x5 owners please read carefully

Milton Keynes, UK

#122 Apr 26, 2012
Had my 2004 4.4 V8 for two years now. I havent had one problem - had to replace tyres and brake pads/discs but other than that its been 100%. I went for the 2004 facelift model because the BMW addressed many of the niggles in this edition - glad i did by the looks of it :)


#123 May 13, 2012
I have an X5 E53 3.0i spent best part of £540 in 10momths and that was spent in the last 5 weeks. Oil spectator fixed at the dealers £280, FSR bought from the dealers £80 fitted my self, and alternator local garage £250. But now the battery as gone bad,£100 or so for a good make.
Every now and again I get trans fail safe, but goes after next start up done this 5 tImes or so. Again every now and then says suspension inactive, goes after next start up. Nav screen some times plays up, works radio but buttons don't respond to imputs, fine next time you get in.
It is a good car and just wish I got the V8 version 4.6-4.8 it's a bit slow and think the little 3.0i as to work hard to pull 2500kg's

Clacton-on-sea, UK

#124 May 15, 2012
Hi I have a 2007 57 plate x5 with 60k mikes, in mint condition, 3.0 diesel for sale, if intercede your welcome to call me on 07595 973758.

Ottawa, Canada

#125 May 29, 2012
Bob wrote:
I have a 4.4 2004 X5. the driver's side door handle
will not open.I can open it from the inside by entering the car on the passenger side.Has anyone had this problem,and how much did it cost at the dealer to fix it?
It cost me 135.00 CAD to repair, it is usually a small cable that needs to be replaced. Don't go to any other body shops, they don'y know what they are doing and wanted to charge me over $500.

Claremont, CA

#126 Jul 28, 2012
all the same problems. i hate bmw. when it runs it runs great, to bad it spends more time in the shop than on the road. for the money we paid for it, it should have no where near as many problems. if someone is paying so much for maintenance, they are driving a lump!

Indianapolis, IN

#127 Aug 3, 2012
Bob wrote:
I have a 4.4 2004 X5. the driver's side door handle
will not open.I can open it from the inside by entering the car on the passenger side.Has anyone had this problem,and how much did it cost at the dealer to fix it?
door handle assembly exterior is around $60 on line, may be even less. I did it myself and took me around an hour. If you are not mechanical inclined try to find somebody who is. At the dealership will cost you an arm and a leg. Trust me... Been there, done that!

Indianapolis, IN

#128 Aug 3, 2012
BTW... I'm in Schaumburg too... feel freer to contact me at [email protected]

Indianapolis, IN

#129 Aug 3, 2012
Bob wrote:
I have a 4.4 2004 X5. the driver's side door handle
will not open.I can open it from the inside by entering the car on the passenger side.Has anyone had this problem,and how much did it cost at the dealer to fix it?
I'm located in Schaumburg too... feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Since: Aug 12

Indianapolis, IN

#130 Aug 3, 2012
kelly olsen wrote:
i have a 2004 bmw x5 4.4 in low gears it slips but then is fine. doesnt happen all the time...is it a trans problem? help! please email me [email protected]
Get ready to spend around $3700 to rebuild it or $7000 to replace it at the dealership... I had mine rebuilt and no problems so far, it's been a year and i had the exact same issues. Mine had 110k miles when happened...

Claremont, CA

#131 Aug 6, 2012
Calgary Joe wrote:
I'd rather pay for maintenance on a BMW than drive a lump.
a bmw is a lump.


#132 Aug 11, 2012
I own an X5 2000 4.4i I have had all of the below problems and also my suspension has been fixed 3 times in the last month. My speedo keeps breaking and my door locks seize up and need replacing regularly. My driver side window is also currently broke and wont go down. I went on holiday with load of lights on my dash indicating problems came home and they just disappeard. It's not that easy just getting rid because you need to get the jobs done before you sell but then summet else goes!!!! I love the comfort but wont touch another one!!


#133 Aug 25, 2012
I've just purchased BMW x5 diesel 2002
98k now 102k
Was perfect til I hd to change the battery twice
and Nw the blower won't turn off, ivd been told
It's the final stage resistor, I've purchased a aftermarket one but stil need to change.
Also the cd changer hs suddendly got stuk?
I've hd the car less then 8mths nd it's starting to
Wind me up. I've already spent an extra £1000 on upgrades, such as sat nav nd problem 20inch wheels.
I ws better of with my best up Nissan pik up truk.
Hd it 5years, all it needed ws new brakes and a oil change.,


#134 Sep 2, 2012
I have a 2004 x5 30 diesel.I had it from new.The vehicle is great.I guess I am the lucky one.My vehicle is now at 176000km and never gave me any problems.Great vehicle and a pleasure to drive.Bmw are great vehicles.I also own an m5 which is out of this world.Make sure your bmw dealer knows what is going on.On my vehicles on one mechanic works on my vehicle and no one else.I have just ordered the x5 m and waiting for dilevery but I won't sell my 30l diesel.Take care.

