start. In and out of dealer for that problem multiple times. They can not pinpoint the problem. Left the car with them for two weeks and they still don't know. I have had 5 batteries in this cars lifetime. They thought it was the blower motor. Paid over $500 to have that replaced....not the problem.$500 well spent.

I have had my tail light bulbs melted to the housing. Back right housing replaced once along with too many to count replaced bulbs and now the back left needs to be replaced. Ended up buying 8 bulbs to keep on hand so my husband could replace all the burnt out bulbs. When I asked dealer how its possible to have this much trouble with my tail lights, he said, and I quote
"well when you sit on the expressway with your foot on the brake pedal all the time it can happen!" COME ON!

My doors freeze shut in the winter. Literally TRAPPED in my car. Had to call local police to get me out. Officer ended up braking the front passenger side door handle getting it open. When I took it immediately into the dealer, he asked if I take my car thru the car wash and Nope, they sure have not seen this problem before and Nope it is not covered.

Wipers freeze up in winter. Brakes replaced almost every 15,000 miles. They disconnected my blue tooth because they felt it was the cause of shorting out my system and I didn't want to pay another $1000 to have it replaced. Nope, they never heard of this happening.

And the list goes on and on. Too many to list. Pretty much gave up on this car and got rid of it and bought a 2013 Honda CVR. AHHHHHHH! relief.

All you people out there with unlimited funds.....enjoy your "Ultimate Driving Machine!!!!" I will never buy another BMW!!!

Lethbridge, Canada

#181 Aug 27, 2013
I agree with many notes many of you have posted. I love my '01 x5 4.4 and feel it's the best vehicle I have owned(for comfort and quality of experience).

I'm in the position of having to replace the timing chain to the cost of $8500 but frustratingly the blackbook value seems to match the repair costs. It's a really tough decision.

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