AUDI A4 User Comments & Complaints

AUDI A4 User Comments & Complaints

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Jason Nickolay

Prior Lake, MN

#1 Jun 9, 2009

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Audi makes crap cars

Flushing, NY

#3 Jun 19, 2009
DO NOT BUY AUDI!! They don't care about their customers, and their cars break down constantly. AUDI Roadside Assistance is a joke!

I leased an A4 Avant in 2005 and then bought it off lease in 2008. Since I bought the car, it has died on the road 4 different times in a year and a half. These issues were all covered by my warranty, meaning the car's own defects were responsible for its repeated failure.

Every time I called Audi Roadside Assistance, I was surprised by 1) how rude they were; 2) how long it took them to come get the vehicle, even when I was on a major and dangerous highway; and 3) how they made me pay for my own tow, even though it was their crap car that had died on me.

One of these times, the car died on Route 93 in Boston on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Audi Roadside never came, and I had to call the Mass State Police. Another time, I was on the tip of Long Island, and I had to walk 5 miles to get back to my house because Audi wouldn't send anyone until the next day. Another time, the car died in the middle of busy traffic in Brooklyn on my way to a birthday dinner. And this last time, the car died in a parking space in front of my apartment building. And guess what? It took FOUR HOURS for them to send a tow truck to take it 30 blocks to Audi Manhattan, the worst dealership in the world.(Try to buy a car from them, and they treat you like crap and never call you back with a quote. Oh, I'm sorry--I wanted to give you tens of thousands of dollars, and, what's this? You don't want it? Hmmmm.)

Audi Roadside was unbearable to deal with, and so I called Audi Customer Service. They, too, were extremely uncooperative. They balked at paying me back for the rental car that I had to rent in Boston to get back to New York, where I lived, on that Thanksgiving Day weekend. They didn't seem to care that I had to take a vacation day to go back up to Boston to pick up the car. They said I should have gotten back up to Boston as soon as it was ready, and why should they have to pay the extra day for the rental car. And then there was the time I had to take a $25.00 bus to Southampton from NYC to pick up the car after it died on Long Island. They didn't reimburse me for that either.

I wanted to trade in the car because I couldn't trust it anymore. They gave me a trade-in price of $13,000. This was for a car that originally cost $38,000. It's a 2005 A4 Avant 3.0--and now, after 4 years and 32,000 miles, it was only worth $13,000!!! This is a crap car and a crap company.

I will NEVER EVER buy another Audi again. It just broke down again because some leaves got caught under the battery, and they want to charge me $700 to fix it. They said the warranty doesn't cover this issue.

I have lost countless hours, days, and minutes arguing with Audi. I have gone without my car for weeks while it was being fixed. They NEVER supplied a loaner, and they never reimbursed me for my monthly payment.

DO NOT BUY AUDI. Please tell this story over and over.
Jason Nickolay

Prior Lake, MN

#4 Jun 24, 2009
I have heard a lot of horror stories about the same details you just described. Sorry about all your problems with them.

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Aug 14, 2010
In short, the 2005 Audi A4 1.8T Cabriolet/Convertible is an absolute money pit!!!

Purchased the car new in 2005, did every single bit of maintenance... at the Dealer... and exactly on schedule. Well, suffice it to say, starting in 2009 the car has had all kinds of electric problems (Example: Keeps dinging that the top is not closed, WHEN IT IS!!!), and mechanical problems (Example: The convertible top decided to stop working IN THE MIDDLE OF OPENING... so ummmm... yeah, there I was driving at 20 mph trying to get home with the top sticking up in the air acting like a sail!!!), and other annoying issues resulting in the Dealer's Service Manager and I getting to know each other on a first name basis.

Oh, but the JEWEL of my experience with the 2005 Audi A4 1.8T began in June of this year, 2010. There I was, driving along freeway one sunny weekend on my way to visit friends when suddenly white smoke starts pouring out of the tail pipes... you can just imagine the flood of joy that rolled over me as this is happening. Well, it gets towed to the Dealer where they inform me it needs $2,500 in repairs to the Turbo unit (among other things). Then after a week and half of not having my car, I'm told it'll be ready for pick-up shortly. Ummm... WRONG!!! The day I'm scheduled to pick-up my car, I'm then told IT NEEDS A NEW ENGINE!!! Apparently, despite having maintained my car just as Audi suggested, there is a "sludge" problem that caused all this. A SLUDGE PROBLEM ON A CAR THAT I MAINTAINED METICULOUSLY THROUGH AUDI THEMSELVES -- AND AT A COST OF $6,000 PLUS LABOR!!!

