After purchasing the 2008 BMW 335i, I have determined this is probably the most overrated vehicle possible. It is completely unreliable from the gate. Within 2000 miles, the car is a joke. My niece's Hyundai has over a 100K miles and less time in the shop. I am not usually one to speak poorly of things, but this had to be done. You may encompass the following problems if you purchase this car:

1) Jerky transmission when removing foot from the brake pedal
2) Unexplained deceleration.
3) Long starting periods, engine rolls but seems like forever to kick-over
4) Seat belts continually grabbing on 90 degree turns
5) Garage door opener fails to work
6) Loss of power on acceleration lane
7) Fuel management issues
8) A sick feeling in your stomach after buying this vehicle (that was just a joke).

Please take a sincere look thru the web if you are researching this vehicle for problems; I wish I did. The letters "BMW" mean nothing; I recommend the Lexus IS 350 or Infiniti G37.

Good luck people.