EPC and ESP Problems

Houston, TX

#21 Nov 27, 2009
Thanks Jason,
Wow, your fix seems simple and straght forward.
Ive looked on Audi Forums under ESP but nothing listed. I'll check now under engine speed sensor.

Tampa, FL

#22 Feb 24, 2010
Everything in the manual says go to the dealership, i get better results when i go to a mechanic & the dont charge 200 just for a damn diagnosis...its all good i got a warranty so now i just send my car to any of them without worrying about price.

Princeton, NJ

#23 May 12, 2010
gee-damnit! 2003 a4 1.8t usa but manufactured in germany ive had a recall on other items on my vin # im thinking maybe this should be a recall! my epc light is glowing too and has been for awhile now! it went off today but did it go off or did the instrument panel bulb just burn out? i need to go to inspection!

United States

#24 Jun 9, 2010
My EPC light shows up after I drive 30mins or so. I turn the car off for 5 mins like at a gas station and attempt to start my car and it doesn't right away. When I try again the EPC light turns on at it revs at about 3000 rpms. I can then turn the car off again and back on and it goes away. Now my check engine light has turned on. Can anyone help?

Fakenham, UK

#25 Jul 5, 2010
my esp light keeps coming on and the car behaves different wat could this be the car goes into limp mode. its 2002 a4 1.9tdi 130bhp
Robert from NJ

Bayonne, NJ

#26 Nov 29, 2010
Katwoman wrote:
My EPC light is on, along w/the check engine. After going to 3 different mechanics (my A4 is 10 months out of warranty) I was finally told it is the 'crank sensor'(what teddys13 says makes sense to me, b/c the car has shut itself off/stalled when I turn a corner on an incline and it feels as though I'm out of gas, ie the throttle valve closed) Plan to hit Audi the end of this week, any words on a similar problem would be appreciated!
The same thing just happened to me tonight....2007 A4 3.2....both check engine and EPC light came on and the car stalled in an intersection as I was making a turn. I am 10K out of warranty....so nervous as to how much this is going to run me.

Somerset, NJ

#27 Mar 26, 2011
Have a 2007 A4 3.2 and EPC light comes on along with Check Oil Light. Have had the problem on and off since I have purchased the car. I have had the wiring harness replaced, no luck. Then they just replaced the throttle body assembly because it had a carbon buildup ?? no luck. Gotta bring it back for a 3rd time now. Losing patience.

Gretna, LA

#28 Aug 13, 2011
This problem with the epc lit coming on losing power is so annoying, does anyone know what is causing it.....

Gaborone, Botswana

#29 Sep 2, 2011
Please can anybody help ?
The EPC and ESP lights on my 02 Petrol A4 2.0L have come on and won't reset.
This has happened a few times before but has always reset if the ignition is switched off and back on again.
When these lights come on the engine goes in to a kind of 'safe mode' whereby it will run but only with limited power.
I've had it plugged in to a diagnostic machine at the local garage and the fault code says something about the 'Throttle position sensor'.
Can anybody shed any light on this before i start pulling it to bits in the morning ?
Luis S

United States

#30 Nov 27, 2011
Same lights turned on in my 2006 A4. It made no sense to me because the car had been operating normally. I looked under the hood and found a damn squirrel. The damn thing had bitten off the wire for the throttle position sensor And had damaged other wires!

Austin, TX

#31 Dec 5, 2011
Sorry it's a 2005 1.8 A4 quattro

Belle River, Canada

#32 Dec 5, 2011
I've had same problems.
EPC Light

Newport News, VA

#33 Feb 24, 2012
Just took my A4 to the dealer, diagnozed to be a crank sensor fault...$422 to fix wtf!!! This seems to be a common part to replace, I guess the shelf life on these things aren't that good...anyways let's see if this fixes the problem (stayed tuned for more)

Moreno Valley, CA

#34 Jan 16, 2013
2002 Audi A4 with same issues as all, EPC light, stalling at dangerous times...today as I'm turning right with cars waiting to turn left, it not only stalls but shuts off, losing my power steering! lucky, I was able to pop the clutch and avoid hitting an innocent car waiting to turn left. It has gone from occassionally happening to every day happening multiple times now. Not sure if I should fix or scrap the car.

Boksburg, South Africa

#35 Mar 3, 2013
my audi A4 2004 bring the lit on desh boerd says epc which i dont know what is wrong can anyone tell me what going on

London, UK

#36 Apr 21, 2013
I have a problem with my 202 passat 1.9 tdi. The Esp light keeps coming on and this makes the car run rough. When i first start the car the switch on the dash works the Esp light on the speedo clock but when the light comes on by itself the switch does not turn the esp symble off. Please help thanks steve

Lafayette, CO

#37 Jun 12, 2013
2008 A4 2.0T 50,000 miles. This morning drove 10 miles to a breakfast, started car after and EPC light comes on. Drive to traffic signal, turn off and restart (harder then normal to start), now EPC and check engine light on. Driving on low power, like no turbo and slight miss at higher RPM. Initial thoughts was a vacuum hose, however, after reading this??? Will take to trusted mechanic this afternoon to have code read. Any ideas?

Belleville, MI

#38 Jun 13, 2013
2007 S6 here with 94000 miles. Same faults as listed above. ESP fault, EPC light, car in limp mode and traction control light locked in. I took it to a garage that specializes in Audi's. They have had it for 10 days. First they thought it was the throttle body, then the high pressure fuel pump issue. Everything checked out though. They seem to be at a loss and can only tell me its probably electrical. If anybody else found the culprit I'd like to hear it.
suleiman soucatali


#39 Jun 27, 2013
Esp ligth is on how can u help me its audi a4 2.0 2001-2004 model

Kidderminster, UK

#40 Jul 2, 2013
I have a 2007 S6 here in the UK, i have had a minor carbon clean with fluids which has made it run smoother but no joy in the random ESP/CEL fault that puts it into 'Limp Mode'.
Tonight i started it up and ESP and CEL came on straight away and the car idled at well under 1k for a second then revved itself to 4k and sat there, so i turned it off.
I have tried it randomly tonight and does the same every time.

I had all 10 coilpacks exchanged by Audi UK (Global recall apparently so get yours checked!) last week and that didnt solve the issue, but made the car run REALLY nice when she was behaving, but randomly i get the ESP fault.

I am now arranging it for them to look at it again, because it is much worse and happens more often since they touched it, and i will suggest that it wont be the Thottle Body nor the Wiring Loom,
but i will suggest to check the crankshaft position sensor, and also the MAF sensor.

I will let you all know what happens.....:-/

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