Audi A6 has brought out all of its newest technologies for the public to see.
Audi has a very large collection of high tech gadgetry in its catalog, and this particular A6 was fitted with almost all of it (it did not have the sports rear differential). One of our favorite features ever fitted to a car is the Audi Advanced key. The A6 comes standard with keyless start, but the advanced key adds keyless lock and unlock to the mix. Admittedly not a brand new feature, it is nonetheless one of those things that you never realize how nice it is till you have to be without it. The fact that you never have to take the key out of your pocket is something we like in our hectic lives of brief cases and camera bags. It has the eager 3 liter supercharged engine. The MMI system with touch pad from the A8 completely revolutionizes the data entry process for navigation and telephone, giving drivers the ability to "write" letters on the touch pad instead of forcing them to stare at the MMI display screen while they twiddle the main control dial from letter to letter.
The new A6 is a rolling showcase of modern automotive technology, both in the safety and infotainment areas, which combine to make traveling so much more enjoyable. Add to the fact that the A6 is an absolute joy to drive.

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