What a joke... I can't wait to dump this Audi "Money Pit" (which is the real name of this model) and get back into a RELIABLE Japanese car like a Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, Toyota, Honda, or Nissan.

These Audi horror stories are all over the internet, and while I'm sure there are some Japanese car "lemons" out there, they are far and few between in comparison to the nightmares many Audi needlessly endure. Did I mention that the Audi A4 has a KNOWN sludge problem?!! Check the internet yourself and you'll see many have had to threaten Audi with legal action before they caved and covered their faulty engine's "sludge" problem.

These cars are without a doubt a joy to drive, but are also TERRIBLE in terms of reliability. These economic times are hard enough without having to contend with thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair cars that should NOT be breaking down at such low mileage. SHAME ON YOU AUDI... I will NEVER... EVER... purchase another one of your vehicles again; and that holds true for VW's as well.

Caveat Emptor... Let the Buyer Beware -- DON'T BUY AUDI!!!

Carpinteria, CA

#6 Aug 28, 2010
I would buy another Audi if:

A. I just wanted to store it in the driveway and never drive it.

B. I only drive the car occasionally, money is of no concern to me and I have an audi mechanic who lives rent free on my property in trade for maintaining my Audi.

C. I owned a dealership and I can drive loaner vehicle anytime (which would still be 75% of the time).

D. Well, I just won't. Life's too short and these cars are just ridiculously unreliable and expensive to repair. Audi seems intent to keep producing cars based upon unreliable core engine designs.

Honolulu, HI

#7 May 17, 2011
The liner fell from the ceiling of my 2003 A-4......Audi says tough luck.....has anyone else had a ceiling liner drop? It must be bad glue...
Jennifer NJ

Fair Lawn, NJ

#8 Jul 10, 2011
I will never purchase an Audi again. The transmission in my Audi A4 2005 needs to be replaced with 77,000 miles on the car. What a piece of crap this car turned out to be. Never again. I used to love Audi and now I will tell whoever will listen do not buy and Audi.

Montréal, Canada

#10 Dec 16, 2012
Hmmmmmmmm, I was thinking of getting an AUDI but after reading these comments, I should think long and hard. Thanks for the comments. alofano at hotmail dot com if anyone want to add to this, just put A.U.D.I. in capital letters in the subject area. Thanks again

Islip Terrace, NY

#11 Feb 16, 2013
Just got treated like Sh_t by DCH Millburn (NJ) Audi, but I really like the 2013 S4 I purchased. My last 3 cars (still have one) were reliable and Japanese. If my new Audi doesn't have decent reliability, it will be my first and last Audi!

Johannesburg, South Africa

#13 Jul 21, 2014
I always thought Audi was quality and luxury until I bought one a 2012 Audi A4 2.0T 2012 at 47000 I have driven it for less than 1000 km and had to replace the clutch twice and had an accident due to the gears getting stuck. Audi refuses to admit there ia a problem. I never want to see or hear about Audi again!
worstwarrantyeve r

Newquay, UK

#14 Dec 11, 2014
Brand new Audi A4 after 720miles broke down, taken to dealer by AA next day dealer claim break down due to wear and tear so not covered by warranty, following day dealer informs me courtesy car not covered so they collected it?
worstwarrantyeve r

Newquay, UK

#15 Dec 11, 2014
Bought New Audi A4 black edition 750miles and car breaks down.AA took car to Audi dealer.Next day they rang to say clutch broke and its wear and tear, therefore notcovered under warranty.When l argued the point they said if l would pay£450 pounds they could investigate to see if fault was with manufacturers. Oh and took back courtesy car as l would have to start paying for hire?
worstwarrantyeve r

Newquay, UK

#16 Dec 11, 2014
worstwarrantyever wrote:
Brand new Audi A4 after 720miles broke down, taken to dealer by AA next day dealer claim break down due to wear and tear so not covered by warranty, following day dealer informs me courtesy car not covered so they collected it?
Also if l could pay £450 they could check to see if it was my fault!

Bexleyheath, UK

#17 May 27, 2015
Have a4 convertable again never buy audi ever again been a money put, had engine rebuilt, airbag not working, oil leak, water leak, emobilser stops it from starting in the morning, heated doesn't work, heated window screen doesn't work, had new turbo, cam belt, list is endless worst 7 grand ever spent! Brother had audi A4 he said money put and never again! Parts are extremely expensive

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