Market Harborough, UK

#135 Sep 5, 2012
Cn a 19" et 35? I'm not sure if et, think it ws a 35, 8j rim fit on 285.45.19 rear of x5, or would I need spacers.?
Any views? The fronts are ok, 8j 255.50.19
Plenty of clearance.

Dubai, UAE

#136 Oct 31, 2012
EEE A wrote:
No need to be rude first of all. And second thing is that the x5 specialty the m62 is famous for the defect and lemon law gear defect and engine oil leak so you shut up not the guy who just wanted to know. And sorry but bow is shit. It's beautifully but mechanically it's not meant to last or for long road trip it's kind of a city car on big tyres . What's the point of buying a beautiful car for so much and not being able to enjoy it whenever we want.

Vancouver, Canada

#137 Nov 10, 2012
I have an 04 3.0 X5 with 70k miles. I would say very well maintained and dealer serviced until warranty rans out. Dealer replaced alternator $1k and suspension components another $1k thank god under warranty. Light & rain sensor broke and dealer wanted $1.2k to replace whole windshield. I said f-off! I read up on Internet and replaced the glue that holds the sensor, cost me $5 for silicon glue and 2 hours of my own time.

Since then I stopped going to dealer. Found myself a reliable and cheap mechanic. Replaced both front cv boots $300, thermostat $360, oil filter housing gasket $300.

I love my X5 but it gets on my nerves whenever something breaks. Thank god for my mechanic. Keeps my cost of repairs really low.

Best of luck guys!

Silver Spring, MD

#138 Nov 29, 2012
guest wrote:
Have an a/c problem where the passenger side vents does not blow cold air but the driver side does. 6 mo. ago, before I left for my deployment, the traction control light came on along with the brake and abs lights. These are just the recent ones. I've had this x5 for seven yrs now and have paid thousand of $s on repairs. It has 130,000 miles of hard driving (city driving). I keep on driving it but its almost time to trade it in! Its a wonderful car to drive but it does have allot of issues, more issue than other cars I've had! By the way, is there a manual on the market for this car? I tried looking for one when I first got the car but could not find one!
I purchased the Bentley Publishers BMW X5 Service Manual from Autopartswarehouse for $68., this is the cheapest price around.

Silver Spring, MD

#139 Nov 29, 2012
I purchased the Bentley Publishers BMW X5 Service Manual from Autopartswarehouse for $68., this is by far the cheapest price around. Free shipping on top of that!

Rochdale, UK

#140 Dec 9, 2012
nicole wrote:
Hi I have a 2002 bmw x5 in my coolant bootle is leakin coolant my check engine light is on my car is leakin oil I have keep putting oil n the car until I get the problems fix n to top it off a warning sign that said trans safe program came on n the car completely stop move out the street n then it started back up after bout 10 min I went to a mechanic n they said a tune up cuz its burning white smoke only when startn up change valve cover gasket change coolant tank I keep replaceing back brake light I think one of my speakers wit out n my brakes and rotors need to change n my car resently didn't want to go n reverse do anybdy have any suggesting on what I should do wit the major things
Jesus christ, if your going to use the internet at least learn how to write, my 5 year old dog can spell better than you.

Bremerton, WA

#141 Dec 18, 2012
oddly enough, all these horror stories have me convinced that i made the right move.

just picked mine up today and it has 140,000 miles on it, whatever was going to fritz because it was made by south carolinians instead of germans will have broken and been fixed, on top of that i have a bumper to bumper 3 year 36k warranty so anything major is nmp. but the clincher is, i paid $10k not $60k.

i'm bound to have problems, I think the quit whining people are right, yes when you pay more for a luxury vehicle MORE stuff will go wrong with it, old friend once said "high performance = breaks a lot" its part of the price you pay for being cool.

when it is running, take it out, forget your worries, stand on the gas, listen to the music under the hood, feel your head snap back against the headrest and smile as you remember you don't have to drive a kia.

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